Cover Artist Lisa Rose


Vibrations of Color

West Coast Vista painting

West Coast Vista,” soft pastel by Lisa Rose (12×17)

Lisa Rose is an art member of the Vero Beach Branch (Florida). After studying design and environmental analysis at Cornell University, she had a career for more than 30 years as a residential interior designer and owner of Aubergine Interiors LLC, based in New York City, the Hamptons, and Vero Beach.

Recently introduced to pastels as an art medium, she became inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape, marshlands, seashore, and woodlands. This has led to the creation of her art pieces with a delicate blend of representational art and a bit of abstraction.

Since 2017, Rose has attended art workshops in southern France and the Cinque Terre, Tuscany, and Umbria areas of Italy.


From the Artist

“Discovering pastels has been quite an adventure and became a second career at 67! I adore plein air painting, and have enjoyed workshops and creative venues throughout Europe, the Hamptons and Vero Beach, Florida. The initial appeal was the ‘Pastel Box,’ filled with dramatic color, provided by the handmade pastels of rich, pure pigments. This medium allows vibrations of color and visual mixing not available in any other medium.”

—Lisa Rose


“Sunset at Lady’s Island,”
soft pastel (16×20) by Lisa Rose,