Poem of the Week: Suitable Companion

Christina Laurie, West Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA
Cape Cod Branch, president


(Genesis 2:18 – on the eve of my 50th birthday)


Seven times seven
I have replaced each cell
and now turn over the leaf
of yet another year –
a new woman once again.

Yet still I am a part
of that primordial Eve
created out of dust and drib—
the Adam split
to form a new wo-man;
creation of the Creator,
“Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.”

I am soil, tissue and muscle
and life-giving breath.
Love me
I am a new creation.



  1. LOVED your poem of the week. Beautiful!

  2. Hi Christina,

    What a beautiful account of the creation. I love your lines, “Bone of my bone, Flesh of my flesh. I am soil, tissue and muscle, and life-giving breath, Love me. I am a new creation.” So beautifully written, I love the internal rhyme. So many layers of meaning. It is a wonderful birthday poem. You are indeed a new creation for He makes everything new! And your fiftieth year, your Jubilee Year! Congratulations on your publication.

  3. I love the Biblical insight of this poem and how scripture is cleverly woven into the verse and rythum of the poem.

  4. Diane Phoenix says:

    Beautifully written and should be read at each milestone in ones life. How we forget as we grow on in years the overlapping of experience that so much defines who we are..Bravo

  5. As a senior citizen, I love this poem. It smacks of the fact that “it’s never to late in life or in fiction, for revision.” Every birthday is truly a new beginning–a new creation. I also appreciate the biblical reference and verse. Printed poem as I will want to read it again…and again…maybe every birthday!

  6. Thank you Christina for sharing your thoughts and this heartfelt poem.

  7. I really like the tone of this poem. It is uplifting, confident. It evoked in me a smile–especially the last last four lines. “Love me. I am a new creation.” Especially poignant thinking of it being the eve on the author’s 50th birthday! Reminds me that life is a cycle that is continually renewing itself–and that each cycle is beautiful!

  8. Oh, wow. Beautiful, fantastic.

  9. Charlene Hampton Holloway says:

    This poem was written from the heart. The author is very selective in her wording to have the reader and those who have a compassion for poetry understand her message she is relaying. Excellent written poetry.

  10. I haven’t thought of this seven-year regeneration for a long time. Apropos since I have a birthday this week. And thank you for so artfully reminding us of the most important regeneration of all.

  11. Very poignant poem on the eve of your 50th birthday. Have a blessed day and year ahead!

  12. Christina,
    Thank you for this also at the juncture of the New Year. All of my being is made new at this time of year. How beautiful.

  13. I look at the mess in my home office because we just moved. We didn’t want the responsibilities of home ownership anymore and rejoice at having found the perfect place to rent a Villa in a small rental community. I turned 77 this summer so this poem really resonated with me. The last 2 lines gave me goosebumps. How perfect. Just what I needed. The last box will soon be unpacked: I am a new creation in all aspects. Thank you, Christina.

    • Love reading little perks and encouragements by writers, when they don’t even realize they’re addressing a need, or confirming an ah-ha moment. At 67, my husband and I often think of downsizing, ridding ourselves of the responsibilities of our country home and moving to a smaller place. Thanks for the push. Have a blessed day.

  14. Judas Martinez says:

    I love the cadence of this poem& the way it works against the words. I just really like this poem period!! Great choice of good & moving writing! Ty!!

    • Dawnl Spitz says:

      This poem, like you, is a lovely creation. Thank you for writing it. Happy Birthday!