Poem of the Week: New Year

Dorothy Kamm
Port St. Lucie, Florida


Looking skyward
a massive murmuration
cascades and folds
into shapes blossoming like bruises;
These starlings – augurs offering auspices –
are wanderers sharing wonders,
offer moments of grace
after a grim year

Where truth got twisted
and became toxic,
fed anger, exploited fears
percolating on the edge of fact,
where reality
mirrored myth,
where freezes and diseases
overlapped and converged,
where calcium and potassium
leached from bones
made brittle;

Looking skyward
see if the gods give a sign,
a yea or a nay;
Scrutinize with skepticism,
weigh power and possibility,
meld gold on the edge of glass
and create a fine plate
through which to view
the future.

© Dorothy Kamm



  1. What an elegantly crafted poem! I’m glad I finally had an opportunity to savor it after
    the hectic pace of the holidays.

  2. Loved this poem’s imagery. Loved the last stanza, it gives hope that no matter what comes this year, it is ours to meld into a better year; an empty slate to atone for any blunders made in 2016.

    • Dorothy Kamm says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for your kind words. I wish you a wonderful 2017!

  3. Brenda Layman says:

    Love the imagery, especially the first stanza.

    • Dorothy Kamm says:

      Thank you for your comment. I hope the imagery presented touches off your imagination.