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Spirit, Peace and Joy

anthology of poetry by Pen Women to go to 2nd printing

Demand for Spirit, Peace and Joy has been so great that Pen Women Press will publish a 2nd edition. Order advance copies now.

Spirit, Peace and Joy an anthology of poems by Pen Women

Spirit, Peace and Joy
an anthology of poems by Pen Women

Pen Women poets from across the country share their unique voices in this collection.
Their poems are powerful and peaceful, thought-provoking and calming. They embody the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary women.

The Pen Women Press of the National League of American Pen Women, Inc. invites you to enjoy this book. We hope it lifts your spirit and brings you peace and joy.

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

In 2009, the Pen Women Press published Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln: A Commemorative Collage, a collection of music, art, drama poetry and writing from Pen Women members. This anthology is endorsed by the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.  The ALBC was established by Congress in 2000 to commemorate Lincoln who remains, as they state “…the embodiment of the highest ideals and values of our nation…”  This outstanding book is available for purchase. See our Pay Pal link here:


Winner of George Washington Medal

The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, PA, has awarded to the League for its excellent anthology, Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln. The George Washington Medal is conferred upon “inspirational citizens or organizations who demonstrate the best of the American spirit through words or deeds,” according to Jeff Oddo, Vice President of Public Relations at the Foundation.

The Freedoms Foundation, a non-profit educational organization, was established in 1949. President Dwight D. Eisenhower served as its founding chairman and gave out its first national award medals. The organization now includes over thirty chapters throughout the U. S. and more than 3,000 members. During the past 60 years the foundation has bestowed nearly 56,000 awards.

Many thanks to Gail Smith of the NLAPW’s Ft. Lauderdale Branch for nominating our Lincoln anthology for this prestigious national award.

Excerpt from Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

Text and photo 
by Jean E. Holmes 
Boca Raton Branch

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most visited monuments in our nation’s capital. Thousands of tourists come daily from all over the world to view this important national landmark. They climb its many steps to photograph the great image of Abraham Lincoln in Georgian marble designed by Daniel Chester French. Most arrive in the daytime. They stand back as far as the crowds will allow and take photographs of the chiseled image of the enthroned President.

Few of the monument’s visitors have ever heard of the legend of the hands. There are those who claim that Lincoln’s hands were sculpted to form the American Sign Language for his initials-the left hand forming an “A” and the right an “L”. Be that mere speculation or a fanciful flight of imagination, Daniel Chester French is said to have known the hand sign language commonly used by the deaf.

My photograph of Lincoln’s left hand, taken late at night with only the ceiling-mounted flood lights to illuminate the sculpture, gave to my mind’s eye a more nuanced interpretation. Lincoln’s hand is grasping the top of a Roman fasces, the symbol of strength and authority. His fingers are clenched, but his thumb is extended, thus softening the look of the hand. This is not the tight fist of a man who carries anger, hatred, or a desire for retribution. I see instead strength, determination and firmness in its position, tempered by deep compassion. The sculptor captured, even in Lincoln’s left hand, the true character of the man who led this nation through a bloody civil war, but who never lost sight of the ultimate goal–to reunite a divided people.

ISBN: 978-0-9815693-0-7 Cover art – ©Phyllis Rutigliano, All Cities Branch (NY)

©National League of American Pen Women To order your copy of Happy Birthday Mr Lincoln: A Commemorative Collage, please use the paypal button above to pay securely online or send your name, mailing address and payment of $29.50 , which includes $1.50 tax and shipping;  to NLAPW, 1300 17th Street NW, Washington DC 20036-1973.