Yucca, New Mexico Branch member Elizabeth Lauer comments on her composition:

“Walking alone in the foothills of he Sandia Mountains, savoring the quiet, the endless sky, the beauty of beige, the brilliant sun, I found myself conjuring up clarinet sounds. This was clearly in response to my having just read about an opportunity for composing for woodwinds.

The clarinet, with its many colors, its flexibility as both soloist and group member, its range of pitch and dynamics, its melt-your-heart expressivity, is irresistible. On returning home, with my faithful mouse I put the notes and symbols onto the iMac screen.

Very few changes ensued. The title—how shall I say?—emanated: dolcezza. Why Italian? As with the instrument: marvelous sounds.

This piece, “Dolcezza,” is one of three movements that I composed for solo clarinet under the title, “Tre Pezzi Italiani.” The exquisite performance is by Hilary Brown, superb clarinetist, at a concert sponsored by Connecticut Composers of Connecticut in 2012, at a public concert.”

“Dolcezza” clarinet solo, composed by Elizabeth Lauer and performed by clarinetist Hilary Brown:


The music score

It might be welcome to those members who read music to have the score as well.

Download the music score here: Dolcezza music score for clarinet solo by Elizabeth Lauer