Flash Fiction–Matthew 7:12

Matthew 7:12

Patty and I are enjoying our annual holiday “girls’ night” – until the blond, well-dressed woman in front of us raises her voice. “You stupid fool! You should be fired!”

Hands trembling, the saleswoman fumbles with her change, makes a mess of giftwrapping, apologizing again and again. Embarrassed, we’re glad when the shopper rolls her eyes, tosses her hair and departs.

Patty hands her packages and credit card to the now tearful woman, picks up a candy bar, adds it to the pile. As we leave she gives the chocolate to the saleswoman.

“For you,” she says, “Merry Christmas.”

Judy Crystal
Greenwich Branch, CT



  2. Great story! I’m glad Patty was so generous!

    • Thank you. It is based on a story someone told me. says:

      Thank you.

      • It’s so great to see positive stories. We so often stand by and watch while someone else doesn’t “behave” properly. But what a lesson it is to see that there are people who care, even for a stranger.

  3. Made me pull out my Bible!