National League of American Pen Women

Outreach Committee Report

October 15, 2011

The Outreach Committee presently consists of all of the members stated in the June 25, 2011 report.

The Outreach Chair has been in touch with members of her committee to advise them of opportunities, which have presented themselves in the DC region.

Two of the organizations with which we began a relationship, and which we were told hold non-profit status, have failed to materialize into proactive partnerships. Our previous report indicated contact with the National Poetry Museum and the Alexandria Academy. The Abraham Lincoln anthology books, which we had hoped to donate to the Academy, are undeliverable, and we are presently planning to deliver them to another entity. Also, we have learned that the National Poetry Museum has disbanded.

Our Committee wishes to share with the Board and with branch outreach chairs across the country that positive interactive relationships with community groups must bear total transparency. It is imperative that we identify ourselves as our mission states, and we must demand transparency from any group with which we affiliate. In this manner, we will avoid involving ourselves with projects, which will have an unfavorable outcome. Our mission is to provide charitable services, material goods and our professional and educational expertise, but we must protect the interests of NLAPW.

We are presently still working with the Black Artists of DC (BADC), although the October Art Exhibition at the Pen Arts Building has been cancelled. BADC introduced us to the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in DC, and Committee Chair Anna Di Bella, Founder of Fore Angels Press, has shipped forty copies of the Dragon Who Lives Next Door to the church. The Reverend Emmet Young, III, has gratefully acknowledged that the books were utilized in their summer camp program. They are also planning to use the books in their fall school program. This donation represents NLAPW’s effort to serve youth needs in the region.

Contact was made with the Dean of Arts at the Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts in August as had been requested, but we were advised that the school was not prepared to provide a student for a composition award at this time. It is expected that a composition award will be presented to a student composer in the D.C. area within the next few months. Music Chair Linda Nash will work with Outreach to facilitate the presentation of this award.

Our relationship with the Black History Museum is ongoing and will come to greater fruition during this school year.

The Outreach Committee is exploring a partnership with the American Women Writers National Museum and will report any further information.

The most exciting news to report at this time is that the National Women’s History Museum has invited the National League of American Pen Women to be the forty-third member of NWHM’s National Corporate Coalition. NLAPW has accepted the invitation and our website presently acknowledges our partnership with the museum. Director of the Museum, Joan Wages, provided us with a cordial and informative bulletin of the possible interactions that NLAPW may share with NWHM in the future. The Outreach Committee will be exploring options of programs and projects, which may be of service to the museum. We have sent a copy of the Lincoln Anthology and a copy of Mary Surratt: An American Tragedy, authored by Elizabeth Steger Trindal (Pen Woman Mary Trindal, Valley of Virginia Branch), to NWHM’s Library.

The Outreach Committee will make itself available to the Biennial Chairs, Trish Wootten and Dr. Deborah Roebuck, and to the National Classification Chairs to augment programs being planned for the remainder of its Administration.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Anna Di Bella

National Outreach Chair

National League of American Pen Women

National Outreach Report

Board Meeting

June 25, 2011

The committee presently consists of: Anna Di Bella, National Outreach Chair (All Cities Branch), Eleanor O’Sullivan (All Cities Branch), Gail Ferguson (Tacoma Branch), Lois Howard (La Jolla Branch).

National Board Members:

Treanor Wooten-Baring, Second Vice President and Advisory to Committee (Delta Branch)

Trish Wootten, 2012 Biennial Chair, (DC Branch)

Anne Hoiberg, Strategic Planning, (La Jolla Branch)

Candace Long, Development, (Atlanta Branch)

Sylvia Hoehns-Wright, Public Relations (Member at Large)

The Outreach Committee has been moving ahead with plans for outreach projects in the DC area and nearby regions.

· The Alexandria Academy invited representation from the Outreach Committee and future participants in the Academy’s musical program to the students’ graduation ceremony. Trish Wootten and Barbara Nunes attended on behalf of the committee. Linda Nash, National Music Chair, will help coordinate music programs at the Academy. Barbara Nunes will perform with her dulcimer when the school reopens in September.

