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Pen Arts bldg_as on webpageThe efforts of the National League of American Pen Women maintain a place for women in the arts to be recognized and supported. The Pen Arts Building and Arts Museum is a prominent headquarters for our work, a historic site on the DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C. Help us preserve this important landmark and the abundant activities of the NLAPW around the country.

Thank You to Our Generous Donors

The National League of American Pen Women, Inc., is a designated 501 (c)(3) organization organized and operated for charitable, educational and literary purposes in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code. All donations to NLAPW are tax deductible.

We operate with an all-volunteer National Executive Board, and hire minimal staff for clerical and editorial purposes.

There are many ways you can show your support for The National League of American Pen Women and our efforts to encourage and educate women of all ages in the creative arts.

1. Make an instant donation
2. Become a regular contributor
3. Support the NLAPW GoFundMe Project
4. Give a donation for a particular
interest or project
5. Give as a Member through your Branch
or In Memoriam
6. Support arts education in schools
or sponsor a scholarship

1. Make an instant donation  

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Phone: 202-785-1997, Email:


You can help the NLAPW support the arts: in a small way, whether it’s a small $5 donation or a larger one-time $100 gift.

2. Become a regular contributor

Sustain the life of the League through our planned giving program. Download and print out a planned giving donation form here. If you prefer to donate through the mail, please see our Contact Us page.

3. Support the NLAPW GoFundMe Project:

GoFundMe for the National League of American Pen WomenAs 2017 marks our 120th year of service to women creatives, we seek to reignite our passion for the arts, the service we can provide to our members, and the enthusiasm we project for those we encourage to join our ranks. HELP us be what Pen Women was founded to be—a leader in the world of the arts! Tradition and culture help to strengthen a community and a country.
Go to our GoFundMe account.



4. Give a donation for a particular
interest or project

Repairman at work, restoring the Steinway.

Jim McGrath made a generous donation to restore our Steinway piano. (Repairman at work.)


Your donation to the NLAPW – either designated for a specific purpose or the Commemorative Endowment Fund (CEF), or given for the general operating fund – will help the NLAPW continue to encourage, recognize, and promote the production of creative work of professional standard in Art, Letters, and Music, in accordance with our stated mission.

A gift of a parlor sofa to replace the unsafe one.

A nice parlor sofa, gifted to replace the old, unsafe model.


5. Give as a Member through your Branch
or In Memoriam

Recent Donors

  • Atlanta Branch in memory of Emily Vale and Kathleen Neal
  • Modesto, California Branch
  • Major and Mrs William Daggett, sons Will and Brett
  • Lt. Col. (Retired) and Mrs Robert Emmons

6. Support our arts education in schools
program or sponsor a scholarship

Handbook for theHandbook for Poetry In Schools Program

Many of our programs are in need of additional funding, for example, book donations to school districts, art exhibits for under-served populations, expanding our publications to include audio and video works, and efforts to reach increased audiences with enrichment and professional training programs. Even though we have cut our operating and management expenses, in these economic hard times, our expenses are in danger of overtaking our revenues.

Please donate now. 

If your donation is specific,
please note what effort you wish to support:
scholarships, NLAPW arts programs in the schools,
restoration of the historic Pen Arts Building and Art Museum,
or any other cause.

The Commemorative Endowment Fund (CEF) was created to establish funds for maintenance of The Pen Arts Building and Art Museum, our national headquarters. The fund must be at least $100,000 before interest can be used for other purposes. Donations from branches and individuals are always helpful. In addition, donations may be made in honor of deceased members.

Thank you, Donors!


Our annual budget expenses include Program and Membership Services, League activity, building expenses, scholarships and awards, and management and general expenses.

Our membership dues are low relative to comparable professional organizations. Membership dues help to cover membership services and benefits, such as the publication of The Pen Woman magazine, technical upgrades to our website, and operating costs associated with membership records and services, as well as programmatic activities that benefit the public, all of which come out of our general (unrestricted) fund.

Thank you for supporting women in the arts
through the National League of American Pen Women!