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The Pen Woman magazine, published quarterly, is a small literary magazine which publishes Art, Writing and Music Compositions by National League of American Pen Women members, as well as features, calls for submissions to contests, book reviews and NLAPW news.

The editors are now accepting submissions for the Summer 2016 issue. Deadline for the Summer Issue is June 1, 2016. Read Submission Guidelines.

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A subscription to The Pen Woman is just one benefit of NLAPW membership.

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Rodika Tollefson,
Art, Advertising, and Branch News

Poetry Editor

Bobbie Dumas Panek
Electronic submissions only, please.

How to Submit

Submissions to the magazine are accepted from members only including poetry, short stories, essays, non-fiction, music scores and compositions, book reviews, organization and branch news.

Submission Guidelines for Poetry

1. All submissions should be single spaced.
2. Any form or style is acceptable.
3. Submissions for the print magazine may not exceed 36 printed lines. Lines between stanzas do not count.
4. Use the title of the poem being submitted as the name of the file attachment. Include the poet’s name and branch below the poem on the attachment.
5. Please indicate whether you wish the poems to be considered for the blog, the magazine or both.

Submissions should be sent by e-mail as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or directly in the body of the email. Include your name and branch or M-A-L on the same page as your submission. Photographs should be 4″ along one side at 300dpi.

Both new material and previously published works (if the writer/artist has maintained the publication rights) are eligible for The Pen Woman.

Submission Guidelines for The Pen Woman Magazine

The Pen Woman, published quarterly, is the official magazine of the National League of American Pen Women. Its function is three-fold:
1. Provide updates from the League, including branch news, awards, contests, chaplain’s corner and the president’s message.
2. Serve as a special interest magazine, with articles on the creative process, member profiles and historical perspectives on our organization.
3. Showcase examples of our work, including poetry, short stories, essays, music and art.

General Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all submissions. Guidelines pertaining specifically to Arts, Letters and Music are listed separately.
1. Submissions must be the work of Pen Women members.
2. Unless prior agreement has been made, all submissions must be sent electronically to the appropriate department editor on or before the deadline date. See page 2 of the magazine for the list of department editors and the next magazine deadline.
3. Submitting your work gives the League permission to edit it, publish it on a one-time rights basis, use it on the NLAPW website and include it in marketing and promotional materials.
4. It is your responsibility to determine and secure permission for The Pen Woman’s right to publish.
5. Include your name, branch and the title of your work above the piece. If you are a Member-at-Large, include that information in lieu of your branch identification.
6. Due to limited space, acceptance for consideration does not guarantee publication.
7. Written text should be proofed for spelling, usage and accuracy.
8. Submit articles as a Word document (.doc) or in the body of your email.
9. Write your last name and branch in the subject line.
10. Art files should be attached as a .jpg, .pdf, .psd or .tiff file.
11. Image should be at least 6” on its widest side. They should be high resolution or need to be large enough that they can be converted to 300 dpi.
12. Files larger than 4mb should be sent through a file-sharing program like Google Drive or Dropbox.
13. Do not use space bars or punctuation when naming your files. Use dashes (-) or underscores ( _ ) instead. Include your last name and name of the piece in the file name. If you are submitting a photo of people, the file name should have your branch name and the names of the people in the photo from left to right.
14. Color images (CMYK) are preferred, however they may be converted to grayscale at the editor’s discretion due to production requirements.
15. If you cannot submit your files electronically, please contact the editor in charge of the department.
16. Fiction and Non-Fiction submissions should be shorter than 1,000 words.
17. Handwritten manuscripts cannot be accepted. Computer-generated music notation programs only.

How to Advertise

Contact Rodika Tollefson at

1/8 page (3.5″ x 2″) B & W: $25, Color: $50
1/4 page (3.5″ x 4.5″) B & W: 45, Color: $90
1/2 page (7.5″ x 4.5″ or 3.5″ x 9.75″) B & W: $90, Color $180
Full page (7.5″ x 9.75) B & W: 175, Color $350

• Rates are per issue and subject to change.
• Location determined by the editor.
• Price based on camera-ready, print quality artwork and text. An
additional fee may be added for copy, design and other services.
• Ads may be rejected or modified to comply with league standards.
• Advertiser unconditionally guarantees all text, graphics, photos,
designs, trademarks, or other artwork are owned by the client, or that the client has permission to reprint.