· Fifteen books of the Abraham Lincoln anthology have been offered and accepted by the Alexandria Academy. The Sappey guidelines will also be provided to the school, always with the intent to utilize the project prepared in the last administration.

· Contact has again been made with the National Museum of Women in the Arts. We have learned from the Membership Committee that there are corporate memberships. It appears that the least expensive of the corporate memberships is $1500.00. At this time, this is not possible for NLAPW, but a corporate membership should be considered in future administrations. Education Department Director is Deborah Gestin. The NMWA calendar appears to be complete for this administration. At this time, we will reach out to our membership to prepare proposals for programs at the museum.

· The Black Artists of DC (BADC) has committed to the October exhibition at the Pen Arts. Both, the BADC President, Amber Robles-Gordon and BADC Archivist Mr. Daniel Brooking have visited the building and have decided that they do not wish to use our aluminum panels for exhibition. National Art Chair Jamie Tate and the Outreach Committee are hoping that the exhibitors will be permitted to hang their pieces in the living room, dining room and foyer of Pen Arts, using only nails that are presently in place at this time. The BADC has appointed a curator for the exhibit, and this person will hang the exhibit with assistance from BADC and NLAPW members. Art pieces presently hanging will be stored at our premises.

· The Outreach Chair has spoken with the Dean of Arts at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and we are planning to present a composition award to a student composer at the October program. Music Chair Linda Nash will be in touch with the Dean of Arts at the school after August.

· Forty copies of The Dragon Who Lived Next Door, published by Fore Angels Press, and donated to NLAPW by Anna Di Bella, have been mailed to the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. for use by their students in the summer and fall program. Reverend Young is most appreciative of this donation.

· We are awaiting information from Becky Schergem, National Advisor for NWHM Coalition, regarding partnership with the museum.

· Contact will be made with the Freelancers Union in New York City. The union has virtual webinars and other nationally-based programs accessible and affiliated to the freelancer. We believe that Freelancers’ services will be of interest to members and help us to develop an outreach project for non-members.

· Contact was made by Trish Wootten with the Black History Museum in Alexandria, VA. We will be in contact with them the week of June 29, 2011.

· We are intending to reach out to the Women’s Caucus in the Arts of Greater Washington, DC. This organization, which has a national base, is primarily involved in promoting women in the visual arts.

PW: Respectfully submitted by Anna Di Bella, National Outreach Chair

NLAPW Mission Statement:

The NLAPW’s Outreach Program is dedicated to providing community based educational programs through our national offices, state associations and branches located throughout the United States. The purpose of this outreach is to advance the creative arts and increase an awareness of the need for all citizens to have equal access to the enjoyment of art, literature and music.


The NLAPW’s Outreach Program will:

Encourage all of its state associations and branches to become pro-active in community-based educational, mentoring, and charitable activities in art, literature and music in order to better meet the criteria expected of a 501(c)(3) organization.
Offer quality seminars, workshops and outreach programs designed to promote artistic, literary, and musical creativity for members and non-members.
Enhance the programming and increase the membership of all of its state associations and branches.
Establish a basis for the formation of new branches in those areas where no branches currently exist.
Promote the standing of the NLAPW locally and nationwide.

Administrative Structure:

The NLAPW’s Outreach Program shall be administered by a National Outreach Chair appointed for a two-year term by the national president. The NLAPW president shall also appoint one of the national vice-presidents to serve as the oversight chair of the outreach committee who will be voting member of the committee. The National Outreach Chair shall select two or more members in good standing to serve on the National Outreach Committee. The National Outreach Chair and her committee shall work under the direction of the NLAPW’s National Executive Board.


All proposed state association and/or branch outreach programs shall be submitted in writing to the National Outreach Chair or Outreach Oversight Chair who shall then review the proposed projects with the outreach committee to determine if they meet the criteria for the educational, mentoring and outreach programming expected of a 501(c)(3) organization. Approved programs, whether already implemented by the state association and/or branch or still in the planning process, shall then be submitted by the National Outreach Chair to the National Executive Board via fax, postal mail or email. A two-thirds majority vote by the National Executive Board shall be obtained for the program to be listed as an appropriate community outreach activity carried out under the auspices of The National League of American Pen Women, Inc.

