National Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
April 18, 2015
Pen Arts, Washington, D.C.

Attendance: Candace Long, Christina Laurie, Lorna Jean Hagstrom, Meletha Everett, Sheila Byrnes, Petrina Gardner, Evelyn Wofford, Elaine Waidelich, Sandy Huff, Nina Brooks, Katie Witek, Ronnie Miller, Sandra Michel, Maureen Sappéy, Pat Setser.
Guest: Sharyn Greberman, former National President

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President Candace Long.
Board members were introduced.
Invocation was given by Christina Laurie.
Pledge of Allegiance to the flag
Procedural Determination:
Secretary confirmed a quorum was present
Appointed to approve the minutes were Meletha Everett, Christina Laurie and Evelyn Wofford
Minutes of January 17, 2015 were corrected and approved.

Recording Secretary Petrina Gardner

MOTION #25: President Candace Long moves to accept the resignation of Sandra Gartner, 5th Vice President.
Approved by Electronic vote

MOTION #26: President Candace Long moves to accept the appointment of Sheila Byrnes to the position of 5th Vice President.
Approved by Electronic vote

Treasurer/Finance Chair Evelyn Wofford reported that investment funds have been reallocated to yield a better return. Pen Women Press and webinar initiatives have begun to provide revenue for the League. The Commemorative Endowment fund has increased. Expenses for the Biennial cannot be projected.

MOTION #27: The finance and Budget Committee moves that the budget for Fiscal Year 2015-16 which currently shows a deficit be accepted and allow the committee to amend it as necessary when revenue from membership dues is collected and Biennial projections become more accurate.
Motion approved

MOTION #28: The Finance and Budget Committee moves the restriction in certain funds listed in the Standing Rules of the League pertaining to Memorial awards to members be lifted to allow the use of principal funds in addition to accrued interest in determining prize awards in Pen Women contests. It moves further that when the affected funds are depleted the award will cease to exist unless funded by donations. All other terms remain in effect.
Motion approved.

President Candace Long reported that since January she administrated three webinars, sent out new Treasurer’s packets to Branches, oversaw our building inspection and prepared two financial scenarios based on inspection findings. 1) Mount a Capital Campaign to Renovate & Stay in Pen Arts and 2) Sell Pen Arts & Relocate to Alexandria. The two scenarios will be available to members in order to solicit their feedback.

1st Vice President Christina Laurie gave and update on the schedule and costs for the 2016 Biennial which will be held Wednesday, April 27 through Sunday May 1, 2016.

2nd Vice President Lorna Jean Hagstrom

MOTION #29: The Long Range Planning Committee moves that the Long Range Plan be amended to add to the categories of “Increase Membership, Increase Revenue and Increase Outreach.” (Report attached)
Motion approved

3rd Vice President Meletha Everett brought the Motion Book up to date through January 2015 of this administration and included missing motions from past administrations. She researched different areas for grants and worked on ideas for fundraising to benefit our building. She will handle the two luncheons during the Board weekend. She made name tags for the Board designating voting members.

4th Vice President Virginia Campbell’s report was given by Sheila Byrnes. She developed and produced the first DVD featuring the art of our elderly members. She interviewed consultants for possible Bylaws’ changes for Music Membership and a possible new membership category, Interpretive Arts.

5th Vice President Sheila Byrnes was appointed to this position by an electronic ballot when Sandra Gartner resigned. She will continue as Historian.


National Art: Sandy Huff reported on the work done for the Biennial art exhibit. She is coordinating with Pat Setser the Vinnie Ream Exhibit that will be held at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum in Jacksonville, Florida for the fall of 2016. There are eight new art members and three more in process.

National Music: Nina Brooks reported that in February she hosted a webinar featuring 4 national music members. She is continuing work for all areas of music for the Biennial Vinnie Ream competition. The Maryland Ballet will perform one evening.

National Letters: Katie Witek trained Nancy Jurka, the new Letters Credential Chair , helped create a new Letters application form and a supplemental Question/Answer sheet for the website that more fully describes the Letters membership requirements. A pendant has been designed by Brenda Smith of Atlanta for the Vinnie Ream award. There are forty-nine new Letters members since April 2014 and one who added art as her second credential. Newswoman, Cokie Roberts has written, Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation.

MOTION #30: Katie Witek moves that Cokie Roberts be nominated for Honorary Letters Membership.
Motion approved

Outreach: Ronni Miller reported on the successful projects for the Sarasota Branch which could be adopted by other Branches.

Publications Chair Marilyn Lewis-Alim: Report was given by Christina Laurie. The Pen Woman magazine has returned to publishing 4 issues annually. The spring issue has been mailed. The page count was adjusted to 24 pages per issue to stay within budget. Pen Women Press published Poems of the Super Moon and The Light Between Us: True Stories of Healing Through Creative Expression. The Pen Women Press solicited for manuscripts from members and an invitation for Branches to partner with them on publishing projects. A call for art and photography for a 2016 calendar has also been issued. Stories and book reviews have been added to the web site. The Blog and Twitter followers continue to increase. Two boxes of the Abraham Lincoln book were donated to the First Baptist Church for their Lincoln celebration, under the guidance of Anna Di Bella. Two more boxes were donated to the district of Columbia Historical Society.


Archives: Sandra Michel gave an overview of the research activities she accomplished last year. She helped the President and Board members with research. Two books and one CD were donated to the library.

Interim Chaplain Christina Laurie reported on the four deaths since January. The husbands of past national presidents Fran Carter, Anna DiBella, Bernice Reid and Elaine Waidelich have died this past year. Tributes are in The Pen Woman magazine.

Entertainment Industry: Maureen Sappéy explained that the Vinnie Ream documentary will not be premiered at the Biennial, but otherwise the plans remain the same. The upcoming webinar on a Writers Forum: How to Pitch Your Book for Film and TV is almost sold out.

Historian Sheila Byrnes reported that the 2012 to 2014 records are ready for binding.

LUNCH BREAK: 12:25 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.


Election Committee Appointments

MOTION #31: President Candace Long moves that the following be accepted as appointees to the Election Committee: ShaRon Haugen Chair (Santa Clara, CA); Judy Bingman (Santa Clara, CA); Dorothy Atkins (President of NorCal, CA); Grace Reid (DC); and alternates Brenda Elliot (Santa Clara, CA); Sharyn Greberman (Chevy Chase, MD).
Motion approved.


Proposed amendments presented by Governance Chair for a vote of the Board of Directors – majority vote required to endorse for presentation to the branches and published to the website preparatory to forums for discussion, debate, amendments, and finally vote of membership. Sandra Michel and Maureen Sappéy were appointed to count the ballots.

Editor’s note: Text to be removed from bylaws is in red, text to be added in blue.


