Featured Art: The Potato Chip Wars — Call to Battle


The Potato Chip Wars: Call to Battle by Mara E. Levin; Wellesley Branch, Massachusetts 

Oil on cradled birch panel, 20 by 16 inches



Mara E. Levin is a fine artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and art educator. She studied with modern masters including Congor Metcalf, Lloyd Lillie, David Aaronson, David Ratner, and Nick Edmunds while earning her bachelor of fine arts degree from Boston University. Her subjects include landscape, cityscape, still life, the figure, and portraiture. She is also deeply interested in studio methods and materials, frequently experimenting with new mediums and techniques, and often constructing and finishing her own painting supports.

Artist statement

This painting is from my series, The Potato Chip Wars, painted from photographs I took at the popular Horseneck Beach in Westport, Massachusetts. The bugler calls the avian troops to assemble for the next battle. Or is he issuing a challenge?
This peaceful scene, the first of the series, is marked by the shimmering beauty of nature and the day. It evokes the calm before the stormy fight for chips.


  1. Woito Linda Newman says

    very true and engaging!!

  2. Barbara Routen says

    Love your painting and sense of humor, Mara. I’ve seen and heard that battle, lol!

  3. As a Cape Cod resident for over 20 years, I love the seagulls portrayed bt Mara. I have literally experienced a sea gull take a potato chip out of my hand. She swooped down over my head once, mounted over the water and came back, diving right at my hand. I held it higher, and she took the whole thing!!!