Featured Poem: A Music

Lois Batchelor Howard
Palm Springs Branch



I have longed for the quiet of this time

soft muted sounds to fill these once loud rooms

a fresh hushed air to feed the waiting blooms

silence enough to hear the old clock chime


bold energy to blossom forth in rhyme

pianissimo to inspire new tunes

so dare I now say I like a noisy loom?

can solitude be what I really held most prime?


and why did I not know this in the din?

Family, friends, loves cannot be replaced

this found truth now marks my inner pace

and unwritten songs I still will sing


ensemble, forte, rests:

not too late blessed




  1. Shelly and David Chandler says

    Provocative thoughts, to occupy our inner space.
    We often don’t realize the beauty of ordinary experience.

  2. Tessie Boucouras says

    Dear dear Lois,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this absolutely lovely poem over and over again
    You are an amazing writer and this poem speaks to many of us. Thank you for sharing

  3. Janet Corum says

    A poem by Lois Howard never disappoints. She has a way of expressing the feelings of so many in such a personal yet universal way.

  4. Lois, you have captured the thoughts of so many of us who are in the evening of life. Please keep up your wonderful work.

    Friend and neighbor,

  5. Barbara Pennington says

    Oh Lois, this is so lovely, so poignant. You continually astound me with your written word. I always share your work with my friends and family….Your poems let me peek into your heart.

  6. Everything I’ve read by Lois Howard is delightful, and this is no exception. There’s something special about her way with words. I love this one!

  7. Susanne Pistor says

    Lois always has the most interesting and lovely ideas and ways to put them in to beautiful riming words. This is again another gem. Thank you for all your meaningful poems.

  8. Sue Swafford says

    What an elegant and thoughtful way to say…be careful what you wish for.

  9. As soon as I see the name Lois Howard I quickly click on it or, if it is in a book I find the page as quickly as I can because truly, here is a Poet. A Poet with a Poet’s heart, who can take something very simple and turn it into an unforgettable poem. And not only that, I find that I want to read and re-read Poems by Lois. With the world finally once more waking up to Poetry I think we are going to become very familiar with the name Lois Howard and we are also going to become very familiar with the beauty and depth of her poetry. Thank you Lois for making the world a better place one poem at a time………………………………….Thank you.

  10. Jo Balistreri says

    This is a lovely poem, Lois. It gives pause for thought doesn’t it? Times change. We change.
    You’ve captured the differences with your usual thoughtfulness.

    Well done.

  11. Lois Howard is a poet of the first degree, and this one captures the feeling of many of our emotions.

  12. A beautiful poem by a thoughtful, original poet.

  13. Marjorie Charlier says

    Beautiful, Lois. It speaks to my own piano time. Thank you!

  14. judith fabris says

    Lois- the poem is beautiful- spoken from your soul-

  15. Karen Tank says

    I love this, Lois. Kinda speaks to my heart.
    You are so blessed!

  16. Barb Whitmarsh NLAPW says

    Love the rhyme scheme. You don’t see it done often. You nailed it.
    It’s a beautiful piece.

  17. Janet Fagal says

    Oh Lois, this is a lovely sonnet. And so much in it. So true, so true. The din, the solitude, the loneliness. Be careful what we wish for, right? Beautifully written. Thank you for this poem.