MOTION #32 Ballot Vote – 10 yes; 1 no – Motion approved

Add: In addition to the three classifications, Art, Letters, Music, professionals in allied fields who do not otherwise quality under the specific classification may become members under D Addendum to Classifications as described below and listed as “Allied Professional, Art; Allied Professional, Letters, Allied Professional, Music.”

C. Music (Composition in Music and Dance)
Remove: a. She shall provide evidence of familiarity with the principles of music by means of scores from which a performance could be made. A score should duplicate a tape or CD recording submitted. For songs, the melody and full harmonic accompaniment shall be legibly scored.
Add: c. The decision of the Credentials Officer for admission of applicant is final; however, appeal may be made to the specific classification Chair and if needed to the Board of Directors.
2. A choreographer shall submit Add: professionally accepted recordings, by notation Remove: (Labanotation, Benesh, or other currently accepted systems),

Add: D. Addendum to Classifications: admission is by application to the Credentials Officer of the specific classification. Verification of the applicant’s position and evidence of her work must be provided. Payment for work may be by salary, contract or commission.

The decision of the Credentials Officer for admission of applicant is final; however, appeal may be made to the Specific Classification Chair.

A member admitted under D of ARTICLE III, SECTION 2 is admitted with all privileges of membership EXCEPT that of entering competitions limited to Active and Associate Members.
1. Addendum to the Classification of Art. Membership is open to gallery or museum curators who create exhibitions of work by an artist or group of artists. A candidate admitted is designated as an “Allied Professional, Art Member.”

2. Addendum to the Classification of Letters. Membership is open to directors of theatre productions, television directors/producers, and film directors. A candidate admitted is designated as an “Allied Professional, Letters Member.”

3. Addendum to the Classification of Music. Membership is open to music conductors and dancer directors engaged in production and performance of works created by composers and choreographers. A candidate admitted is designated as an “Allied Professional, Music Member.”

MOTION #33: Ballot Vote – 10 yes, 2 no (sic)- Motion Approved

Add: Ethics Chair

MOTION #34: 9 yes, 1 no, 1 abstention – Motion Approved

Remove: (limit of terms to two) those not to be consecutive
Add: which may or may not be consecutive.

MOTION #35: Ballot Vote 10 yes, 1 no – Motion approved

Add: Membership Development (chair of standing committees)
Remove: Ethics from 2. a. listing of committee chairs nominated by President and elected by board and remove Ethics from 2. h. so that President does serve as ex-officio a member of Ethics committee.

MOTION #36: Ballot Vote – 10 yes; 1 no – Motion approved

Remove: (dollar amount budgeted biennial expense money)
D (Sale of Pen Arts Building)
Add: 1. Branch Presidents shall be responsible for sending the ballot to her members by mail or electronic mail. The Branch President of each branch shall be responsible for collecting and forwarding their sealed ballots.

Add: F. Ethics Chair:
1. shall appoint (4) four additional committee members to be approved by the Board;
2. shall not be a member of the Board of Directors.

MOTION #37: Ballot Vote – 11 yes; 0 no – Motion approved
Section 3 MEETINGS

Next to last sentence of A. Remove: “Electronic meetings may be held for the January meeting and the June meeting of the odd year by majority vote of the board at its first meeting” Add: “Electronic meetings may be held for the January and June meetings.”

B. Add: In addition the newly elected officers, the nominees for Standing Committee Chairs and appointed positions to the Board shall be required to attend a Board orientation which will be provided during the Biennial Convention.

MOTION #38: Ballot Vote – 10 yes, 1 no – Motion approved

A. Remove: These conventions shall alternate between a city in the vicinity of Washington, DC and a city in an other geographical areas.
Add: The Biennial Convention shall alternate between the cities where Branches have extended an invitation and are willing to host the Biennial.

MOTION #39: Ballot Vote – 10 yes 0 no – Motion approved

Remove: Ethics
Add: Membership Development.
Remove: Chairs of standing committees may serve two terms, which may be consecutive, or until the Board of Directors elects a successor.
Add: Chairs of standing committees may serve terms as long as they are able, as long as they are appointed (sic) by the current President.

MOTION #40: Ballot Vote – 11 yes, 0 no – Motion approved

Remove: dollar amount from AWARDS. (to classification chairs in setting up Biennial contests.)

MOTION #41: Ballot Vote 10 – 10 yes, 1 no – Motion approved

Pertaining to standing committees
Remove: Ethics in the list and the description and duties
Add: Membership Development (in list of standing committees)

Motion to adjourn at 2:35 p.m. was accepted.

Petrina Gardner, Secretary


January 17, 2015 Web Ex – 10:00 AM

Attendance: Candace Long, Christina Laurie, Lorna Jean Hagstrom, Meletha Everett, Virginia Campbell, Sandra Gartner, Petrina Gardner, Evelyn Wofford, Pat Setser, Jamie Tate, Nina Brooks, Katie Witek, Marilyn Lewis-Alim, Ronnie Miller, Kathy Roper, Sheila Byrnes, Elizabeth Yahn Williams, Maureen Sappèy

The meeting was called to order by President Candace Long at 10:05 am

The Invocation was given by Rev. Christina Laurie.
The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Procedural Determinations
Secretary, Petrina Gardner reported that a quorum was present.
President, Candace Long appointed to approve the minutes, Pat Setser, Katie Witek and Evelyn Wofford

Opening Comments by President, Candace Long included the reorganized agenda according to Board hierarchy and procedures of reports.

Parliamentarian, Kathy Roper, PRP, CP addressed her remarks on protocol by commented on motions and functions of committees as defined in the Leagues’ Procedural Manual.

Recording Secretary Petrina Gardner explained the guidelines for written reports and announced the following:
The challenge campaign for the Commemorative Endowment Fund by a Board member has been matched.

Former Board member, Linda Nash contributed a copy of the 2015 Deluxe Edition of the Celebrity Black Book so that were could be used as a resource for any League initiatives.

Treasurer Evelyn Wofford presented a report on the actual versus the budgeted amounts for the past eight months. Membership dues are down 11% from the projected amount. Our investment account is comprised almost exclusively of restricted funds. It is earning less than five/tenths of a percent interest. (Report attached)


President Candace Long reported that the bulk of her time has been corresponding with all Branch Presidents and Members at Large concerning the challenges we are facing to sustain ourselves financially. She worked to keep clear lines of communication with out members open…answering questions, straightening out misperceptions and listening to their suggestions. We received feedback from 22 Branches and almost 20 Members at Large. We are now incorporating their suggestions into our existing Long-Range 5-point model as well as soliciting more from them. (Report attached)

1st Vice President – Christina Laurie
Motion # 20: It is moved that the League’s Management Team as described in the Financial Procedural Manual and in consultation with the Treasurer supervise the implementation of Motion #19 and assess quotes from three independent objective assessors and report back to the Board.
Roll call vote: Motion passed

2nd Vice President Lorna Jean Hagstrom

Motion # 21: It is moved that the Mission Statement for the League be worded as follows: The mission of the National League of American Pen Women is to support and promote creative excellence and professional standards among women in the arts.
Roll call vote: Motion passed – Abstained 1st VP Christina Laurie & 3rd VP Meletha Everett.

