Poem of the Week: Spirit Song

by Brenda Layman
Central Ohio Branch


Nature does not sigh for loss

In littered leaves and soil

She keeps her own ones

Birthed in Spring’s warm blood

Fed on Summer’s bounty

Curled in fur, huddled in holes

Each day light lengthens, shadows bend

And rush before the wind

That breathes tomorrow’s promise

Underneath her quilt of gray and brown

Blanketed with snow

Seeds are sleeping

Soon to wake, as their parents once awoke

Softly green unfurl

Into her world of sun and rain

And everlasting life



  1. Rose Ann Kalister says

    Rose Ann Kalister

    I love Spirit Song Brenda! The images are so apt and beautiful, conveying the awakening and promising hope.

  2. Deb Anderson says

    Wonderful images in your poem, Brenda DMA

  3. Dr. Sunny Zank says

    Brenda – Lovely poem.

  4. Calder Lowe says

    Spirit Song takes my breath away.

  5. Barb Whitmarsh says


  6. Dorothy Kamm says

    Beautiful imagery.

  7. Sara Etgen-Baker says

    I appreciate how you captured the unfolding of the seasons. Thanks!