Marion Doyle Poetry Award

1st: Lynn M. Hansen, “Gifts of Loss”

2nd: Janine DeBaise, “Ancient Rhythm”

3rd: Mary Gardner, “Making the Most of Time”

Marjorie Davies Roller Nonfiction Award

1st: Christina Britton Conroy, “I Want to Go to Lithuania or How to Have Fun with Your Aging Parents”

2nd (tie): Janine DeBaise, “Cure for Pain”; Fran Stewart, “Confessions of a Time-Saver: The Toothbrush Writing Model”

Norman C. and Marjorie J. Roller Award

1st: Janine DeBaise, “Nylon and Mesh”

2nd: Sheila Byrnes, “If You Listen, You Can Hear the Night Turning Over”

3rd: Janet Fagal, “Together, 1955”

Anita Marie Boggs Memorial Poetry Award

1st: Nancy Haskett, “Upward Climb”

2nd: Janet Fagal, “Everything That Matters”

3rd: Maria J. Keane, “About an Artist Writing a Poem”

Della Crowder Miller Poetry Award (Sonnet)

1st: Lynn M. Hansen, “Webs”

2nd: Mary Gardner, “Autumn, A Leaf”

3rd: Donna DeLeo Bruno, “Regret”

Della Crowder Miller Poetry Award (Free Verse)

1st: Patricia Underwood, “Montgomery, 1955”

2nd: Donna DeLeo Bruno, “Whose Hands Are These”

3rd: Silvia Kofler, “Indifference”

Catherine Cushman Leach Poetry Award

1st: Patricia Underwood, “Loggerhead”

2nd: Linda Scheller, “The Ballad of Doctor James Barry”

3rd: Linda Scheller, “Hill Top”

Elizabeth M. Campbell Poetry Award

1st: Donna DeLeo Bruno, “English Class”

2nd: Karen McAferty Morris, “Sestina—Late Autumn”

3rd: Lynn M. Hansen, “The Great American Eclipse”

Helen Sutton Booth National Memorial Poetry Award

1st: Dawn Huntley Spitz, “Legend of the Trees”

2nd: Karen McAferty Morris, “Not as Seasons in Turn”

3rd: Lois Batchelor Howard, “All Dressed Up”

The Anne Marx Sestina Award

(only one award)

Lynn M. Hansen, “Sestina for Fulgenzio”

Central New York Branch Flannery O’Connor Short Story Award

1st: Patricia Black-Gould, “The Crystal Beads”

2nd: Gail Wilson Kenna, “Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way”

3rd: Judith McGinn, “Good Deeds”

Delta Branch Grace K Wofford Essay Award

1st: Janine DeBaise, “Ghost Story”

2nd: Gail Wilson Kenna, “A Woman Reader from the Boogie Woogie West”

3rd: Sharon Canfield Dorsey, “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History”

Memoir Award

1st: Karen Hempson, “Immigrant Healer”

2nd: Mary L. Gardner, “Second Looks”

3rd: Jennifer Santana, “S.O.S.”

Sandra Seaton Michel Children’s Book or Story Award

1st: Linda Trice, “Kenya’s Art”

2nd: Gail Wilson Kenna, “The Story of a Contrary, Contumacious Cat”

3rd: Rachael Ikins, “A Piglet for David”

Sandra Seaton Michel Middle School Story Award

1st: Gail Wilson Kenna, “Deadly as Ever”

2nd: Sarah Byrn Rickman, “BJ Erickson: WASP Pilot”

3rd: Donna DeLeo Bruno, “Donatella”

Fiction Book Award

1st: Carol White, “From One Place to Another”

2nd: Rose Ann Kalister, “Sister of Saidnaya, A Syrian Immigrant’s Tale”

3rd: Lois Batchelor Howard, “Captured Passions”

Journalism Award

1st: Gail Wilson Kenna, “One Face from the Shadow of Millions”

2nd: Lois Batchelor Howard, “She Lived and Lives”

3rd: Andrea Jones Walker, “Defining Home: Is There Still No Place Like Home?”

Congratulations to all the winners!