Long Range Planning Committee Chair, Lorna Jean Hagstrom presented the Long Range Plan and described the 5 goals (Initiatives) that were adopted at the October Executive Board meeting. Board members have been asked to collect and compile the data for their assigned goal. The Initiatives are: (1) Membership, Pat Setser (2) Revenue, Evelyn Wofford (3) Outreach, Ronni Miller (4) Member Services, Marilyn Lewis-Alim and (5) Visibility, Virginia Campbell.

3rd Vice President Meletha Everett is still updating the Motion book. She is also updating the information on inactive and disbanded Branches.


National Letters Chair Katie Witek helped design a new application form and is working on a supplemental question/answer sheet to more fully describe the requirements for membership. There are 32 new letter members.

National Music Chair Nina Brooks reported that she wasn’t present at the October Board meeting when motion #18 was passed and she reported that this was opposed to the By Laws. The parliamentarian ruled that the motion was nebulous enough that it could be construed as just a suggestion and interpretation left to the Music Chair and Credential Officer. A By Laws change would be needed for a different interpretation. The motion stands. A Music Webinar will be presented in February.

Outreach Chair Ronni Miller reported that she is working on a program to present workshops/programs in the Pen Arts that are open to the public. She wants to broaden the mentoring program that her Sarasota, Florida Branch is initiating.

Publications Chair Marilyn Lewis-Alim reported that Pen Women Press is busy with on-going work by members and has great financial potential. Sales are up for the magazine and will publish four issues a year. She also gave a report on the work done so far on her assignment to address the Visibility Initiative for the Long Range Plan.

Vinnie Ream Committee Chair: Katie Witek is overseeing the committee’s Public Relations initiative to advertise and promoting the Vinnie Ream competition.

Ethics Chair Jamie Tate nominated Judy Bingman (California) as a member of the Vinnie Ream Committee to replace Bernice Reid. Board approved.
The other committee members are Barbara Nunex and Virginia Campbell.


Biennial Convention Rev. Christina Laurie reported on the preliminary schedule. (Report attached)

Entertainment Industry Chair Maureen Sappèy report suggested that the League hold a writing conference to be held in July or October of 2015. A keynote speaker is imperative.

Membership Chair Pat Setser reported that she is working on web contests open for only Art, Letters and Music Members At Large. From the last count of members from the mailing list of the magazine is 1665 members and 81 Branches with 52 new members added since April, 2014. It is imperative that Branches keep better records of their members.
Motion # 22: The Membership Committee moves that the Membership Committee have the authority to put together a membership survey on identifying “Who We Really Are” and launch a major National Membership Campaign, send it out to all members, tally the results and present to the Board by the April Board Meeting.
Motion approved.


Chaplain Rev. Christina Laurie reported for Dr. Bernice Reed that seven deaths have been reported since the October, 2014 Board meeting and obituaries are in the magazine. After reading their names a moment of silence followed.

Historian Sheila Brynes reported on the committee work she has done.

Librarian Elizabeth Yahn Williams reported on the costs of moving the library if the Pen Arts was sold.

Miscellaneous Comments:
Petrina Gardner defined the Membership model versus Intuitional model in structure for non-profit organizations that was mentioned in her report given at the January 10, 2015 Special Board Meeting. Since we now have a mission we should decide how we want to govern.

Meletha Everett has been assigned to research putting the membership information on our web site for Board Members to access.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm.

Petrina Gardner, Secretary Candace Long, President

Special meeting of the Board of Directors
Called by the Long Range Planning Committee
January 10, 2015 Web Ex – 10 a.m.

Board Attendance: Candace Long, Christina Laurie, Lorna Jean Hagstrom, Meletha Everett, Sandy Gartner, Virginia Campbell, Petrina Gardner, Evelyn Wofford, Sandy Huff , Nina Brooks, Marilyn Lewes-Alim, Jamie Tate, Sheila Byrnes, Sandra Michel, Pat Setser, Maureen Sappèy, Joyce Gregor

Guest: Sharyn Greberman (Past National President (2011-14)

The meeting was called to order by President Candace Long at 10 a.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag followed.
Inspirational Thoughts were given by Rev. Christina Laurie, who read an essay entitled “Love and Creativity.”
Invocation was given by Virginia Campbell, who read the opening prayer from Joyce Gregor’s book “Flowers of Faith: Blending Beauty with Reflection.”

Procedural Determinations
Secretary, Petrina Gardner reported that a quorum was present.
Appointed to approve the minutes were Lorna Jean Hagstrom, Jamie Tate, and Evelyn Wofford.

Parliamentarian Kathy Roper answered questions that Board members asked concerning the agenda and other issues.

President Candace Long explained the procedure for the day’s meeting using Web Ex, voting, and other procedures pertaining to the agenda.

Secretary Petrina Gardner reported on the Board Vote via email stating that there were 12 yes votes and 2 no votes to accept the resignation of Jean Hull Herman as Commemorative Endowment Chair. The resignation was accepted. There were 13 votes to accept the nomination of Ronni Miller as National Outreach Chair. The Board approved the appointment of Joyce Gregor as National Grants & Scholar-ships Chair by 12 votes.

Secretary Petrina Gardner reported that following the President’s Memo sent to Branch Presidents on December 7th, the President received feedback, suggestions, or proposals from 22 Branches as well as 16 individual members. This represents a 29% response rate and a good geographical cross-section of our branches.

Branches that sent in proposals were: Atlanta, Boca Raton, Cape Cod, Central Illinois, Central NY, Chevy Chase, Daytona Beach, Denver, Des Moines, Fort Myers, Greenwich Pioneer, Iowa City, Jacksonville, Modesto, Pikes Peak, Portland, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Sarasota, Spring River, SW Florida, and Yucca.
Geographically there were 9 Branches from the South, 7 from the West, 3 from the Northeast, and 3 from the Mid-West.

The President will send a copy of all of these proposals to every Board member following this meeting giving everyone an opportunity to study them. These proposals represent over 60 pages of material, some of which are large files. The President will explain in her report how she will send them for access. Reports also will be archived.

Based on the number of requests from branches and members, the following motion is placed on the floor:

MOTION #19: It is moved that the NLAPW engage the services of a professional entity to assess and report to the League the condition of the Pen Arts building and its grounds, that the cost of this service not exceed $5,000, and that quotes be obtained from three providers of this type service to ensure a competitive price.
Signed by Dr. Evelyn Wofford

Amendment of motion by Petrina Gardner – to insert after –“ to the League the condition of the Pen Arts building under the current occupancy designation and its grounds…”
The Amendment was adopted by roll call vote.

