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Editor’s note: To make the online memorials special, we accept articles written by someone in the branch. Include fond memories, appreciation for her activities in the branch, whether she was an art, letters or music member, and something about her creative works and achievements. Always include date and age at time of death. Please also send photos of the member and of her work, or commentary about her creativity. Submissions for the In Memoriamwebpage follow the deadlines for the The Pen Woman magazineEmail website manager


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 We honor the lives of these departed Pen Women…





Grace Lieberman, 88, Letters, Modesto Branch

Grace LiebermanGrace Lieberman (1929-2018) was the epitome of an American Pen Woman. Although her membership was in the letters category, Grace was an actress, a singer/musician, and one of the Modesto community’s biggest supporters of the arts.

She was the executive director of the Stanislaus Arts Council for almost 35 years, and she appeared in many theatrical productions. Her passion for performance was matched by her determination to support other artists, and her Arts Council funded many area programs, including Stanislaus Artists as Resources to Schools (STARS), Serenades on Sunday music recitals, Senior Spotlight talent shows, and Excellence in the Arts Awards.

Grace was a friend to both starving artists/actors and community philanthropists, and she was interested in everything in the arts — music, painting, dancing, theater. She often arranged musical programs for the NLAPW Modesto Branch luncheons, and she will be missed by many.

As one of Modesto’s local businessmen so aptly commented, “Grace was absolutely selfless. Her whole life was devoted to giving to Modesto. It’s a big loss for Modesto.” And it’s certainly a big loss to the Modesto Branch.


Mary Elizabeth Perry Hildebrand, 99, Member at Large

Mary Elizabeth Perry Hildebrand (1918-2017) of Boulder City, Nevada, a member at large and a celebrated author, was formerly part of the now-disbanded Las Vegas Branch.

Mary was born, raised, and educated in New York City, graduating magna cum laude from Columbia University with advanced degrees in literature and languages. She transferred this deep respect for knowledge by teaching at the Cathedral Preparatory Seminary.

Her poems and short stories were published both nationally and internationally in such prestigious publications as Interim, Parnassus, Orphic Lute, and Poetry Review. In addition to writing poetry, she published and edited the literary quarterly, Pegasus, for 25 years. Her literary talent was recognized in Who’s Who in Poetry, Cambridge, Who’s Who in America, and Distinguished Women of Southern Nevada.

Mary was an astute student of life, world traveler and keen observer. She will be deeply missed by many family members, friends, collaborators, caregivers, and contributors to Pegasus.











adhesive as


silver strands.


Spin a





the chasm


our worlds.



weave your web;

I shall be

a willing guest

wrapped in

the cocoon

of your net.

— Elizabeth Perry


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