Vinnie Ream Competition Guidelines – Multi-discipline


Vinnie Ream—sculptor, writer, composer, creator of the famous Capitol Rotunda statue of Abraham Lincoln—exemplifies the creative integration of Art, Letters, and Music. If you hold League membership in more than one category, you may submit a multi-discipline entry created by you that includes more than one classification.

For example:

1. graphic art design for a catalog for which you wrote the contents;
2. book of your poetry which includes your illustrations or paintings (30 pages max);
3. an excerpt from an art book that contains your paintings or photography with content written by you (30 pages max);
4. an excerpt from a children’s, young adult, or adult fiction or non-fiction book which includes your illustrations or music and a synopsis (30 pages max).
5. CD in which you wrote the lyrics as well as the music, and perhaps designed the cover. The lyrics must be typed out on 8½ x 11” white paper.
6. Only the title of the work should appear on the CD and manuscripts. Do not include your name.
7. Send a separate 3 x 5 card with your name, the category, the title of your work, and your contact information.
8. CDs and manuscripts will not be returned.

Contact Sunny by email ( for more information.