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Spring in NorCal! – Modesto, CA branch news

From left to right: Luanna Leisure, NorCal Facebook editor; Kathryn Tyler, Santa Clara County president; Judy Bingman, NorCal vice president; Dorothy Atkins, NorCal president; Nancy Haskett, Modesto president; Jill Adler, “NorCal News” editor; Carolyn Henry, NorCal secretary and Stockton/Lodi president; and Barbara Chamberlain, NorCal treasurer.

On Saturday, April 22nd, the Modesto, CA branch hosted the spring NorCal NLAPW meeting at the Carnegie Arts Center in Turlock. In addition to a catered luncheon and regular business meeting, attendees were able to view the spring art show at the Carnegie and enjoy a program which featured the winners of our recent NorCal letters contest.

Eight contest winners attended, read their poetry and prose aloud to the audience, and received award certificates. A silent auction was held to raise money for the Shirley Elke fund which supports NorCal NLAPW art, letters, and music competitions.

Aileen Jaffa Winners with Jill Adler, Modesto Branch Vice-President (front row, left) and Gillian Wegener, President of Modesto Stanislaus Poetry Center (back row, far right).

On Sunday, May 21st,  members of our local branch attended a reception for student winners of the Aileen Jaffa poetry contest. This contest, which is co-sponsored by the Modesto branch of NLAPW and the Modesto Stanislaus Poetry Center, is open to all students in grades K-12 who live or go to school in Stanislaus County. The students were invited to read their winning poetry aloud to the audience and received awards and certificates.

Submitted by Nancy Haskett, Modesto Branch President

Central New York Branch Hosts Writing Workshop, Readings at Pen Arts, May 8, 2017

By Rachael Ikins, Central New York Branch

For 90 years, the Central New York Branch members turned “no” into “yes.” Through their arts, they deepened understanding of women’s issues. In celebration of their milestone, they created an illustrated anthology of members’ work, titled “In the Company of Women.”

Cover of “In the Company of Women” anthology

Thanks to National President Virginia Franklin Campbell, the book inspired the idea for a multi-genre workshop at Pen Arts Building and Art Museum in Washington, D.C.

On May 8, CNY Branch member Nancy A. Dafoe — poet, writer, educator, and Faulkner Poetry Contest winner — will lead a workshop titled “Writing Creatively” from 1 to 4 p.m. The workshop will guide participants through a variety of poetic and literary techniques to allow for richer writing and reading experiences. Dafoe will be joined in teaching the workshop by award-winning poets and writers.

Branch member readings will follow from 5 to 7 p.m. They will include Sheila Byrnes’ journey through breast cancer, Bobbie Panek’s warrior poem, Mary Gardner’s forward, Nancy Dafoe’s short fiction, and Janet Fagal’s poem/photo featuring our oldest member. Audience members will be invited to read their own poetry.

Seating is limited for the workshop. Donations (suggested $50) will be accepted at the door and will secure participants a copy of “In The Company of Women.” The evening reading is free.

Success Story

Fort Lauderdale Fundraising Programs Attract New Members

By Tammy Seymour, Fort Lauderdale Branch Art Chair

With at least a half dozen talented artists capable and eager to teach, the Fort Lauderdale Branch members are discovering that passing on their knowledge raises needed revenues and opens the doors to increased membership.

From left: JoAnn Culligan, Lillian Ragland, Marcia Hirschy, Lee Tatem, Tammy Seymour, Mary Harding, and Mary Belle Cordell in the Lost Wax Jewelry Class a few years ago.

Modestly priced workshops — watercolor batik, jewelry making (lost wax process), watercolor pouring, “small” abstracts, papermaking, and rebel doodling — are creating interest throughout the community. The one-day workshops take place at our community art gallery and invitations are emailed to area artists and friends.

Beverly Dameron during the  Abstract Class last year.

Membership information is made available during the workshops and questions like “what are Pen Women” and NLAPW’s history are discussed during the day.

“We often have members bring friends to classes who want to learn a technique, but don’t know anything about us,” said President Phoenix Marks. “It is such a good way to introduce new people to our group where they can learn more about us in a casual environment.”

Workshop attendees are invited to upcoming luncheons. “This way, they get a more formal view of our organization and our talented members and learn about the fundraising goals for our Achievement Fund,” Marks said. “We have been able to provide $3,000 in annual awards to talented young women for the past five years and are adding an average of three to four new members with these programs.”

Central Ohio Honors Ann Hansen, Pen Woman of 60 Years

Ann Hansen holds one of her books. In the foreground is the desk pen set that the Central Ohio Branch gave her.

Few members have celebrated 60 years as a Pen Woman but Ann Natalie Hansen of the Central Ohio Branch has earned those bragging rights. In December, Central Ohio members honored her at their annual December brunch.

Generous contributions by fellow members were sent to the Commemorative Endowment Fund and Ann Hansen was presented with a beautiful, inscribed desk pen set.

Hansen, who became a NLAPW member at age 29, celebrated her 90th birthday on Sept. 15, 2016. She became a member while working at The Columbus Dispatch daily newspaper as a feature writer.  She subsequently had five books published and has a long list of scholarly and literary accomplishments on her resume.

As a Pen Woman, first in the Columbus Branch and now the Central Ohio Branch, Hansen has held almost every office, including first vice president, 1972-74; president, 1976-’78, 1992-’94, and 2000-2002; membership chair, 1983; treasurer, 1984-’86; and historian, 1970-’72. She has received many honors and awards, including the NLAPW Biennial Award for Lyrics in 1976.

