Poem of the Week: I Just Kissed My Husband Goodbye

M. J. Putnik, Boca Raton, Florida Branch


I just kissed my husband goodbye.

I watch him walk toward his marked police car and get inside.

I stand at the window and pray…

Keep him alert.

Keep him safe.

I just kissed my husband goodbye.

A lover.

A Father.

A son.

I just kissed my husband goodbye.

Wondering what would happen to him today.

Would he be spit on? Would he be attacked?

Would he be shot?

I just kissed my husband goodbye.

I imagine the next 10 hours of his day.

Filling out a missing child report.

Comforting a battered wife.

Arresting a twelve year old drug dealer.

I just kissed my husband goodbye.

I stand looking out the window feeling —




I just kissed my husband goodbye.

He’s yours now.

You have his full attention.

He will protect your freedom and rights.

He stands between you and evil.

Please don’t take him for granted.

Let him come home to me.



  1. What a beautiful poem, straight from the heart. I love the perspective, the love and concern of a loving wife and her anguish at not knowing what the day will bring. Powerful and touching. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear Poet,
    Please write a homecoming poem. I loved the separation one.
    Ariel Smart

  3. Cheri Warzecha says:

    Very Moving and so on the mark, esp. nowadays.
    I like the use of repitition as is mark your heartbeat and fears.
    Well done!

  4. This was beautiful. Your words capture the anxiety you must feel and the sad commentary of our new dynamics in the world. I will be reminded of your words as I see our men in blue.

  5. Beautiful, meaningful poem. It reveals a lot about y. That goodbye kiss is always very important.

  6. What a powerful poem! Yes, Let him come home to you!

  7. Dear Michelle,
    We are mindful of your daily prayer. I add my prayer to yours that he remain safe to return to his loved ones. Thank you for sharing such a deep concern.