Cover Artist Patricia Dennis

Endless Inspiration

By Lucy Arnold, Art Editor

Patricia Dennis

Patricia Dennis’ love affair with photography began with the gift of a brownie camera from her parents. They thought it might help keep her occupied — and it did. She spent countless hours capturing images of places and animals. Dennis developed an eye for wildlife photography, savoring the challenge of capturing just the right extraordinary moments. 

Later, her horizons broadened to include landscapes and street scenes. Dennis finds endless inspiration — from grandkids in action to majestic mountains. Recording emotion and beauty in images and sharing her awe with viewers fuels her passion for photography. Dennis isn’t bound by the expectations of “purists” and occasionally embraces the technology offered by Photoshop to enhance her images.

“Colors of Cuba” by Patricia Dennis

When asked what type of photographer she is, Dennis responds, “Well, I’m eclectic and free roaming. Keeping an open mind, I allow the image and situation to dictate the outcome. What better way of expressing yourself than weaving words with images.”

Dennis produced “On the outside looking in,” a slide show of her work accompanied by the music of composer Nancy Bloomer Deussen. She has written “Dream Light,” a book of prose, poetry, and photographs, as well as a children’s book, “Ker Plunk,” about the importance of water conservation.

She volunteers as a photographer for Filoli Historic Garden in Woodside, and many of her photos can be seen in the organization’s marketing materials.


Pillar Point Sunset photo

“Pillar Point Sunset,” photograph by Patricia Dennis, featured on the cover of Summer 2019 of The Pen Woman