Winners of Haiku Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Haiku Contest celebrating National Poetry Month in April 2016. Sponsored by our Cape Cod Branch, it was chaired by Christina Laurie of West Falmouth. Judge Anna Di Bella of Huntington, NY, chose five haiku from the field of 68 haiku submitted by 18 entrants. Thanks to all who entered, allowing our Branch to send two young writers to the August writers conference of the Cape Cod Writers Center.

Judge Di Bella’s comments:

“Many who entered this contest are fine poets and have the beginnings of good poems here. Images were original and produced some fine work. However, many did not follow the haiku “don’ts”: no punctuation, no titles, no poetic techniques, no people in haiku – it’s a nature poem – and using strong, active verbs makes a better haiku.

“The three top winners were so close, I want to recognize them as a group, rather than put a first, second and third on them. Consequently, the prizes awarded will be a little different, but each will be accompanied by a book on haiku. I have also awarded an Honorable Mention and a special award to a nine-year-old whose images were striking.”


Naked oak claws moon
Roots stay safely tucked under
Sleeping through hunger

by Ellen Pickus, Baldwin, NY

scarlet tulips merge
spring rain drips from eaves
garden statues blush

by Judy Wucherer, Menomonee Fls., WI

Cracked shells break open
revealing shimmering pearls
jeweled sun catchers

by June Allen, Arab, AL, Huntsville Branch