The Duties of the National Outreach Chair Shall Include:

  • Contacting state associations and/or branches to encourage and promote community outreach programming. This may be done through articles printed in The Pen Woman magazine and the NLAPW’s website or through individual contacts via fax, postal mail, or email.
  • Evaluating all proposed community outreach programs by submitting them to her committee for review and discussion.
  • Submitting a written description and evaluation of all committee-approved programs to the National Executive Board.
  • Publishing a listing and brief description of approved outreach programs in The Pen Woman magazine and/or the NLAPW’s web site.
  • Serving as a liaison between branches or state associations carrying out the listed programming and those wishing to implement a similar program.
  • Maintaining a yearly written record of all approved and implemented outreach programming carried out by state associations and/or branches. This record shall be kept in the NLAPW’s national offices and shall be made available to anyone wishing to evaluate the NLAPW’s 501(c) (3) status.

Procedures for Program Submissions by State Associations and/or Branches:

Prepare a written, detailed description of the proposed program, seminar or workshop to include its title, subject matter, if available-the date, time, and location of the presentation, program goals, name or names of presenter(s), qualifications of presenter(s), estimated cost to the host state association and/or branch, estimated costs-if any-for participants, target population, required materials, potential for fund raising or increasing branch membership, and the potential for the program to be presented by other state associations and/or branches.
Submit the proposal to the NLAPW Headquarters by fax, mail, or as email attachments. Send the report forms to the attention of the National Outreach Chair or the Outreach Oversight Chair.
Upon completion of the approved outreach activity, submit an evaluation of the program to NLAPW offices as above. Include information such as the number of actual participants, the effectiveness of the program in attaining stated goals, final costs to the state association and/or branch, copies of evaluation questionnaires completed by participants, the efficacy of future presentations of the same or similar programs to other populations, the strengths and weakness of the program, if any-recommended changes to future programs of a similar nature. Presenters are also encouraged to send photographs that are of a high enough resolution or quality to be printed in a publication.*
Maintain within the state association and/or branch an ongoing record of all completed community outreach programs, seminars, and workshops.

Outreach for Fundraising or Branch Membership Drive:

Because the outreach workshops and special programs are opened to the public, they provide an excellent and proven means for branch fundraising and increasing branch membership. In addition, they can be an important tool for generating funds for scholarships and charitable causes.

Taking special programs into nursing homes, providing storytellers to schools on National Literacy Day, and offering community-based art exhibits for individuals with special needs are just a few of the ways that we, as an organization, can touch the hearts and minds of those around us.


There are many advantages to be realized by these exciting outreach programs, but the greatest of these is the sharing of our time and talents. To make such programs truly effective, however, there must be wholehearted participation by both the presenters and the membership of sponsoring branches and/or state associations. By working in a united effort, the membership of The National League of American Pen Women, Inc., will surely discover that this organization can make a difference in a world that is desperately in need of the powerful, personal freedoms of imagination and creativity!

Two forms are included, one for reporting proposed outreach programs, the other, with only slight changes, to be used as an evaluation tool following the presentation of an outreach program.

* Photographs that include the faces or identities of children cannot be published or distributed unless written and signed approval is received from the parent(s) or guardians.
Addendum Regarding NLAPW Bicentennial Programs:

The NLAPW has now been officially endorsed by the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission (ALBC). The projects for our participation in this exciting celebration have been described in the Fall 2007 issue of The Pen Woman. To follow through with this program in a meaningful manner, it is imperative that we encourage as much branch and state association involvement in outreach programs to schools, libraries and public forums as possible. These outreach programs should be specifically designed to celebrate the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. For the purpose of seeking grant monies, it is necessary that all such programming be well documented. Please distribute the Community Outreach Program Report Form to all branches and state associations in your area. A notation with the wording “Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Program” should be clearly written on the program description portion of the form.

All forms that include ALBC programming should be sent directly to:

National Headquarters

Attn: Outreach Chair, Anna DiBella

1300 17th Street, NW

Washington, D.C. 20036


Outreach Program Information   

Outreach Program Report Form   

Outreach Program Evaluation Form