Poem of the Week: Give Them a Brake

Barb Whitmarsh
Bayou City II, TX Branch


It’s time again
For the Red Neck Sliders
Certainly not known
To be traffic law abiders
They’re on the roadways
Quiet as “mouses”
Always towing their RV houses
It’s hard to believe
If they don’t get struck
They’ll out live us all
With any luck
Please give these terrapins a brake
Not to do it’s a big mistake
They’re trying to survive
And never fought us
Yes, this is what
The turtles tortoise



  1. Karen Morris says:

    Enjoyable, perfect for the season.

  2. Judy Perez says:

    Very cute play on words. Made me smile.

  3. Delightful, clever poem with a good conservation message. I’d love to see this poem illustrated!

  4. Tracy Lanum says:

    Having just completed classes to become a Virginia Master Naturalist I find this poem most enchanting. Take head everyone!