Des Moines Shutter Bugs

Scenes from Des Moines

Winners of the photo contest sponsored by Tampa Branch Pen Woman Sandy Huff

Shutterbugs at the Biennial were asked to take photos in and around Des Moines for their chance to win some cash and booty. Prizes were $25 for 1st place, $15 for 2nd, $10 for 3rd, and extra goodies for honorable mentions.

First place

Darlene Yeager Torre, Central Ohio Branch
Panorama: “Past President Virginia Franklin Campbell arrives at Hoyt Sherman Place” 


Second place

Anne Baehr, Pensacola Branch
“The Thinkers” 


Third place
Lucy Arnold, Golden Gate Branch
“Grand Staircase” 


Honorable mentions

Rosie Eylens, Pikes Peak Branch
“Along the Keys”


Bev Goldie, Central Ohio Branch
“Peeping Tom”


Mara Viksnins, Pensacola Branch
“Women’s View”


Other select entries

Sheila Byrnes, New York Branch
“Rooster and Elephant zen art”


Joyce Ellis, Minnesota Branch
“Judy Bingman is Proud as Punch”

Sandy Huff, Tampa Branch
“Norma Wolff and her Ancestors Enter the Town”