Pen Women around the country are actively pursuing their creative arts – and sharing experiences with other creative women in the Pen Women Branches.


The 49th Biennial Conference
of the National League of American Pen Women
in Des Moines, Iowa
April 19-22, 2018


News from Pen Women (formerly, Pen Women in the News): Individual Pen Women share news of new book releases, awards and state or national recognition, and special events.

Every two years Pen Women from all over the country gather for the Biennial Conference. In 2018 the 49th Biennial will be hosted by the Des Moines Branch of the NLAPW, Laura Walth, 2018 Biennial Chair, and the Des Moines, Iowa art community.

Top: Brenda Speer; Polly Dagas and ?Member; Past Presidents Elaine Waidelich, Dr. Bernice Reid. Bottom: Sandra Michels; Lorna Jean Hanstrong, Marge Dodge; Nancy Bloomer Deussen.

Top: Brenda Speer; Polly Dagas and ?Member; Past Presidents Elaine Waidelich, Dr. Bernice Reid. Bottom: Sandra Michels; Lorna Jean Hanstrong, Marge Dodge; Nancy Bloomer Deussen.


Branch News: Pen Women share activity in their branches – getting together for creative fun, to be inspired, learn and give to their communities. It’s so great to learn from other branches and the hundreds of Pen Women everywhere.

At the February potluck. Front row (sitting), left to right: Branch President Winnie Thompson, Charlotte Severin, Virginia Degner. Back row: (standing) Jo Ann Frisch, National President Virginia Franklin Campbell, Natica Angilly, Ann Maloney-Mason, Kazumi Cranney, Connie Rusk, Betty Enoch, Carol Markos.



NLAPW National Level News: Things are always buzzing at the Pen Arts headquarters. Here’s where you’ll find special announcements from our national president, chairwomen or the board of directors.

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About Pen Women Member Submissions:

By Individual Members: Creativity is a solo sport, a quest for personal best! We want to share special achievements by individual Pen Women. Any time you step out on your own with your artistic endeavors, breaking ground beyond the League, making a name for yourself, getting special recognition – any time you can share a brief post with photos, send us your news!

Achievements by Members at Large can be recognized here. Members at Large are those members who have no NLAPW Branch near to their homes. We made a place on our website so you have a home here, too. Be sure to include your location.

To get an idea of what your fellow members are sharing, see the News from Pen Women page. Submit your news for the website to or to for The Pen Woman magazine.

Pen Women Branches: Broadcast on the website when your branch struts your style with an original event, scholarship fund, group performance or anything that might help us all learn and grow in our own branches. Send your newsflash for the website to to or to for The Pen Woman magazine.

See recent news from branches in Minnesota, New York, Colorado, Florida, Columbus, Georgia; Central Ohio; Portland, Oregon; Muncie, Indiana; Washington D.C., and more. Read Branch News…

At Pen Arts in DC: Virginia Franklin Campbell, our current national president, and the board of directors are always preparing the next celebration. The League’s 120th Anniversary in 2017 triggered a great celebration idea:  “The League’s Legends and Legacies” and special presentations at the historic Pen Arts Building and Art Museum.

Want to be more active in the League? See all your options in Membership, Competitions open to members, Pen Woman Press for publishing – and get ready to attend the 2018 Biennial conference in Des Moines, Iowa.


2016-2018 Elected officers:

Virginia Franklin Campbell

First Vice-President
Lorna Jean Hagstrom

Second Vice-President
Sheila M. Byrnes

Third Vice-President
Maureen Stack Sappéy

Fourth Vice-Presdent
Ronni Miller

Fifth Vice-President
Jane Maclean

Recording Secretary
Mary Pat Canes

Evelyn B. Wofford