Poem of the Week: Nourishing You

Patricia A. Oplinger
Member-at-Large from Cherokee Village, AR


I wish I could take language

and pour it into a bowl

of warm, encouraging thoughts


I would splash soothing sentences

around its edges

for you to set astir


I would adjust the fragrant spice

of self-esteem

for you to inhale


I would have you listen

to the plop of paragraphs

saying, “Hush, hush, it’s all right.


Then I would spoon you sweet phrases

to heal damages past words

may have caused



  1. Fay Smalling Guinn says:

    Beautiful as always, Pat. You express deep thoughts in soothing imagery.

  2. I feel nurtured and reborn after reading this sensitively crafted poem, Patricia.

  3. Alexandra Goodwin says:

    Lovely imagery, and quite inventive. Loved the poem!


    Very intriguing. A great job.

  5. Charlene Holloway says:

    The use of words to describe the feeling of forgiveness of possible offensive remarks or acts in one’s life this poem delights how one may describe a a total peacefulness of the world. Well written.

  6. Lovely thoughts, beautifully expressed. My favorite line is “Then I would spoon you sweet phrases.”

  7. Wonderful poem!! You drew me in with all my senses. Well done!!!

  8. Love this.

  9. Thank you, Patricia, for a describing a condition to which we can all relate–on both sides–with sensory sweetness.

    • Tricia, I agree with your observation(s). We’ve all been on both sides of this situation, haven’t we? Our senses give life it’s drama as well as its peaceful moments, eh? Thanks for commenting on my attempt to relay that to readers.

  10. Mary J. Meagher says:

    I love the playful word play of this insightful poem. It demonstrates the poet’s craft as well as the subtle theme of the difficulty of interpersonal ommunication. Good work!

    • Ah yes, the difficulty of interpersonal communication. The Italians have a saying I love: L’ho provato sulla mia pelle. It’s their gentle, colorful way of saying I have felt that on my own skin. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on “Nourishing You”.