Flash Fiction–Savannah’s Solution

Savannah’s Solution

Both moon and stars are dependable touchstones, glittering night sky jewels, delivering the sweet startle of childhood awe for Savannah, nascent astronomer, precocious three year old. One night, after the new moon, Savannah and her grandmother begin their ritual sky watch. As the sliver lunar crescent eases above the horizon, thin as a curved potato chip standing on its side, Savannah, surprised by the moon’s shape gasps, “Grandma, the moon is broken! What happened to the other part?” Then, before grandma can explain moon phases, Savannah pats her hand whispering, “Don’t worry Grandma, my daddy can fix it!”

Lynn M. Hansen
Modesto Branch, CA



  1. Lynne Eve Grossmsn says

    This precious moment is captured beautifully. I feel like I was there. Good writing! Thank you, Lynn!

  2. Angela Saffles says

    Very nice story

  3. Lynn Hansen manages to provide a snapshot of the sheer adorableness, innate wisdom, and unflappability of
    a precocious three year old girl. It is wonder encapsulated in fewer than 100 words. Rarely can a writer capture so much magic in a flash fiction piece.

  4. Cleo Griffith says

    Delightful and touching. Good work, Lynn!

  5. This flash fiction is filled with so much wonder. It’s a little gift card to grandmas and daddies everywhere!