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The 49th NLAPW Biennial Convention
in Des Moines, Iowa April 19-22, 2018

2018-2020 NLAPW Newly Elected Officers

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Evelyn B. Wofford, Ed.D.
Candidate for President

Sheila M. Byrnes
Candidate for 1st Vice President

Lorna Jean Hagstrom
Candidate for 2nd Vice President

Bev Goldie
Candidate for 3rd Vice President

Robin Johnson Moscati
Candidate for 4th Vice President

Laura Walth
Candidate for 5th Vice President

Mary Patricia Canes
Candidate for Recording Secretary

Barbara Nunes
Candidate for Treasurer

Marge Dodge
Candidate for Ethics Chair



Earlier News

OCTOBER 2017: NLAPW President Virginia Franklin Campbell interviewed by Sanctuary Magazine.

In the current online issue of Sanctuary Magazine, managing editor Myrna Beth Haskell spoke with Virginia about our outreach programs, her role as president, and the future plans of the organization.

The interview highlights the many accomplishments of our Pen Women and the NLAPW Branches, outreach programs, and the recent celebration of our 120th Anniversary.


Read the entire interview:

Pen Woman JoAnna O’Keeffe spoke at the Omaha Rotary on Sept. 21, 2017, about her work “America at the Crossroads,” which won the George Washington Award from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge and also was mentioned in the Congressional Register.


Nationwide, Pen Women look toward
the 2018 Biennial Conference
in Des Moines, Iowa

See the latest news about preparations for the 2018 Biennial: Biennial News and for all the Biennial competitions for the arts: Biennial Competitions.

President Virginia Franklin Campbell and husband Verne at The Pen Arts Building and Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

Letters from NLAPW President Virginia Franklin Campbell

From The Pen Woman, Fall 2017:

A List of Ingredients: Pen Women Create Recipes of Abundance

As your national president, I have visited 20 branches thus far, and have presented my “We Are What We Create” PowerPoint briefing to 18 of those branches. On a personal level, it has been an enormously gratifying, refreshing, and humbling experience for me. After each gathering, I left proud to be representing such an abundance of creative and enriching women.

Each branch has its own personality stemming from the influences of its particular community.     Read more…



 Outreach Chair Laura Walth announces NLAPW, Inc. EARS program to help children in schools.

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Membership Applications Alert and Instructions

Bev Goldie, NLAPW Membership Chair

The use of outdated membership applications is causing confusion and delay in processing your new members.

The Solution:

  • Go to our “How to Join” page of the NLAPW website.
  • Find the category of membership that you desire. Click once on the blue link to download the 2016 application form with instructions sheet. Print them out. e instruction sheet guides you through the updated procedure for new members.

If you have questions, there is contact information for help.

Please destroy earlier versions of the application forms.

The Benefits:

The 2016 application forms provide:

  • Increased responsibility and opportunity for branches in vetting new members
  • The phasing-in of digital NLAPW paperwork • An e cient and speedy process

For more details, read the new article from the membership chair.

Governance Committee announces procedure for bylaws amendment proposals

Wanda M. Sims, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Governance Committee Chair


Governance Committee Chair, Wanda M. Sims brings us an introduction to the League’s formative documents and maps out the process for members to participate.

“The key differences between bylaws and standing rules relate to scope and effect. At the core, bylaws are designed to be overarching and procedural, while standing rules are specific and administrative.”

Read more....



Pen Arts is the site for a series of public lectures

Anne Selling, D.C. Branch member

President Virginia Campbell greets attendees.

Virginia Campbell, our National President, has initiated a series of lectures with  invitations to the public.

The illustrated lecture on Aleppo, Syria at NLAPW headquarters by Dr. Teresa Dodds was fascinating.  Having spent a number of years in the city,

Ms. Dodds spoke of its ancient history, its striking landmarks and its customs. She showed treasures, elegant jewelry and needlework she found in the city’s enormous souk.

Dr. Teresa Dodd presenting on Aleppo, Syria.

Her photos of the elaborately carved marble mansions in the city were eye-opening and worthy of a book. Wonderful middle east dishes were enjoyed by all after the lecture.





Christmas 2016: Virginia and Verne Campbell hosted a celebration of the season at the Pen Arts Building, where Dr. Teresa Dodd was initiated as a new member.

President Virginia Campbell welcomes new member Teresa Dodds, with Verne Campbell and John Dodds


Laura Walth demonstrates League outreach in Des Moines

NLAPW President Virginia Campbell is pleased to acknowledge the great work National Outreach Chair Laura Walth has been doing in the Des Moines, Iowa community, particularly the senior citizens and 4th graders’ poetry readings held at Northwest Community Center.

