Marion Doyle Poetry Award

Free verse: Emotional release, inspiration…

○  First Place: Mary Jedicka Humston “Time Heals”
○  Second Place: Jamie Morewood Anderson “The Secret of A Good Kiss”
○  Third Place: Linda Young “My Brother”

Nonfiction article book, any topic

○ First Place:

Sarah Byrn Rickman “WASP of the Ferry Command: Women Pilots, Uncommon Deeds”
Kathleen P. Vermaelen “Publicize This! Promoting Your Group or Nonprofit on A Limited or Nonexistent Budget”


C. Norman E. and Marjorie J. Roller Award Winners

Article, story, book on wildfire, outdoor life

○  First Place: Susan Bulanda “Search and Rescue Troubleshooting”
○  Second Place: Margaret Lukas “Let’s Talk Bees”
○  Third Place: Sandy Huff “How to Graph and Plan Flowerbeds Like They Do At Biltmore”
○  Honorable Mention: L.M. Young “Bayowolf”


Anita Boggs Memorial Poetry Award Winners

Free verse poem

○  First Place: Rachel Ikins “Lost Babies”
○  Second Place: Judy Crystal “Refrain”
○  Third Place: Jamie Morewood Anderson “My Kansas Girl”
○  Honorable Mention: Marie Keane “Aging in Winter”


Della Crowder Miller Poetry Award

Petrarchan sonnet

○  First Place: Joy A. Burkie Watson “The Starry Night”
○  Second Place: Sara Gipson “Maturing Bold”
○  Third Place: Karen McAferty Morris “Though Spring Has Not Yet Come”


○  First Place: Virginia Nygard “Sylvia”
○  Second Place: Marie Keane “Ambient Words”
○  Third Place: Mary L. Gardner “Decision”
○  Honorable Mention: Jennifer Hambrick “On Cold Seas We Travel”

Poem of Merit 

○ First Place: Jamie Morewood Anderson “The Wounding Sky” (Pantoum)
○  Second Place: Sara Gipson “Reborn in Spring” (Sestina)
○  Third Place: no winner
○  Honorable Mention: Rachel Ikins “Picking Berries” (Villanelle)


G. Elizabeth M. Campbell Poetry Award

○  First Place: Jamie Morewood Anderson “Sugar Peaches” (Sestina)
○  Second Place: Mary Jedicka Humston “Untitled” (Haiku)
○  Third Place: Karen McAferty Morris “Fallen Plums” (Sestina)


H. Helen Sutton Booth National Memorial Poetry Award

Poem: traditional form

○  First Place: Dawn L. Spitz “Depression” (Shakespearean Sonnet)*
○  Second Place: Jamie Morewood Anderson “How A Farm Girl Keeps Her Man” (Villanelle)
○  Third Place: no winner
○  Honorable Mention: Pat Underwood “Bracelets” (Quatrain/Metric Verse)*

*The poet did not indicate the type of poem submitted; the poem’s designation was decided by the judge.


The Anne Marx Sestina Award

○  First Place: Louise Kantro “Home”
○  Second Place: Nancy Haskett “Cultural Exchange”
○  Third Place: no winner 


Daytona Beach Short Fiction Award

○  First Place: Carol White “Where There’s Smoke”
○  Second Place: Claire Massey “Errands of Salvage”
○  Third Place: Margaret Lukas “The Yellow Bird”