MOTION #19: It is moved that the NLAPW engage the services of a professional entity to assess and report to the League the condition of the Pen Arts building, under the current occupancy designation, and its grounds, that the cost of this service not exceed $5,000, and that quotes be obtained from three providers of this type service to ensure a competitive price.
The Motion passed on a roll call vote with First Vice-President, Christina Laurie, and National Art Chair, Sandy Huff, abstaining.

Members were asked to respond to the four options (A) Renovate up to code and stay in the building, (B) Renovate and lease the building, (C) Stay in the building and do only minor repairs, and( D) Sell the building. Board members were called for comments in order of their Board positions – Elected Officers, Standing Committee Chairs, Special Appointees, and Guests.

President, Candace Long – (Report attached)

1st Vice President Rev. Christina Laurie gave background on the donation of the building that is mortgage free. She supports keeping the building. She suggested appointing a fundraising chair.

2nd Vice President Lorna Jean Hagstrom as Long Range Planning Chair presented a financial statement concerning Pen Arts and future projections if Pen Arts were sold. (Report attached)

3rd Vice President Meletha Everett; 5th Vice President Virginia Campbell; Recording Secretary and Treasurer contributed comments. (Reports attached)

All members attending the meeting were called upon for comments including Sharyn Greberman past president (2011-14).

Jamie Tate read Katie Witek’s report which supported staying in the building. Her opinion was based her husband’s expertise. Ronni Miller felt we should concentrate on membership regardless of whether or not we stay in the building. Marilyn Lewis-Alim supported an inspection of the Pen Arts building. Sandra Michel suggested we reach out for professional advice. Maureen Sappey is hoping that the League doesn’t die. Elizabeth Williams (audio interference, report will be sent out to the Board.) Pat Setzers’ Branch came up with ideas for fundraising and an action plan to increase membership for the League. The plan includes a survey to determine the demographics of the League’s membership. Members’ expertise should be used in making determinations. Sheila Brynes’s suggestion from her Branch was to obtain a pro-bono inspection of the building. Guest, Past President Sharyn Greberman, commented on the report sent by her Branch (reports attached.)

Proposal to do more research on keeping the Pen Arts was read by 3rd Vice President Meletha Everett. (report attached)

• Petrina Gardner referred to her report that there are free contacts in DC to consult for help.


Following the Board Meeting on January 17, President Long will send a letter to the Branches reporting on actions taken.

Adjourned at 12:30 pm

Petrina Gardner, Secretary Candace Long, President

April 26, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 p.m. by President Candace Long at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.
Members present: Candace Long, Lorna Jean Hagstrom, Christina Laurie, Meletha Everett, Sandra Gartner, Virginia Campbell, Evelyn Wofford,
Guest present: Sharyn Greberman
The President presented the following appointees for Chairmen of the Standing Committees:
Ethics: Jamie Tate
Finance and Budget: Evelyn Wofford
Governance: Elaine Waidelich
Art: Sandy Huff
Letters: Katie Witek
Music: Nina Brooks
Outreach: Linda Nash
Publications: Marilyn Lewis-Alim
Evelyn Wofford moved that the Standing Committee Chairmen be approved. Virginia Campbell seconded. The President then put forth each nominee individually to be considered. Without objection each one was approved and the motion passed.
The Chairmen of the Standing Committees were then invited in and all except Nina Brooks, who was absent, joined the meeting.
The President presented the following as Special Appointees:
Parliamentarian: Kathy Roper
Membership: Pat Setzer
Historian: Sheila Brynes
Commemorative Endowment Fund: Sylvia Price
Archivist: Sandra Michel
Chaplain: Bernice Reid
Librarian: Elizabeth Yahn Williams
Entertainment Industry Liaison: Maureen Sappey
Meletha Everett moved that the Special Appointees be approved. Virginia Campbell seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
The Special Appointees were then invited in and all except Kathy Roper and Bernice Reid, who were absent, joined the meeting.
The President asked Pat Setzer to introduce herself and give some of her background and her plans for working on League membership.
The President proposed setting up an Entertainment Industry Liaison Committee composed of Jamie Tate and Christina Laurie with Maureen Sappey as Chairman. Meletha Everett moved that such a committee be approved. Sandy Gartner seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
The President asked Outreach Chair Linda Nash to inform the Board about her workshop on placing music on radio, television, etc., and how to get the music licensed.
The President appointed Christina Laurie, Evelyn Wofford, and Sandy Gartner to approve the minutes of this meeting.
Governance Chair Elaine Waidelich informed the Board of her desire to change the By-laws where necessary to keep from tying the hands of the President and to change the forms for membership application to make them easier to understand.
Second Vice-President Lorna Jean Hagstrom spoke of the need for long-range planning and said that at the October meeting there would be a comprehensive planning session.
First Vice-President Christina Laurie said she would be spending her time on getting ready for the 2016 Biennial.
Third Vice-President Meletha Everett said she would be in charge of the Saturday night receptions that take place after our Board meetings.
Fourth Vice-President Sandra Gartner will be working on publications and helping Maureen Sappey with the new Entertainment Industry Committee.
Fifth Vice-President Virginia Campbell plans to visit Branches in the Western United States and help organize regional workshops for the League.
Treasurer Evelyn spoke of the need to closely monitor expenses and keep the League on a sound financial footing. Pat Setzer asked about the possibility of obtaining grants. Marilyn Lewis-Alim informed the Board about the need for matching funds and what is necessary to qualify for NEA grants which the League has applied for in the past but has been unsuccessful in receiving.
Ethics Chairman Jamie Tate said she hoped there would not be any ethics violations so she could spend her time in the archives and the library in addition to helping the new Art Chairman.
The President offered the following nominees to the Finance and Budget Committee: Evelyn Wofford, Chairman, Lorna Jean Hagstrom, Jamie Tate, Sandra Michel, Christina Laurie, and Elaine Waidelich. Meletha Everett moved that the nominees be approved. Sandy Gartner seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Letters Chairman Katie Witek announced that Nancy Jurka agreed to serve as Credentials Chairman for Letters. She also would like a Vinnie Ream Committee to be formed to raise money for the Vinnie Ream medal and to make decisions on the criteria needed to judge on awarding it. She said she hoped to provide more opportunities for prose writer competitions and in the area of electronic publishing.
Publications Chair Marilyn Lewis-Alim hopes for the League publications to become self-sufficient and said that applying for grants will be a priority.
Archivist Sandra Michel would like a broader committee and pointed out the necessity of training a successor.
Commemorative Endowment Fund Chairman Sylvia Price said she has had experience setting up endowments for three other organizations and wants to expand the League’s endowment fund.
Outreach Chair Linda Nash said the League needs a performance center as the Pen Arts building is limited in capacity. She said there is a possibility of using one in Constitution Hall with the permission of the DAR. She also wants to organize a women’s composer forum and reach out to older people as well as work with children.
Music Chairman Sandy Huff announced that Linda Spencer had agreed to be Credentials Chairman for Music. She then asked for clarification on on-line contests.
Historian Sheila Brynes said she wants to submit stories to the Pen Woman magazine about NLAPW from members who have some historical memory about the organization.
Librarian Elizabeth Williams informed the Board that she would remain as Librarian if she got five names of members who will work during the administration and an agreement to free up office staff for five hours per week to complete the job of cataloging the League’s collection of books.
First Vice-President Christina Laurie informed the Board that there is a possibility of having a regional workshop in Cape Cod in March of 2015.
Treasurer Evelyn Wofford moved that the Board continue with the present budget until the adoption of a new one at the June meeting. Jamie Tate seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 p.m.

