NLAPW National Level News

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NLAPW Outreach Reaches Out

By Gail Speckmann, National Outreach Chair

Outreach is at the very heart of our goals as an organization, vital to our growth and fulfillment of our mission “to support and promote creative excellence and professional standards among women in the arts.”

A particular goal of mine, as your new national outreach chair, is to receive input from branch presidents and members-at-large about their past and existing outreach programs. Several weeks ago, questionnaires were sent out by email (if you have not received this, please contact me at As results continue to come in, I will share this gathered information back with you. We can all benefit from knowing of each other’s successes, being inspired to build on these and further stimulated to develop new ideas.

Broadly, the categories that have been reported through the questionnaires include awards/scholarships; teaching programs, workshops, and speaking engagements; donations (particularly arts related); social events (e.g. potlucks, teas to reach out); exhibits and competitions; and community connections, including collaboration on projects with other arts groups.

A deeply enriching aspect of our involvement as Pen Women is that such a variety of the arts are represented. By balancing monthly programs among these, we can reach out through invitations to nonmembers with a broad range of interests.

Programs such as “Painted Word” that “cross-pollinate” the various arts are very inspiring. In future columns for The Pen Woman magazine and on our website at, various programs will be featured in depth.   

Consider ideas on how to particularly reach out to targeted groups of women, such as the newly or soon-to-be retired, supporting them in either revisiting or pursuing new artistic goals. Other potential groups could include the recently divorced or widowed, those who have lost jobs, and under-represented ethnic groups. There is value in identifying and addressing groups that may have particular needs that we could help meet. This may, hopefully, have the added benefit of leading to vital new membership for the League.    

All branches and members are also encouraged to find the little ways in which we can reach out. Everything does not have to be a big project. As each one of us deepens our awareness about needs in our communities, we can speak up and work together to find creative ways to bring about worthy outreach.


Membership News

By Beverly Goldie, Third Vice President

Have you viewed “Why Be a Pen Woman” yet? This relevant five-minute video created by letters member-at-large Rodika Tollefson would be a wonderful addition to your program library this year. It will inspire members and guests at branch meetings, board meetings, or recruitment events for years to come. We thank Rodika for her time and talent for filming and producing this professional work.

You can view it below or on YouTube.

Some branches are having a renaissance in membership, and I would like to recognize them. Charleston, West Virginia; Diablo/Alameda, California; and Coral Gables, Florida, have gained multiple new members this year. Soon, we will know which branch will win the award for the highest percentage of growth for 2018.

At the Biennial in Iowa, branch presidents and membership chairs shared many suggestions for increasing membership. The Pensacola Branch, last year’s winner, was spotlighted in the last Pen Woman magazine with tips for attracting members. Perhaps adding an outreach program, an all-discipline exhibit, or a distinguished speaker can add some spice to your branch. Challenging each member to invite a guest provides a personal outreach.

Also at the Biennial, we heard inspirational presenters Frank and Kimberlee Spillers tell us about the “WUCA Way.”  WUCA stands for welcome, understand, comfort, and appreciate, a methodology that creates a friendly, civil environment in an organization. Such an environment is necessary for maintaining and recruiting membership. Is your branch committed to this type of environment?

I am grateful to Frank and Kimberlee for sharing their knowledge with the League members and very pleased that Kimberlee is a now a letters member in the Des Moines Branch.


Recent News

Scenes from Des Moines

Shutterbugs at the recent Biennial were asked to take photos in and around Des Moines for their chance to win some cash and booty. Pen Woman Sandy Huff sponsored the contest. Prizes were $25 for 1st place, $15 for 2nd, $10 for 3rd, and extra goodies for honorable mentions.

Winners were: 

First place: Darlene Yeager Torre, Central Ohio Branch

Second place: Anne Baehr, Pensacola Branch

Third place: Lucy Arnold

See the winning entries, plus honorable mentions and others.


Reimagining PenWomen Online 
for Ongoing Professional Development

By Candace L. Long, NLAPW President (2014-2016)

New NLAPW President Evelyn Wofford asked me to propose a way to revive our webinar (i.e., online training) initiative called PenWomen Online.  Webinars were an important part of our outreach training from 2012 to 2016.

