Poem of the Week–The Flag

To all: a happy and safe Independence Day!

The Flag

When night falls
And lures the moth
Shine a light
On our sacred cloth

The flag sewn
By Betsy Ross
And flown ever since
For our living and lost

A symbol of heroism
Our country of might
So leave our land
If you want to fight

In the wind
She flutters
In the ice she’s frigid
At the Unknowns’ Tomb
Her ceremonies rigid

When day breaks
Look with pride
At the red, white and blue
With stars at her side

Love her –
Keep her flying
Good patriots
Are always complying

The greatest symbol
On Mast and Spar
She’s draped our heroes
Near and far

Barbara Whitmarsh
Bayou City Branch, TX


  1. To Barbara Whitmarsh, regarding The Flag poem,

    Just lovely, inspiring, perfect for Independence Day.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Mia Crews
    Cape Canaveral Pen Women

  2. Well said! Such a good, good poem, with feeling and awareness of our flag’s beginning to the present. Yes, may it keep waving, not draping. Barbara, thank you, very. Lois