NLAPW Outreach Mission Statement

The mission of NLAPW’s Outreach Program is to provide support and promote community-based arts and creative educational programs through our national headquarters, state associations, and branches throughout the United States.

The purpose of outreach is to advance the creative arts and increase an awareness of the need for all citizens to have access to the enjoyment of the arts and creative endeavors. Each branch is responsible for actively taking part in achieving these goals.

The NLAPW’s Outreach Program will:

  • Encourage all of its state associations and branches to become pro-active in community-based educational, mentoring, and charitable activities in the arts that are recognized in the areas of our membership (as listed below) in order to meet the criteria expected of a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Offer quality seminars, workshops, and outreach programs designed to promote artistic, literary, and musical endeavors, as well as dance, film, theater, and public speaking) for members and nonmembers.
  • Enhance the programming and enlarge the membership of all of its state associations and branches. Increase the use of social media to connect with the broader arts community. Actively work to connect with arts groups with which NLAPW members already have contact and involvement.
  • Establish a basis for the formation of new branches in those areas where no branches currently exist. Promote the standing of the NLAPW locally and nationwide.

The Outreach Committee will explore a partnership with various organizations throughout the United States with the help of the branch presidents or outreach chairs. The Outreach Committee will be exploring options of programs and projects, like “Painted Sounds” and “The Artist’s Journey,” which are just a couple of examples that may be of service to these organizations.

National Outreach Chair

Nancy Kyme, Washington, D.C. Branch

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