GoFundMe donors

Thank you!

Your donation to our GoFundMe project will help the National League of American Pen Women continue to promote the arts at The Pen Arts Building and Art Museum in Washington, D.C.

Member activities across the country support the professional advancement of women working in the fields of music, writing and visual arts. A major goal of the NLAPW is to also promote a deep appreciation for the arts in future generations, bringing much needed support for the arts in the schools.

Please continue to support us for the future of the arts.

Thank you to our generous donors:

Susan Lackman, Orlando/Winter Park

Anne Baehr, Pensicola Branch

Sandra Michel, Diamond State Branch


Barbara Hanson, Sarasota Branch

Shelly Reed Thieman

Melissa Gordon Rhine, Atlanta Branch

Laura Walth, Des Moine Branch

Jennifer A. Palacio, Golden Gate/Marin


Carol Welsh, Dayton Branch

Amy Patterson, Columbus GA Branch

Tammy Tatum, Benefactor

Jenny Gumpertz, Palm Beach Branch

Cindi Carroll, Pikes Peak Branch

Rodika Tollefson, MAL

Cheryl Issel, Pikes Peak Branch

Rosie Eylens, Pikes Peak Branch

Kathleen Vermaelen, Suffolk.Branch

Nancy Haskett, Modesto Branch

Modesto Branch

Linda Ohlson Graham, Sarasota

Sheila M. Byrnes, Central New York Branch

Evelyn Bethune, Daytona Branch

Bev Goldie, Central Ohio Branch

Janet Fagal, Central New York Branch

Verne Campbell, 1st Penguin

Mary Gardner, Central New York Branch

Mary Pat Canes, Alexandria Branch

Carol Welsh

Katie Witek, MAL

Fletcher Shipp, Jacksonville Branch

Caroline McKeon< Sarasota Branch

Molly Read Woo, Atlanta Branch

Linda Spencer, Orlando/Winter Park Branch

Darlene Yeager-Torre, Central Ohio Branch

Virginia Campbell, National President, Pikes Peak Branch

Sunny Zank, Central Ohio Branch

Evelyn Bethune

Maureen McFadden, Palm Springs Branch

Lois Charles, Diamond State Branch

Sylvia Wright, Benefactor