Vinnie Ream Competition Guidelines – Letters

The Letters Competition will cover 3 specific areas: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry

Fiction will include a short story (25 pages max.) or a screen/stage play excerpt and synopsis (a total of 30 pages max.), a chapter from a children’s, young adult or adult novel plus a detailed synopsis (a total of 30 pages max.); or a manuscript of a young children’s story (30 pages max.).

Non-Fiction will include an article or an essay (25 pages max.), or a chapter of a nonfiction book plus detailed outline (a total of 30 pages max.) or a chapter of a memoir plus detailed outline (a total of 30 pages max.).

Poetry will include a chap book (manuscript form only) or a series of linked poems (10 max.).

  1. Submissions may be published or unpublished.
  2. Entries must be typed on 8 1/2 x 11″white paper.
  3. Prose should be double-spaced.
  4. Poetry should be single-spaced with double spacing between stanzas.
  5. Only the title of the work should appear on the manuscript. Do not include your name.
  6. On a separate cover sheet or a 3×5 index card include your name, your contact information, and the category and title of your work. Example: Fiction—short story: Title.
  7. Manuscripts will not be returned.

A preliminary judge for each of the three Letters categories will select the three best pieces in that category; a final judge will consider the nine selected pieces and select the winners from those.

Contact the Letters Chair by email for more information: