…from our Membership Development Chair, Bev Goldie

Bev Goldie, NLAPW Membership Development Chair

Bev Goldie, Dublin, Ohio Branch

We have not been idle this Summer. At last we have online our new forms and interpretations of the bylaw amendments !

The newly passed bylaw amendments will open up many, many more opportunities for more women in the arts. New Music and Dance Credentials will allow more contemporary methods used in today’s arena.

See a breakdown of the new amendments on the “How to Join” page.

There are new opportunities for eligible friends and/or colleagues to enjoy the benefits of professional art status in the National League of American Pen Women – a society for all creative professional women!

Bev Goldie
NLAPW Membership Development Chair

See more details on the How to Join page. You’ll find application forms and instructions for all classifications of NLAPW membership.

(Frequently Asked Questions also appear in the application forms.)

Current classifications in Art, Letters and Music are:

The new “Allied Professional Member” classification reads:

“In addition to the three classifications – Art, Letters and Music – professionals in the allied fields who do not otherwise qualify under the specific classifications may become members. Verification of the applicant’s position and evidence of her work must be provided. Allied members will have all privileges of Active or Associate members, but may not enter competitions limited to Active and Associate members.”

Examples of Art professionals who qualify for Allied Professional Membership:

  • Professional gallery or museum curators who create exhibitions of work by an artist or group of artists.
  • Video and film producers and directors.
  • Art, Film, Art History Teachers etc., where “evidence of her work” would need to include three examples of her own creative production (exhibitions of her students’ work, her own work, original programs designed for curriculum, clubs started that promoted the arts, outreach programs in the arts, etc.).

Examples of Letters professionals who qualify for Allied Professional Membership:

Fields such as, but not limited to:

  • Directors of theater productions
  • Television producers or directors
  • Film directors
  • Could include dramatists (actresses, impersonators, comediennes)
  • Lecturers, publicists, teachers of Journalism and Creative Writing.

Examples of Music professionals who qualify for Allied Professional Membership:

Fields such as, but not limited to:

  • Conductors, music producers, and dance directors engaged in production and performance of works created by composers and choreographers.”

After much discussion, the membership development team made the determination that the spirit of this amendment broadened the scope of our music counterparts, who for so long have been scrutinized through a different lens. We conferred with several Music members, some with Doctorate degrees, who have agreed to the following additional types of musicians and dance professionals under this amendment:

  • Vocalists, instrumentalists, and dancers who perform for a career, BUT also must show three additional examples of professional creative ability beyond performing.
  • Examples of this include private teaching, arranging, being published, choreographing, writing curriculum, holding recitals for students or artistic embellishment for their productions.
  • This opens the door to professional performers in opera, ballet, symphony, orchestra, bands, jazz, folk or ethnic dance, choral groups, soloist singers, dancers or instrumentalists, as long as they show three examples of their craft beyond performing. This also holds true for Music Teachers and Private instructors.