Art of the Week: Myth, Magic and Metaphor

Patricia Daly-Lipe
Washington, D.C. Branch
“Myth, Magic and Metaphor,” Oil



Patricia Daly-Lipe’s paintings come from the heart. Most are unplanned and develop as the paint goes on the canvas. Such was the case with this painting. It was a result of wiping leftover paint with a palette knife onto an empty canvas.  The Princess and the unicorn found their ways in the paint. Daly-Lipe then added the dragon. This painting represents good and evil with the Princess asking the unicorn (who represents creativity/good) to look in the mirror so he won’t see the dragon (who represents evil).



  1. Unicorns and dragons…oh my!! I enjoyed the color and use of space; so much to take in. Awesome.

  2. Martyna Burford says:

    Is this considered Modern Art? I don’t always find modern art, (as I see it) enjoyable, but I really like this and hope to see more of her work Thanks.

  3. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    I enjoyed the color and the spontaneity unfolding and you expressed the concepts of good vs. evil

  4. Barb Whitmarsh says:



  5. What a fascinating painting! Patricia gives us much to think about re: not looking at evil/distractions/naysayers but looking within, looking to our own creativity and spirit.

  6. Dorothy Kamm says:


  7. Exquisite painting! Such a great talent.

  8. Charlene Holloway says:

    Excellent work of Art showcasing Patricia’s great talents.