Jane Maclean, Yucca New Mexico

Membership has many unique benefits at both the national and local level. NLAPW membership provides the opportunity to network with other arts professionals, enter national juried exhibits and contests, and participate in professional enrichment programs. You will receive our quarterly magazine, The Pen Woman, with features, poetry, information and professional development articles. Members visiting Washington, D.C. can reserve rooms for a suggested member-rate donation in The Pen Arts Building and Art Museum. Contact us for more information.

Our communities of creative women support and encourage each other directly and purposefully. Membership provides women artists, writers and composers with soul-making experiences in sharing their exceptional gifts and bringing Arts engagement to the public.

Greetings from Bev Goldie, National Membership Development Chair.

Details about Membership opportunities here: How to Join.

If you are a professional in a creative arts field, you will find a place with the NLAPW to advance your own creative endeavors and serve the mission of the NLAPW to “encourage, recognize, and promote the production of creative work.” You will join the stream of women dedicated to the Arts, such as Vinnie Ream, Eleanor Roosevelt, Eudora Welty, Margaret Sullivan Burke and many others who have also listed this prestigious organization among their professional affiliations.

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Penne Roberts, Yucca NM Branch


Sarah Rickman, Vinnie Ream Letters Award

Sarah Rickman, Pikes Peak Colorado Branch, Vinnie Ream Letters Award


Elaine Erickson accepting 2016 Natl Music award from Laura Walth

Elaine Erickson, Des Moines, Iowa Branch, accepting 2016 Natl Music award from Laura Walth, Outreach Chair