Art of the Week: Quiet Walk

Katie Turner
CNY Branch of NLAPW
“Quiet Walk”
Watercolor on Terraskin paper, 23”x30”



Dancing brushes, flowing paint and vibrant colors blend together in Katie Turner’s watercolors.  She has developed a painting style of spontaneity while maintaining a quiet balance of chaos and control.  The slick nature of the papers she uses enables her to keep the paintings fresh, evocative and joyful.


“Painting is one way I’m able to share with others. My favorite subjects are from nature and almost always flowers.  They can carry mythological, religious or even medical meaning and can bring such beauty and joy into a space.   A flower is a testimony that the world is designed for enjoyment.”



  1. Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m thrilled to be featured this week. – Katie Turner

  2. I enjoyed seeing Katie Turner’s beautiful tulips! Lovely. The colors are rich and deep and evokes almost a feeling of nostalgia. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful vibrant and free floral display.

  4. Dorothy Kamm says

    Love the colors and the energy!

  5. sara etgen-baker says

    thanks for sharing your creativity and love for nature and flowers. I love the phrase “a quiet balance of chaos and control”–just like nature. I appreciate your work; it speaks to me

  6. Charlene Holloway says

    Beautiful! Reminds me of the years of my own blooming tulips of various colors just like Katie’s painting! Great talent!

  7. Amazing use of water colors. Just beautiful.