NLAPW Galleries

Welcome Our Studio Member Gallery

The NLAPW consists of three classifications: Art, Letters and Music. The on line galleries showcase works by members in each of these disciplines.

Click on our Art Gallery for art eye-candy: works by our visual artists.

Click on our Letters Gallery to find the Poem of the Week and our Books Showcase. Each week, you can read a new poem, some light verse, some traditional, and some deeply moving. New books by our members are featured below the Poem of the Week so you can get an insider’s heads-up on good reads.

Click on our Music Gallery to read profiles of Music members and link to their music.

How to submit for the NLAPW Gallery

You must be an active, associate or student member of NLAPW to submit work for the website. Please refer to your Pen Woman magazine for email addresses.

Art: Please send your artwork for consideration for our on-line gallery to the National Art Chair, Jamie Tate.

Poetry: Please send your poems in plain text form to the Poetry Editor of the Pen Woman Magazine, and Website Content Editor, Treanor Baring.
Book Launches, announcements, etc: Please send to Treanor Baring, Website Content Editor.

Music: Please send Music member information, bio’s, links to music and photos for inclusion in our Music Member profiles on the Music Gallery to Linda Nash-Grams, National Music Chair.