Flash Fiction–Savannah’s Solution

Savannah’s Solution

Both moon and stars are dependable touchstones, glittering night sky jewels, delivering the sweet startle of childhood awe for Savannah, nascent astronomer, precocious three year old. One night, after the new moon, Savannah and her grandmother begin their ritual sky watch. As the sliver lunar crescent eases above the horizon, thin as a curved potato chip standing on its side, Savannah, surprised by the moon’s shape gasps, “Grandma, the moon is broken! What happened to the other part?” Then, before grandma can explain moon phases, Savannah pats her hand whispering, “Don’t worry Grandma, my daddy can fix it!”

Lynn M. Hansen
Modesto Branch, CA

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Art of the Week–New Member Profile, Anita Burgess

I’m continuing the series of new member profiles and looking for submissions!
Please send me profiles/new member statements and work (in JPG format for art, a link to music or video, or a Word attachment) for this series!

And I’m still accepting submissions for Flash Fiction October. Upon acceptance, I’ll post them in the order they’re received.

We’re honored to have Anita Burgess in the Bayou City Branch here in Houston. Welcome to being a Pen Woman!!–Treanor Baring

Golden Earring Anita Burgess Bayou City Branch, TX

Golden Earring
Anita Burgess
Bayou City Branch, TX

Group Dance Anita Burgess Bayou City Branch, TX

Group Dance
Anita Burgess
Bayou City Branch, TX

Untitled Anita Burgess Bayou City Branch, TX

Anita Burgess
Bayou City Branch, TX

Anita F. Burgess is a visual artist working in watercolor, collage, oils, pen and ink, and colored pencils in Houston, TX. She has created art all her life beginning in earnest as a ten year old when her older brother lent her his “learn to draw” set. In fourth grade, she completed her first oil painting for a school-wide exhibit. Her 7th grade art teacher Doris Spoonamore took her under her wing. She invited her along with other talented students to come to her island home to paint over the summers for three years. Ms. Spoonamore remained a life long friend and mentor. Ms. Burgess went on to earn her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Akron. She has a painting in the permanent collections of the Hoyt Museum of Art, New Castle, PA and in private collections in Ohio and Texas. She works in a variety of media, experimenting and expanding her repertoire. She continues to exhibit in exclusive galleries and art shows.

Flash Fiction–Chance Meeting

Flash Fiction October is here! Need I say more?

Chance Meeting

Elizabeth and Bob shared good years together until he reveled in his success as a plastic surgeon. Then he developed an inflated ego that affected their marriage.
When she turned fifty, Bob began a series of affairs that led to an eventual divorce.
Six months later, Elizabeth saw him in Starbucks. Bob’s dewy-eyed companion looked half his age. After looking her over, Elizabeth strode to their table to make the kill!
“Bob, I see you’ve switched your practice to pediatrics.”
He was definitely not amused, but revenge is sweet. Elizabeth felt better than she had in ages.

Marlene Klotz
Boca Raton Branch, FL

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Poem of the Week–Doubt #28

Doubt No. 28:
Meditation in a Roundhouse

Cats struggle to stay clean, dogs circle
in perpetuity until one spot is known,
some certainty you and I may wonder
how they know this singular realm.
But that may have to be an end of it
until tomorrow’s train pulls in.

Linda Newman Woito
Iowa City, Iowa Branch

A reminder to all NLAPW members (you do not have to be a Letters member to participate): October is flash fiction month on the www.nlapw.org blog. Please send in your mini-masterpieces! For complete guidelines, click here.

Poem of the Week–Differences


Don’t divide the people, we insist…
There is a way, to peacefully coexist.
But still I see two sides concerning this.
What is power up to will they tell?

As mountain peaks await the sunset bell
and darkness captures either side of dawn
the sun appears alternatively gone;
night and day change sides and disappear
for us to follow, in our wake of fear.

Sophie Barnes
Connecticut Pioneer Branch, CT

Poem of the Week–Atlas


The first one I actually saw was
In bronze standing in front of Rockefeller Center
The others are pictures in books – flat and one dimensional
Of course, they are all men
Brawny, muscle bound men
Usually holding the world on their backs or shoulders
Usually looking down, weary
Ready to be done with their burden
Ready to drop us
At any minute
But I believe
Is a woman
Who stands tall and lithe
With balanced baskets of fruit or produce
kindling or water for her family
As she walks home from the marketplace, field or well
Proudly with grace
Eyes looking straight ahead as she takes each confident step
Into the future.
With the world truly on her head.

