Featured Poem: Write in the Night

Bette J Lafferty
Tampa Branch


I write in the night
   without a light,
my pad
   on my stomach does lay.


With a finger I guide
   my thoughts as they slide,
from my mind to the paper
   like kids play.


 In the morning I discover
    I wrote on my cover
 so now my brain
    I must rack.


For the deadline has come,
   oh, please quiet that drum,
while I fight for the words
   to come back.


No napping today,
   no time to play,
I wish I would start
   on time.


But it’s simply my plight,
   as a poet I write,
when the words from my brain
   start to rhyme.



  1. Gail Speckmann says

    I so enjoyed your playful description of how poetry comes when it will and that we must do whatever we can to capture it in the moment…and how it often slips away.

  2. Diana Obe says

    Yes – we’ve probably all been there – love the way you wrote it!!!!!!!

  3. Carolynn J Scully says

    A fun read.

  4. Barb Whitmarsh NLAPW says