Lorna Jean Hagstrom, Recording Secretary Pro-tem

The National League of American Pen Women, Inc.

JANUARY 19, 2013

Participating in the conference meeting were President Sharyn Bowman Greberman; First Vice-President Treanor Wooten Baring; Second Vice President Candace Long; Third Vice President and Chaplain Christina Laurie; Fifth Vice President Sandra Stillman Gartner; Recording Secretary Prue Carrico; Librarian Elizabeth Yahn Williams; Budget Chair Lorna Jean Hagstrom; Governance Chair Bettie Jane Owen Wooten; National Art Chair Jamie W. Tate; National Letters Chair Katie A. Witek; National Music Chair Linda Nash-Grams; Parliamentarian Kathleen Dunn Roper; and Archivist Sandra Seaton Michel.

President Sharyn Greberman called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. Host Candace Long asked all participants individually if they agreed to be recorded during this meeting. All agreed.

Chaplain Christina Laurie gave an inspirational message for the New Year, “New Beginnings, New Habits.” The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag followed.

Sharyn Bowman Greberman reported that in early November 2012, she attended an Arizona state conference sponsored by the Scottsdale Branch. Two primary topics covered at the conference were how to reengage Branches that have been drifting away from the League, and how best to recruit new members.

Branches whose non-profit status was revoked by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had until December 31, 2012 to submit reinstatement applications to the IRS. The League’s accountants prepared applications for Branches that paid for the service. Extensive talks were held with those Branches before and during this process.

Repairs to the Pen Arts Building, needed because of the flooding that occurred in late November, are continuing.

The Finance Committee met on January 18. Anna Di Bella talked with Michael Holt, the architect renting office space in the basement of the Pen Arts Building, and he agreed to an increase in rent, beginning February 1, 2013.

The Branches are enthusiastically supporting our membership drive. One thousand brochures were ordered, and already over half of them have been sent out. More will be ordered when we have about 250 remaining. Branches are trying hard to increase membership.

Treanor Wooten Baring, the League’s website editor, noted that the website is updated almost daily. In November, she conducted a social media Webinar that instructed participants how to create blogs. The League blog now has 88 subscribers. Board members are encouraged to join; there are about 150 views per day to the website and blog. The highest number was on December 19th with 432. Also, she is working with Katie Witek, the Letters Chair, on a Sandy book drive to get books to libraries affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Candace Long displayed the 2nd Vice President Board Report dated January 19, 2013 for attendees to view on-line as she spoke. She stated that the Feasibility Committee is now named the Development Committee. She noted that we now have six recorded webinars in our online archival vault. Dr. Bernice Reed will present a seventh webinar next week titled: “An Intimate Portrait with a Portrait Artist.” Four additional webinars are scheduled. February: “The Magic of Light” with Sharyn Greberman; March: “Finding Your Artistic Voice” with Jamie Tate; April: “Music Appreciation: Exploring An Award-winning Rag” with Elizabeth Lauer, Music & Letters Member from Albuquerque Branch, and in May, Candace Long hopes to offer a webinar for poetry lovers, led by one of our distinguished League poets.

The 2014 Biennial Meeting will be held in Atlanta at the Georgian Terrace Hotel on Peachtree Street. It is in an area convenient to Atlanta’s art venues and popular attractions, including the historic Fox Theatre, which still has the exterior wall of the original hotel, which hosted the reception of the “Gone With the Wind “ reception; it is right across the street. Candace toured the property with the Biennial Co-Chairs, Mimi Gould and Deborah Roebuck. Hotel suites are beautiful, spacious, and affordable. A one-bedroom suite is 700 square feet and features a king size bed, bath, kitchen, and living room for $149 per night. A two-bedroom suite is 1500 square feet and also is available for $149 per night. Prices are per room and not per person. Pictures of the hotel were displayed on-line as part of this presentation.

Sandra Stallman Gartner volunteered to join the Biennial Committee.

Christina Laurie reported on the Fundraising Committee’s work. The auction was dropped due to a lack of interest in leadership. The t-shirt sale was felt not to be popular with elder members, and it is necessary to front the money for them. The idea for Pen Women mugs also was tabled. Cloisonné pins may be available for the biennial. Costs may be added to registration forms. Discussions are continuing. A fund raising Solidarity Meal is proposed wherein each branch across the country would have a meal at the same time, such as breakfast on the West Coast, brunches in the mountain states and
Midwest, and lunch in the East. A price would be set for a meal with a donation to
National. An article in the Pen Woman, on the web, and in Facebook would announce it.
Branches would send in their money following the meal. It might be held on Vinnie Ream’s birthday or death day, which is November 14th. An idea for Penguin pins also has been dropped due to being very expensive and the market very limited.

Cash for Creativity has been re-visited with an announcement in the Pen Woman encouraging year-end gifts. Four donations totaling $845 have been received. It is hoped that each Branch will collect cash for the CEF at each meeting and send in money to National. The notice went out too late for many, but hopefully this can be a project we launch earlier next year, perhaps in early November. It has as been suggested that the painting by Jamie Helen Sherry McGee, hanging in the parlor of the Pen Arts Building, be used as an image for fund raising. This needs to be discussed further. Members need to be aware of the Lincoln books that still need to be sold. Copies were sent to each Branch President to be sold or donated to local libraries.

Sandra Gartner had no report. She noted that her Branch was finding that people were not coming as often to meetings due to jobs and families, and so has alternated dates of meetings so as to attract younger members.