Pat Irish, Laura Walth, Beverly Boul and ______ at Northwest Senior Center in Des Moines, Iowa

Pat Irish, Laura Walth, Shelly Thieman, and Beverly Boal at Northwest Senior Center in Des Moines, Iowa


Outreach Chair Laura Walth (left) shares the Poetry in the Schools project with Theresa Jackson, 4th grade teacher at Moore Elementary (an International Baccalaureate School) in Des Moines, Iowa.

Outreach Chair Laura Walth (left) shares the Poetry in the Schools project with Theresa Jackson, 4th grade teacher at Moore Elementary (an International Baccalaureate School) in Des Moines, Iowa.

Laura says:

“It’s amazing how something that was so much fun can make such a big difference for those who participated and for NLAPW. My thanks goes to the Pikes Peak Branch for putting together the book I purchased at the Biennial, “Creating Students Who SOAR Higher Through the Poetry in the Schools Project.

I only used page 4 for this project and there are more ideas that can be used from that resource. It’s worth the investment from the branches to purchase a copy to use for making community connections, not only in the schools, but also with the senior citizens. I shared this book with the teacher and we worked together to involve the seniors in this project.”

Poetry T-shirt from Moore Elementary

Poetry T-shirt from Moore Elementary

We shared information with the students and members of the NW Community Center about the National League of American Pen Women and that as members we volunteer our time to help promote the arts in our community.

Pen Arts host to professor researching White House concerts

Professor Marian Wilson Kimber researching at Pen Arts

Professor Marian Wilson Kimber

Supported by a grant from the University of Iowa, musicologist Marian Wilson Kimber is researching the women composers’ concerts organized by Phyllis Fergus Hoyt in the 1930s, including two concerts for First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt at the White House. Fergus, who served as president of the League from 1936 to 1938, was the first composer to be elected to this position. Professor Wilson Kimber has researched Pen Women’s Concerts at the FDR Presidential Library, the University of Vermont, the Chicago History Museum, the Eastman School of Music, the Minnesota History Center, and composer Amy Beach’s papers at the University of New Hampshire. Her forthcoming book, The Elocutionists: Women, Music, and the Spoken Word (University of Illinois Press, 2017) features two chapters about Phyllis Fergus Hoyt’s career and music.

President Virginia Franklin Campbell on the Road at the Columbus, Georgia Branch of the NLAPW

The Wynn House in Columbus, Georgia

The Wynn House in Columbus, Georgia

Virginia says:

“I visited the Columbus Branch on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. The Wynn House where we met is amazing!

The Columbus Pen Women called the membership drive meeting ‘Rush,’ as in the sorority term. It was very exciting. Every member brought a prospective member.”

Columbus, Georgia Branch of the National League of American Pen Women

Columbus, Georgia Branch of the National League of American Pen Women

More on the Branch News page.



A message from Bev Goldie, National Membership Development Chair

Bev Goldie, NLAPW Membership Development Chair

Bev Goldie, NLAPW Membership Development Chair

Attending a seminar recently put on by the Columbus Ohio Visual Arts Cooperative, I learned so much that could be applicable to all facets of NLAPW.  As the new National Membership Development Chair, it is important for me to share anything that could translate into stronger, better leadership skills.

The title of the talk was “Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards” presented by the Innovation and Engagement Director of the Ohio Art Council, Christy Farnbauch.  I loved her title, and she certainly earned it as she broke down what could have been very dry material into inspiring tenets.

Coming into this role on the National Board has allowed me to reflect on what I think a typical member expects from it, rightly or not.  As an all-volunteer non-profit organization we need to remember not to compare it to Nationally funded Arts Groups with paid Artistic Directors.  Conversely, we should expect basic services, polite responses to questions, transparency and honesty from leadership and “perks” that keep members engaged.  Living in Columbus, Ohio has kept me distant from the National front.  Regular e-mail and magazine contact about National affairs was the only way I knew of any concerns or successes of the League.  I know this will continue as much as possible.  I have only been singing praises for our new President, Administrative Assistant and Board of Directors since meeting them.  We are in good and decent hands!!

Some of the “perks” we have as members are quite remarkable, and many of us either don’t know about them or take them for granted.  I’d like to share these with you in another “session”, but certainly our updated website will help point some of these out to you more.

Coming soon will be a Power Point presentation to share these Basic Responsibilities of  Nonprofit Boards as they relate to NLAPW and your branches.  Our title for it will have a little more appeal, though:  “What a Strong Branch Looks Like”.  It will be a great tool to review with your own Boards, and possibly with your whole branch.


Bev Goldie, National Membership Development Chair
Arts Member of Central Ohio Branch (
Email Goldie: 

See our Membership page.


February 2016: NLAPW Recognized in Congressional Record

Entered on Thursday, February 4, 2016 by the Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia in the House of Representatives.

For a link to the official Congressional Record site, click here.

For a link to a “suitable for framing” PDF of the NLAPW Congressional Record entry, click here.