Art of the Week: Pulse Source

“Pulse Source,” Acrylic on Canvas (16 x 20)

by Natica Angilly

Diablo/Alameda Branch NLAPW

Artist’s Quote:

What Tools and Materials do I like to use? Brushes, sponges, the side of hand and sometimes the stretch of my arm, help me to spread my color and textures. Rulers and tape help me define areas, lines and give a precise edge.  I like to feel connected to the work.  Acrylic, and especially the liquid acrylic spray, has a tendency to “roam.”  Pallet knife, air brush, and old perfume atomizers help me work the transparent acrylic and achieve various affects.  The assemblages are found and created objects, fabrics, paper mâché, hand sewing, and several types of glues which I gather.  Things seem to “show up” when an idea starts dancing in my head. Affecting a sense of movement is the challenge.  I like to create a look of depth or seeing beyond with multiple transparencies.  For my collages – just about anything goes!  The liquid acrylic moves and can be coaxed across the canvas, which I guide and slide into form.  Getting caught by a compelling poetic idea, motivation or directive seems to be the key.  My Heartistry series, and Pulse Source paintings, speak of dynamism, musicality and the infinite spiral staircase.  The whorls demonstrated in the inner working of some sea shells helped to give me a clue toward painted movement.  The inner spiral is often called the spiral staircase. These shapes are used to enjoy the artistic dance and also teach directed line and motion.

* * *

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  1. Dorothy Kamm says:

    Beautiful artwork that “speaks” to me. I appreciated reading about your artistic methods. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Christine Horner says:

    Natica, I loved this “in the flesh” at the O’Lague Gallery, Hayward CA Christmas of 2016. And here again, proof of an enduring art work, it grabbed my inner spirit! I’m so glad to know this work has now a widened audience. I know you are so very busy in your multi-talented pursuits: I just hope you can somehow find time for more painting!!
    Meantime– Hurrah for this extrordinary piece of Heartistry.


  3. Kathleen Vermaelen says:

    Uncommonly beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Cleo Griffith says:

    Natica, how wonderful to see your grace and talent in this form. So often I have admired you in dance, now I am in similar awe of your expression as a painter, Hurrah for you and all the multi-talented women of the world! Keep on inspiring us!

  5. Virginia Franklin Campbell says:

    Thank you for responding to the request when I visited your Branch.

  6. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    Natica–your piece draws me in. It’s as if I felt an invisible force that all but spoke to my soul. Then after reading about your technique and explanation, I wanted to assure you that your piece definitely addresses the dynamic aspect of creativity. Thanks for sharing your creativity and your passion!

  7. Carol Nipomnich Dixon says:

    A subtly colored graceful art work.