First Vice President Treanor Wooten Baring provided a summary of the Finance Committee meeting held on January 18, 2013 in the absence of Treasurer Fran Chadwick. Dues payments for this fiscal year have been depleted on operating expenses. Rental income will be coming in from room rental and the office space in the basement. Motion passed to explore raising the downstairs office rent.
An agreement was reached to raise the rent to $1925 per month. After this year’s dues hike the financial situation of the League will greatly improve. Fund raising will be
necessary for the next several months and beyond. Also, individual awards accounts do not accurately reflect that awards were given out of them. Award money was paid out of the general fund but not replenished. Almost $30,000 should be moved back into the general fund from these accounts. This will help cover operating expenses until the next
dues cycle. Also, any money that can be moved back into investments, even small amounts, should be moved as soon as possible as we need to show we are observing our investment accounts back up since they’ve been depleted, especially since we plan to apply for several grants that are going to be looking at our financial situation carefully.
Outreach in the DC area is needed to maintain our non-profit status and to get a waiver of
our DC tax status. Our real estate taxes have been reduced by 50% due to discovering a
clerical error made in the previous tax filing which lead to the increase in property tax in 2010, and that has been corrected.

Any consultant fees for an assessment of what is needed to bring the building up to current regulations should come out of the CEF and we should see what we need to do to bring the building up to the appropriate level of regulation. A legal review of the moving of funds is needed.
A Financial Trend Overview report for 2013 was presented. A downward trend in member dues was noted. Rental income is satisfactory. Building expenses include taxes. So far, finances are not in the red, but there will be a problem until Fiscal Year 2014, which begins May 1, 2013. At that time, we will have a dues increase from $40 to $60. For this fiscal year (ending April 30, 2013) there will be a loss of $30,000 which is an improvement compared with prior years. With the dues increase, the League is expected to come into the black next fiscal year for first time in five years Shortfall for the remaining four months of this fiscal year needs to be covered. There is $7,000 remaining to cover four months of expenses.

Elizabeth Yahn Williams reported that the librarian has catalogued to date 3,332 books and has requested the Pen Woman editor publish a short news clip on the self-publishers motion that was passed at the last meeting.

Governance Chair Bet Wooten had not been called on to report, but she reminded board members that April is the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors and that written reports are expected from all officers, standing committee chairs, special appointees, and special committees and that the report should cover the activities for the entire fiscal year. A summary should be submitted which is suitable for publication on the website and in the Pen Woman. She also called attention to the submission of a written report from the
Public Relations chair, Sylvia Wright, which had been sent by email to all members of the Board and would be attached to the minutes for filing.

Members of the Minutes Approval Committee were appointed. Members are Bet Wooten
Katie Witek, and Sandra Seaton Michael. Parliamentarian Kathy Roper reminded the board that “readers” and Approvers” are not the same.

National Art Chair Jamie W. Tate reported results of the second on-line art competition on the website and award winners as published in most recent Pen Woman magazine. The competition was very successful. The third contest was launched in mid-October for photography only. Social media was used to publicize the contest, along with the website. Very low participation caused the deadline to be moved to the end of February. There are continuing technical difficulties uploading entries. Hopefully these issues will be resolved before the next contest is launched.

A student contest has been suggested as an outreach program for the arts. The League will explore ideas to make that workable, as it will finance that in the hope that later, people
would pay to participate, thus helping to support the outreach program. It has been suggested that this be limited only to DC students to focus more of our outreach on the DC area. All aspects of the project will be considered before making a decision.

Planning for the April 2014 biennial in Atlanta is getting started. The Atlanta Branch members are industriously searching for a location for the art exhibit and a juror so the art competition can be promoted in the Pen Woman magazine very soon.

Discussions are being held with travel planner Mark Smith, of Private Italy Tours, regarding a potential art trip for League members to Italy. The tour would begin in Florence and end in Rome. The possible start date is late September 2013. Pricing is to include ten days room and board with day trips planned for painting and drawing, and photography. Extra costs would include airfare, light lunches in villages where visited, and personal expenditures. An e-mail blast to Branch Presidents to garner interest, plus Facebook and website postings, are planned. Both a minimum and maximum number of participants will be posted. More information will be coming. Music and Letters members may also participate.

National Letters Chair Katie A. Witek spearheaded a marketing project by the Publications Committee to disseminate the Lincoln Anthology to every Branch President. A letter and two books were sent to each Branch asking them to donate the books in their communities, and if possible, to send a donation to the League.

An offer was extended to donate copies of Lincoln Anthology to libraries damaged by Hurricane Sandy. We will be contacted when libraries are ready to receive books. Renee Winchester is assisting with this project.

Author Beverly Lewis was invited to be a keynote speaker for Biennial but is unavailable. Then New York Times best-selling author Haywood Smith, an Atlanta native, has agreed
to be a keynote speaker for the Biennial Letters Day. Letters programs for the Biennial
continue to be arranged.

It was proposed that the League renew efforts to create and award the first Vinnie Ream Medal at the 2014 Biennial to a renowed woman in the arts. The Biennial Committee is to select a nominee for the award and artist to design the medal. A Vinnie Ream Medal Fund has been established with generous contributions from some board members. The Biennial Committee will seek additional funding for this award which is planned to be replicated at future biennials. The committee will meet in April regarding award criteria which may be an effort to encourage the work of a writer just breaking into the field.

There is a possibility of setting up a forum, using Link’d-In for the League’s Members at Large so they may more easily interact with one another. Also, this type of network would facilitate their receiving communications from the League.

Linda Nash-Grams submitted an article for the Pen Woman magazine in October about Frank Conlon, the previous judge for the 2011 Biennial who gave a concert in October on the works of Chopin. For the April meeting, an evening performance by Sonja Hayes, a local classical violinist, is slated. Also planned is a concert at the Anderson House in June, which is located in Washington, DC, and will be in conjunction with the June meeting.

There are plans to contact William Fred Scott, Director of the Atlanta Opera, to see if he could either have a workshop or be the music luncheon keynote speaker. Also, Brian Preston, active in scoring TV spots, could be a possible leader for a workshop.

Treanor Wooten Baring reported on behalf of Marilyn Lewis-Alim, Publications Chair, who is traveling. The Publications Committee has arranged for new brochures to be printed. Also initiated was work with the Sandy book drive. Currently Marilyn is writing a grant proposal for an NEA grant to cover publication and mailing costs for the Pen Woman magazine, which may involve special issues. The committee also has overseen the sending of two Lincoln anthologies to every Branch President as a gift, and there has
been an increase in advertising in the Pen Woman magazine which has brought in some income. Also, website updates have been performed.

Christina Laurie read a list of five members deceased since our October meeting.
A moment of silence followed.
Those deceased members are: Nevart Apikian, age 94 L, Syracuse Branch; Dorothy Y. Gobie, 97, L, Santa Clara Branch; Lucille A. Miller, 96, A, Sarasota Branch; Naomi Paterson, 78, L, Topeka Branch; Marty Pierson, 75, L, Omaha Branch.

Report from Public Relations Chair Sylvia Wright is attached.

It was decided that Music members could also participate in the trip to Italy, which is scheduled for September 20 to October 1, 2013.

