Poem of the Week–Cream


My mother stands in the kitchen
pouring cream over sliced bananas,
cream skimmed from the top of
a milk bottle delivered that morning,
her flowered housedress
hangs loose on her frame.

On holidays she hand-whips cream
laced with powdered sugar and
vanilla into white mounds— her apron
catches stray spatters. She scoops
thick clouds onto pumpkin pie,
as light splays silver on her hair.

Years later she chooses cream puffs
from a bakery. I see her sitting at
the table late afternoon with tea and
the newspaper, a wrinkled hand
lifting a fork to thin lips with a smile,
her glasses tipped on her nose.

Behind her, a window opens to farmland
where once the clink of glass bottles
left on the step could be heard and
cream always rose to the top.

Lorraine Walker Williams
SW Florida Branch

Flash Fiction–The Dew Fairy


The woods and wildflowers surrounding the weather-beaten boardwalk leading to the lake were wet with dewdrops when I chanced upon a magical creature sitting atop a queen-anne-lace flower. A spider web enveloped the flower and sunlight had prismed the fairy. I held my breath lest she fly away.

When I returned from my swim, only the flower and spider web remained—the dewdrops evaporated by the sun.

Years later, I returned to that boardwalk hoping to find the dew-fairy of my childhood. She has never evaporated from my memory.

by joni sack
Boca Raton Branch, FL