Featured Poem: Re-gifting

Rose Baldwin
Palm Springs Branch, California


The book was on a list
of poetry to read
of course I bought a copy
of such a famous screed


I gave it to my sister
she gave it to a friend
who gave it to her mother
who gave it back again


I gave it to the library
to lend and lend and lend
they sold in a bargain bag
I had it back again


I gave it to Goodwill
a bargain hunter there
scooped it off the shelf
then put it out to share


Susie picked it up from there
and she gave it to Lee
who gave it to his brother
who gave it back to me


Finally, I read it
the words were like a balm
stroking all my soft spots
rhythmic like a song


So touched was I, I said,
I have a real fine gift here
I wrapped it in nice paper
and gave it to my sister



  1. Barb Whitmarsh NLAPW says


  2. Heather Banks says

    I note it is a book of POETRY which people apparently keep passing on and on without reading! As a poet, I know this to be true. Soon after my second book’s publication, I discovered that it was appearing in the local thrift store! Some of the people to whom I gave it evidently donated it almost as fast as they could drive to the store! Not going to bother reading any of those 28 pages! Sic transit gloria mundi.

    • Rose Baldwin says


      It happens to all of us.

      I asked a friend to read my novel. She came back to me and basically told me I should give up writing. Feeling very fearful, I sent it to a professional editor hoping she could help. Her comment was that she loved it from start to finish. She called it was a literary gem. (Of course then she told me what she thought could be changed and what errors in grammar and punctuation I’d made.)

      Each of us just has to find our audience. I hope you’ve found yours,


      • Congratulations 🍾 I loved it.

        I have discovered that people think you should give them your book as if writing one is not really work to be compensated. It is nice to have readers at any rate.

        • Carol

          I find that as well.

          Fortunately I hang with a group of writers…when one of them comes out with a book I like, I buy a few copies and give those as hostess gifts.

          A couple people have done the same with my book — it’s nice.


  3. Janet Fagal says

    Sometimes it seems you are supposed to have something in your life even if you don’t realize it yourself. Seems the universe was sending you this book of poems for a reason. And lovely to share with your sister. Whether auto-biographical or not and funny to think of the circuitous route the book took, it also gives us an idea to ponder. How do we give gifts that others will want to keep? Is that truly possible? Who are the good gift-givers we know and who are not so good at it. I like how this poem can really make one think. As for me, I like my books and I have a huge collection. I love being surrounded by them. Kind of like Miss Franny Block in Kate Di Camillo’s wonderful Because of Winn Dixie.

  4. Melanie Eitelman says

    I liked the sister part- Margaret Eitelman
    ( age 9 Maryland)

  5. The imagination of regifting is expressed through this piece of poetry!

  6. I enjoyed this poem in which I recognized truth, experience, and humor.