It was decided that nominations for new Honorary Members will be presented at the April meeting.

President Sharyn Greberman remarked that signed reports should be sent to the Pen Arts Building. Reports may be faxed if sign reports cannot be e-mailed.

Parliamentarian Kathy Roper stated that Honorary Members are actually members and should receive a Pen Woman, and all information that is sent to members. Also, she reminded members that if reports have already been sent, they do not have to be read aloud at the meeting, but may be if desired. The recording secretary should read reports sent to her by e-mail.

Prue Carrico, Recording Secretary


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m.

Present were: President Sharyn Bowman Greberman; Second Vice President Candace Long; Third Vice President Christina Laurie; Fourth Vice President Meletha Everett; Recording Secretary Prue Carrico; Fourth Vice President Nina Brooks; Historian Bernice Strand Reid; Librarian Elizabeth Yahn Williams; Ethics Chair Elaine Waidelich; Budget Chair Lorna Jean Hagstrom; Governance Chair Bettie Jane Owen Wooten; National Letters Chair Catherine (Katie) Witek; National Music Chair Linda Nash-Grams; Archivist Sandra Seaton Michel; and Public Relations Chair Sylvia Hoehns Wright.

Chaplain Rev. Christina Laurie gave an inspirational message and led the Pledge of

Appointed as members of the Minutes Approval Committee were Nina Brooks, Elizabeth Williams, and Bettie Jane Owen Wooten.

National President Sharyn Greberman announced that the 2012 audit has been completed. Also, a request was made of Steve Hessler for a progress report on a property tax waiver, contingent on acquisition of a Certificate of Occupancy.
A consultation with our tenant, Michel Holt, Architect, who specializes in work with historic properties in the District of Columbia, led to the discovery that the League failed to file a “mixed use” form for 2010 and 2011, and therefore we were charged a tax rate of “commercial use.” A form for “mixed use” is now filed and will result in a reduction of approximately 59% ($30,000) in our property tax for 2012.
A tax code change removing branches from inclusion under the 990 umbrella of the parent organization, and necessitating branches to file independently (2007) caused confusion, and resulted in loss of not-for-profit status for many branches.
The President, the finance committee, the accountant, and the auditor’s office are working out solutions and application for reinstatement of status, 5-year documentation of qualifying activities, assessed fees to the IRS. Appropriate filings will be done by the end of December, as required.
“Even though we have been dealing with several very difficult situations, we are still improving financially and expanding the visibility of the League, which will benefit us and help us progress through our brightening future.”

Second Vice President Candace Long read the report of First Vice President Treanor Wooten Baring. The First Vice President worked with President Sharyn Greberman and administrative assistant Xavier Johnson to ensure that the NLAPW database is current. She also trained intern Amanda Lewis regarding various procedures.
A number of new social media opportunities has been instituted, and current ones updated; new items are posted on the League’s website daily. Total payments received through PayPal through the website from August first through October 19 equals $1,111.

Candace Long, as head of Development, administered four online webinars between August and September, and more are planned for the next few months.
Income from online activities has been modest but promising. One goal is to promote additional media presence, and also to encourage senior members to learn how to do power point presentations. She also designed and produced a new brochure for the League.

Christina Laurie, in her position as Chaplain, read the names of members who died since the last Board meeting in April, 2012: Margaret Hinson Bell; Marion Kofman; Marie Maloney; Ann Maury (Nancy) Miller; Garnet Inez Reed; Ann Mullay Seelbach; Mary Ruth Tolbert; Betsy Truby, and Peg Whitney.
She then reported on the activities of the 2012 – 2014 Fund Raising Committee, of which she is Chair. Some suggestions of the committee for increasing funds for the League were that the “Cash for Creativity” program be renewed in order to give more money to the Commemorative Endowment Fund; the selling of logo items, and auctions of the weekends that the Board meets.

Meletha Everett reported that she continues to extract motions from the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, to be placed in the Archives room as reference material. She also compiles and catalogs the motions of each administration separately.

Lorna Jean Hagstrom presented the Treasurer’s report. It was noted that money in the Commemorative Endowment Fund is low because of high real estate taxes on the Pen Arts Building. No money from membership dues goes to the Commemorative Endowment Fund. Hard copies distributed detailed the position of the League’s finances. These are attached to the minutes.

The Budget and Finance Committee moves that the President be directed to send a letter by priority mail with delivery confirmation to attorney Steve Hessler stating that if she has not had a progress report and plan of completion on the matter of ourreal estate taxes within 30 days of the date of the letter, his services will be
terminated and all records arte to be returned along with $2000 of our $2500 retainer fee.

Elizabeth Yahn Williams reported that approximately 3100 books have been cataloged into a database, but that much more information is needed for accuracy. She developed a form to be used for use when donations are made to the NLAPW library. She and Bob Lundy also have been acquiring data about books in the Vinnie Room. She and Mr. Lundy also consulted with the Executive Director of the Ohioana Library in Columbus. In addition, she has participated in outreach activities in Oceanside, CA.

Elizabeth Yahn Williams, Librarian, moves that the Librarian is authorized to accept books for the NLAPW Library of the Pen Arts Building, which contents are (30%) thirty percent of more by one or more NLAPW member(s).
Amendment by Librarian: As to the above, the Librarian may exercise her discretion to make rare exceptions.
Seconded by Christina Laurie.

Elizabeth Yahn Williams, Librarian, moves that the Librarian be authorized to accept self-published books from January 1, 2013, under the following condition: such books may be accepted if authored by a member with (5) five years continuous NLAPW membership.
Seconded by Katie Witek.

Lorna Jean Hagstrom moves that National Headquarters file the 990 N forms for all the Branches by the required time annually.
Seconded by Candace Long.

The state of the American economy, and how its condition might impact League activities was discussed. Candace Long presented information showing that from 2003 the League has experienced a decline in members, donations, and income. A hard copy financial chart was distributed and is attached to the copy of the minutes on file in the Archive.

Sandra Seaton Michel added comments regarding the Feasibility Committee. She suggested that the League address its difficult financial situation and explore a wider range of options that could solve the problems.

Elaine Waidelich moved that the board elect the following members to the
Ethics Committee:
Mary Kay Honeycutt – Anne Arundel, Maryland Branch; Linda Davidson – Washington, D.C. Branch; Barbara Nunes – Alexandria, Virginia Branch
Seconded: Christina Laurie.

Meletha Everett moved that Marjorie Dodge of Palm Springs be one of the members of the nominating committee.

Candace Long moved that the Board elect Judy Ann Cutchins to the 2012 – 2014 Nominating Committee. Judy joined the Atlanta Branch in 2002 and served as Corresponding Secretary, the Branch President and most recently Vice President of the Georgia State Association. She is a Letters member.

Sandra Seaton Michel moved that Myra Levick and Pat Wilson be co-chairs of the Nominating Committee.

