Poem of the Week: Walking on Water

Carolynn J. Scully
Orlando/Winter Park Branch


Confidence is momentary, never permanent.

Get out of the boat.
Just do it.

Time for me to walk
on waves that reach out and back,
dip down and rush up.
Self talk builds sea legs, but
one word or look can weaken knees.

Fear washes over me and
drenches me in sweat.

First steps are always unsure.
Self-assurance, like the sea, cannot be controlled.
No guarantees.
But there is no end without a beginning.


Carolynn J. Scully ©2016



  1. I love it Carolynn. It touches me.

  2. Very nice, Carolyn! I enjoy poems that paint a picture and show emotion. Yours did both!

    • Carolynn Scully says:

      Thank you very much. I was going through some emotion when I wrote this! 🙂