From the President

The Pen Woman, Summer 2018


Cleaning the Garden

Evelyn B Wofford

NLAPW 2018-2020 President Evelyn Wofford weeds the garden at Pen Arts. Photography by Candace Long

And thus begins a new administration — your newly installed president busy with the inglorious task of pulling weeds and clearing debris from the gardens at Pen Arts.

Spring arrived in Washington, D. C., somewhat late this year, with the result that plants long dormant sprang forth in frenzied fashion, gasping for the fresh air of warm, sunny days. The competition was fierce, and the irises and day lilies were no match for the crab grass, Virginia creeper, dock, and other assorted weeds.

By the time this new president arrived at Pen Arts to begin her residency, the cause looked lost, but human force of will has, at least at this point, prevailed. The irises have shown themselves in classic beauty above the fray, and the day lilies are thrusting their bud-covered stems unimpeded into the warm Washington air.

Pen Arts has begun to regain its stately appearance and to impose itself once again on the neighborhood.

All too frequently, our lives become cluttered and overrun with impediments, just as the gardens of Pen Arts were. They have to be decluttered, weeded, so that beauty and purpose are allowed to develop.

It is my hope that as this new administration begins, the National League of American Pen Women will recognize and cultivate the beneficial plants that constitute its mission and purpose.

Evelyn Wofford