Flash Fiction–Chance Meeting

Flash Fiction October is here! Need I say more?

Chance Meeting

Elizabeth and Bob shared good years together until he reveled in his success as a plastic surgeon. Then he developed an inflated ego that affected their marriage.
When she turned fifty, Bob began a series of affairs that led to an eventual divorce.
Six months later, Elizabeth saw him in Starbucks. Bob’s dewy-eyed companion looked half his age. After looking her over, Elizabeth strode to their table to make the kill!
“Bob, I see you’ve switched your practice to pediatrics.”
He was definitely not amused, but revenge is sweet. Elizabeth felt better than she had in ages.

Marlene Klotz
Boca Raton Branch, FL



  1. Great…and fun. Congratulations. It is a winner! Thanks so, Lois

  2. Bev Goldie says

    That’s hilarious! Thanks for posting!!

  3. Lynne Eve Grossmsn says


    I enjoyed your humorous FF piece!


    I like the idea flash fiction and that it’s open to all members of NLAPW.

    • Glad that seems like a good idea. We’re all artists in our own media: words, pictures, sounds or movement, so why not? That’s the advantage of Pen Women, we’re tri-Arts!!