History of PenWomen Online

I became a member of the NLAPW Board of Directors in 2010. With a decadeslong background in broadcast production and a commitment to developing new revenue streams, I proposed PenWomen Online to the board and spent the first year surveying members’ needs and researching the logistics required to bring it to life.

Our first webinar, “How to Create an Online Presence,” was offered free and featured Lynne Spreen as the instructor. It took place Feb. 21, 2012, with a total of 20 participants. Once the board saw the potential of reaching members and

Pen Women online

 nonmembers from all over the country for an hour of professional development, our excitement built. We began the trial-and-error process to arrive at a reasonable webinar fee to help offset WebEx expenses and, at the same time, develop a new revenue stream by offering training that appealed to all classifications.

Since 2012, we have offered 24 webinars to some 300 participants and generated close to $2,500.

Our most popular topic, “Writing for TV and Film,” featured a writer-producer panel of experts: Maureen Sappéy (whose book, “Letters to Vinnie,” is in development as a TV series), Marilyn Atlas (an award-winning producer and personal manager of actors and writers), and the late Claudia Ann Reame, (writer/producer of a miniseries based on the life of her ancestor, Vinnie Ream). This webinar “sold out” with 28 participants and netted the League $390 for that one 60-minute webinar training.

Going Forward

During 2018-2019, the League will repackage and offer the top-eight recorded webinars, one a month from September through May:

• “Writing for TV & Film”

• “Weaving Historical Research into Your Books”

• “Wired for Creativity”

• “10 Keys to Writing Your Memoir”

• “Spreadsheets 101”

• “Intellectual Property for Creatives”

• “Composers Forum”

• “Artists: To Jury or Not?”

• “Professional Development in 3 Easy Steps”

Step 1: We will promote each recorded webinar through Constant Contact.

Step 2: If you want to view it, click on the PayPal link and pay the $20 fee. 

Step 3: We send you a link to download the webinar to your computer to view whenever you like.

We hope PenWomen Online will be part of your own professional development. Or, smaller branches may wish to use these archived webinars in their monthly meetings.   

Let Us Produce Your Webinar

Many of you produce truly great work deserving of its own webinar story. If you are interested in how to package what you do for online training, please contact me for particulars.

New Membership Developments You May Not Know About

By Bev Goldie, 2016-’18 National Membership Development Chair

It was a pleasure being your national membership development chair for the last administration. As I hand over the reigns to the next chair, I’d like to share a few updates and resources that you may not know about.

Here are highlights from the last two years:

  • We welcomed almost 25 percent more new members in the past two years than the previous two.
  • The NLAPW Board extended an invitation to Melania Trump as an honorary active art member. (Her jewelry designs qualified her). We received a letter back from the White House declining our request last January.
  • All of the applications for each type of membership classification are online and include instruction sheets as well as frequently asked questions.
  • There are two videos at that can be used in recruitment and retaining members. The newest one, “Why Be a Pen Woman,” is an inspiring tool to show perspective members.
  • There is a webinar pay-per-view on to learn how to use Excel for members. Perhaps these skills could assist the branch treasurers.
  • There are new guidelines prepared to assist any member to start a new branch.
  • We welcome performers and instructors now with our allied professional classification.
  • We now have a plaque at Pen Arts to celebrate the winner of the branch with the highest percentage of growth for each calendar year. Pensacola, Florida, was the first recipient, with an unbelievable 73 percent growth! (Read more in Branch News.)
  • We’ll update the names of the new credentials officers on the applications in the next few months. We’ll send a Constant Contact email to roll out this information.
  • Did you know that if you assist the National Headquarters office with at least four hours per day of approved tasks, you can stay overnight for free at the Pen Arts Building? You would need to call in advance and make arrangements. The rest of the time, you can explore D.C.!

We depend on you to tell us if there are any new ideas to attract or retain new members. Please stay in touch with the new Membership Committee and keep up the good work!