As early as January 1916, the women of the League of American Pen Women, as it was known before it officially became the National League of American Pen women in 1926, found themselves in the publishing business. The initial issue of the LAPW Bulletin was a 15-page leaflet with notes of interest concerning the League and achievements of its members. It mentions the celebration of LAPW Day at the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Fransisco, November 18, 1915.

In 1920, the League published the first Pen Woman magazine. The Pen Woman magazine has been published at least quarterly ever since. It continues to bring poetry, professional development, fiction, artwork and music profiles to NLAPW members and subscribers.

In the October, 2007 National Executive Board meeting, Jean Holmes, 3rd vice president, announced that the NLAPW had been accepted as an official organization of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. One of the projects emerging from that honor was an an editorial committee to solicit, collect and evaluate submissions for the publication of an anthology of literary, artistic, and musical works about the Lincoln legacy. At the January, 2008 National Executive Board meeting, the Pen Women Press was established to publish the anthology. The NLAPW has donated copies of the anthology to every school in the District of Columbia and to many school libraries, public libraries and educational foundations across the country. To purchase a copy, visit our Pen Women Press page.