Ethics: a visual tool

From Treanor Baring:

Many who know me in the NLAPW know that I have recently worked with a project analyzing ethical behavior in corporate settings at the University of St. Thomas here in Houston (Enron’s home town). I was privy to results from research on how ethical groups behave and on the warning signs that ethics are going off the rails.

With that background and based on that unpublished research (credited on the form), I devised this evaluation to help individuals understand ethical issues at stake. I designed it with self-evaluation in mind. It puts choices in visual terms with unethical behavior on the left and ethical behavior on the right (no political meaning attached). Several Pen Women asked that I post it on the blog. Click here for a PDF of my ethics evaluation form. One choice that wasn’t included on the form since it wasn’t a part of the business setting, but would certainly apply to us as Pen Women, would be the choice between “Hostility” vs “Kindness.” Please share your comments, keeping that in mind!

I believe strongly in the Pen Women, our mission, our sisterhood, and of course in what the magazine, the website and the Pen Woman Press have brought to the table in the last five years. I’m excited about our upcoming projects and the service we bring both to our members and the Arts. I’m proud to be a Pen Woman with the likes of Helen Holt and the others mentioned in the recent blog post by Siggy Buckley on our history. All for one!

Treanor Baring
Website Content Editor
Poetry Editor