Susan Bassler Pickford
Member-at-large, ME

Call for submissions

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October is flash fiction month on the www.nlapw.org website.

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Call for women veterans submissions

Call for Submissions

Upcoming Publication of Poetry by Women Veterans, Bayou City Branch, TX

All honorably discharged women veterans of all ages, all assignments, serving in U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Air or Army National Guard, USO, or former Red Cross “Dollies” are invited to submit poems, short stories, nonfiction with military theme, and pics for consideration to Bayou City II branch of the National League of American Pen Women, Inc. Membership in NLAPW is not required.

Deadline: February 15, 2016 (President’s Day)
Send Submissions to:

Barb Whitmarsh
17396 Lawrence 2150
Aurora, MO 65605

Click here to email submissions to bewhitmarsh@yahoo.com


36 lines single spaced

Short Stories and Essays:
up to 350 words

Pics dealing with military issues only
No vulgarity merely for vulgarity sake accepted.
Keep original work. No work will be returned.

Rank will not be posted, e.g.:
Mary Smith USMC
All contributors will receive one complimentary copy of publication.

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Poem of the Week–Joshua Tree


Ageless rocks stand like desert monuments,
Trees with spiky arms reach toward the sky.
Roads snake into endless wilderness
Distant views bemuse the eye.

Sandy trails slice through unyielding brush
Where shy inhabitants slither, crawl and run,
Bold wildflowers in radiant colors
Lift their heads to the relentless sun.

Vast and wild, the park calls to adventurers
Who roar along its roads in fearless quest.
While those who come to look for sanctuary
Soon discover gifts of beauty, peace and rest.

Some say this place is where the spirits dwell
And who’s to know who has not felt its spell?

Dawn Huntley Spitz
Cape Cod Branch, MA

Poem of the Week–Mere Things, & Helen Holt service

Memorial Service for Helen Holt
Sat, August 15, 11am – 2pm
The National Presbyterian Church, 4101 Nebraska Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20016

Mere Things

Mere things don’t matter,
or so we’d like to think;

but on the brink
of forgetting,

of letting

some mere thing
turns us

to remembering.

by Cathmar Shaw Prange
Iowa City Branch, IA

Art of the Week, New Member Profile, Carol Loethen

Continuing our series on getting to know NLAPW’s newest members, today’s Art of the Week features Carol Loethen of the Pensacola Branch. Welcome, Carol, it’s an honor to have you as a member!

Attention Branch Presidents: If you have a new member you would like to see on this monthly feature, send in (or get them to send in) their art, a bio and branch info.

Speaking of new members, Houston has a new branch — so do get the word out to your Southeast Texas friends that now they do have a NLAPW branch in the fourth largest city in the U.S. The Bayou City Branch has got some great plans for the autumn and beyond. Email webeditor@nlapw.org.

and now, to Carol and her story:

Carol Loethen
Girl In Blue by Carol Loethen Pensacola Branch

Girl In Blue
by Carol Loethen
Pensacola Branch

Owner/Loethen Design

Coming from a small town, Bunkie, Louisiana, where as a child every day after school she would have fun making ceramics. Over her elementary school years she achieved many ribbons for her ceramic designs. Carol was always told in school how good she was in art, but felt art was a hobby and not a career. Therefore when she attended college, Fine Art was a minor. She worked for many years in retail, bookkeeping, and accounting, at the same time painting, woodworking, polymer clay, and many other art forms kept her busy.
Later in life she went back to college to earn a degree in Graphic Design. Having this degree has enhanced her skills as an artist. As a Graphic Design artist Carol has her own business, Loethen Design, where she freelances as an illustrator, photographer, and jewelry designer. As a fine art photographer she specializes in fashion, travel, and food photography.
Carol now lives in Pensacola Beach, Florida with her husband who is also a photographer and artist. Carol’s work has been published in several magazines and has been exhibited in several juried art shows, fairs, and festivals. Carol belongs to “The Wide Angle Photo Club”, where she designs their Facebook page and monthly newsletters. She also belongs to “The National League of American Pen Women”, The Pensacola Branch and the National Branch.

Look for her on Facebook!