Katie Witek moved that Ute Buehler, MN Branch, be elected to the Nominating Committee.

Bettie Jane Owen Wooten moved that Lorna Jean Hagstrom be elected to the Nominating Committee as first alternate.

National Music Chair Linda Nash-Grams summarized music activities and announced that dulcimer artist Karen Ashbrook would present a concert at the Pen Arts Building the evening of October 20. There has not yet been a response from the
music school in Fiesole, Italy, concerning a proposed music festival to be produced with the NLAPW.

Candace Long presented updates about the Biennial, planned to take place in Atlanta, GA, in April of 2014. The selection of possible hotels is now two, and there are two possible options for a speaker.
She also reminded the Board that the meeting scheduled for January 2013 will be virtual.

Katie Witek, National Letters Chair, presented the Publications report for Marilyn Lewis-Alim. The fall/winter issue of The Pen Woman will be delivered in November. The deadline for the spring issue is January 15, 2013. Members of the committee, with President Sharyn Greberman, offered editing support for a new recruiting brochure designed by Candace Long. One thousand copies were printed at a cost of just under $200.00.

National Letters Chair Katie Witek reported that there are over 2000 volumes of the Lincoln anthology remaining at the Pen Arts Building. Katie Witek plans to send letters to Branches offering two free copies of the volume that can be used as donations to schools and libraries. members are urged to find schools and libraries that would be interested in receiving copies of the book as donations.
Also, Katie suggested that the subject of the Vinnie Reims Medal be re-addressed. Questions of the process of selecting recipients, and increased publicity about the Medal, should be considered.

PR Chair Sylvia Hoehns Wright described recent activities of the committee. They are: Various means of marketing members’ work; summary of League media releases, and updating of League information for the D.C cultural web page.

Lorna Jean Hagstrom moved that Elaine Waidelich be allowed to purchase the painting (in the pink frame) by Thornberry for $125 subject to the approval of the Arts Committee.
Carried, with one dissenting vote.
Note: the National Art Chair, Jamie Tate, has notified the secretary that the Art Committee does not approve.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:42 p.m.

Prue Carrico, Recording Secretary

JUNE 16, 2012

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the National League of American Pen Women convened at the Pen Arts building in Washington, DC. Present were: President Sharyn Bowman Greberman; First Vice President Treanor Wooten Baring; Second Vice President Candace Long; Third Vice President Christina Laurie; Fifth Vice President Sandra Stillman Gartner; Recording Secretary Prue Carrico; Treasurer Fran Chadwick; Librarian Elizabeth Yahn Williams; Governance Chair Bettie Jane Owen Wooten; National Art Chair Jamie Tate; National Music Chair Linda Nash; Publications Chair Marilyn Lewis-Alim; Parliamentarian Kathy Roper, PRP, CP, and Archivist Sandra Seaton Michel.
Appointed as members of the Minutes Approval Committee were Christina Laurie, Elizabeth Yahn Williams, and Bettie Jan Owen Wooten.
President Sharyn Greberman reported that financial issues facing the League are serious. Some suggestions for raising funds include having more Arts and Letters competitions, and hosting more webinars. The first two webinars were quite successful, so others should be planned. The issue of the property taxes on the Pen Arts building continues to be a problem. She stressed that the Board of Directors will move forward with a positive attitude and find solutions to our financial difficulties.
Budget and Finance Committee members are Sharyn Greberman; Treanor Wooten Baring; Candace Long; Christina Laurie; Sandra Michel; Bettie Jean Owen Wooten; Jamie Tate; Lorna Jean Hagstrom, and Anna DiBella. Lorna Jean Hagstrom was approved as Chair of the Budget Committee.
Treasurer Fran Chadwick, Chair of the Finance Committee, reported that the problem with the real estate taxes on the Pen Arts Building is the most important financial issue currently facing the League. The Commemorative Endowment Fund cannot have any more funds taken out of it to pay taxes.
First Vice President Treanor Wooten Baring reported that the auditor said that the League cannot cut more expenses and still serve its members; more funds have to be generated. Consequently, the board voted to raise the dues from $40 to $60 annually. Also, she reported that Tricia Wootten estimated that income from the Biennial to be less than $2,000.
Second Vice President Candace Long presented information about the Webinars offered through Webex server. The first two of these were so successful that it is expected more will be planned. Fees would be $25 for members and $35 for non-members. The expertise of older members is a valuable resource for this endeavor.
The Board carried a motion that the date for the next Biennial will be the fourth weekend in April, the 24 through the 26, 2013, in Atlanta. Christina Laurie was appointed national fund raising Chair with duties to create a committee and find ways of raising funds for the organization. She reported that plans for an online fundraising auction are underway. The Fall/Winter edition of The Pen Woman will contain details of the project.
Third vice president Christina Laurie was appointed chair of the Membership Drive Committee. The project began February 1, 2012, and will continue through April 30, 2013. The most new members brought in by a branch will be recognized and awarded. Holding fund-raising auctions of the Fridays of board meeting weekends could be resumed. A further fund-raising idea presented earlier was that the Branches collect small change at meetings; this money would be sent to the national treasurer to put into the Commemorative Endowment Fund.
Librarian Elizabeth Yahn Williams has been organizing the Pen Arts library, with proper storage of boxes of books being a primary focus. Also, she is developing a system for the identifying of books and their donors, as only about 50% of the books in the library are in the card catalog. A form to accompany each book, to be included in the Procedural Manual, is being designed and will be published in The Pen Woman and online.

Art Chair Jamie Tate presented updates about online art contests. Deadline for the current competition is July 31, 2012. Since June 14, entries have generated $408.71 in fees; 60% will go to the League General Fund, and 40% to Art Committee activities.
The Biennial art exhibit has been taken down. Money from the Elizabeth Bentley Exhibiting Artists Fund will be used to defray packing and shipping costs, which are estimated to be $1200 to $1600.
Music Chair Linda Nash summarized Biennial Music events. She announced that $1000 was appropriated for overseeing events, and $540 was collected from participants. She will organize a music/art/literary festival to be held at the Florence, Italy, Conservatory in 2013.
The Board of Directors will assume responsibility for the administration of the Helen Trueheart Cox Native American Girl Award.
Publication Chair Marilyn Lewis-Alim reported that the costs of publishing The Pen Woman were reduced significantly by posting the bylaws and the auditor’s report online instead of including them in the print copy of the magazine.
The board voted to have a virtual meeting in January of 2013. Particulars are to be finalized at the October 2012 Board meeting.
Candace Long reported on the meeting of the Feasibility Committee. Several possibilities for solving short-term financial problems and planning long-term projects were presented.
Bettie Jane Owen Wooten, Governance Chair, reviewed details from the bylaws and Standing rules.

Prue Carrico, Recording Secretary