Portland Branch Publishes Anthology

By Anne Price Yates

Portland Branch members are celebrating the publication of their anthology, “Jubilee.” Back row: Barbara Peters, Anne Price Yates (anthology editor), Doreen Gandy Wiley (assistant proofreader), Joanne Stevens, Jane McDonald Johnson, and Lani Clark. Front row: Myrna Tambino Perkins, Barbara Affleck, and Linda Varsell Smith.

Thirteen women of the Portland Branch contributed their poems, prose, and artwork to be compiled into what was originally intended to be a chapbook and ultimately became a 104-page anthology.

The image on the cover of “Jubilee” is member Anne Price Yates’ painting, “Summer Reunion.”

They chose the title “Jubilee” to represent a time of rejoicing and festivity and to celebrate their connection with one another — their sisterhood as well as their creativity and appreciation of writing and the arts.

After the collection, compilation, and editing of contributions from branch members, “Jubilee” was published through CreateSpace and became available from for $11 just after Christmas.

The cover of “Jubilee” is in color, and the interior pages are black and white.

At a celebratory luncheon the end of January, most of the contributing branch members collected their own copies of the book, which had been preordered and stored for them until the event.

Central New York Marks 90th Birthday with a Year of Events

By Janet Fagal, Branch President

Central New York Branch President Janet Fagal with Sen. John DeFrancisco, one of the recipients of the Friend of the Arts Award. Photo by Herm Card Photography

The Central New York Branch celebrated the 90th anniversary of our Oct. 1, 1926 founding with a show and exhibit at the Onondaga Historical Association (OHA). It was the culmination of a year spent honoring our past, planning for our future, and enjoying the Pen Women in our branch.

We began in November 2015 with a visit and talk by Candace Long, NLAPW past president, and then a trip to the National Women’s Hall of Fame where President Long and our branch presented the nomination of Vinnie Ream.

This past October, we hosted a “mini-gala” reception and ceremony at OHA in Syracuse, New York, to celebrate the history of our branch with a show of art and letters by our current members. We presented our 2016 Friend of the Arts Award to three individuals who have made unique and sustained contributions to the creative arts: Jim Emmons, founder and coordinator of the Syracuse Haiku Poster Project; Cheryl Chappell, artist and proprietor of the Edgewood Gallery; and Sen. John A. DeFrancisco, who is a longtime supporter of the arts.

Testimonials written by Vice President for Programs and Special Events Mary Gardner and President Janet Fagal were read for each winner. In partnership with four area arts organizations, we were able to give tickets to attend theater, the symphony, an internationally acclaimed music festival, and author lectures to the winners.

We are grateful to Syracuse Stage, Symphoria of Syracuse, the Skaneateles Festival, and the Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series for their support.

Among the many guests was Dorothy Wakker, whose mother, Pen Woman Virginia “Rose” Lowell, appears in a photo that hangs in Pen Arts. Dorothy attended the Biennial with her mother in 1928 and is the 3-year-old in the photo with President Coolidge, her mother, and branch President Nellie Molyneaux.

Honorees, friends, family, area artists, writers, and supporters of the arts enjoyed birthday cake, art, writing, and great conversation. As a branch, we look forward to a bright future.

Southwest Florida Branch Takes Pen Women on Tour

By Sara Williams, Publicity Chair

Southwest Florida Pen Women speakers, left to right: Sara Williams, Honey Costa, Gay Cable, Lorraine Walker Williams, and Joyce Daniels.

The Southwest Florida Branch recently presented “Pages, Brushes, and Gems” at Copperfish Books in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Lorraine Walker Williams explains the making of a poem.

SWFL Branch President Lorraine Walker Williams offered an overview of the historic role of NLAPW in promoting the careers of women artists.

Letters Chair Joyce Daniels moderated the event as half dozen branch members recounted how they built their careers around their passions, from poetry, fiction, and history, to the production of art and jewelry.

All available seats were filled with an enthusiastic audience.

“Thank you, all, for creating this event with us! Folks really enjoyed it,” said one of the Copperfish owners, Serena Wyckoff. “One woman even stopped by the next day to tell us how much she enjoyed it.”

Boca Raton Plans Spring Festival

Left to right: Sheila Firestone, Elaine Bossik, Barb Capeletti, Vera Ripp-Hirschhorn, and Marlene Klotz are discussing the plans for the Family Spring Festival.

Boca Raton Branch Art Chair Barb Capeletti and President Sheila Firestone arranged for a complimentary fundraiser luncheon for the branch’s Achievement Awards Program. The luncheon took place on Feb. 18 and was sponsored by the Florida Community Bank.

Featured were beautiful, handmade jewelry by Dawn DeMarco Book; artwork by Barb Capeletti; a wine tasting; and various raffles.

Board members discussed plans for the March 4 Family Spring Festival hosted at the Center for Spiritual Living. Festivities for adults and children included music, storytelling, open microphone bits, poetry and publishing workshops, juried art shows, art demonstrations, author talks, a food truck, and a closing concert by Sheila Firestone. Admission was free and funds were donated to the ongoing achievement award program.

Santa Clara County Honors Arts Achievers

By Patricia Dennis

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Let the good times roll!

Edie Matthews and Susan Zerweck are having a great time.

Swinging to the beat of those jazzy entertainers, Eddie Matthews and Susan Zerweck, the 2017 Celebrity Luncheon was off and running. There was a full house of guests, including NLAPW President Virginia Franklin Campbell and her husband, Verne. All were willing to bid on the silent auction and put their tickets in for those wonderful raffle prize baskets, which the Santa Clara County Branch members so lovingly assembled the weekend before.

We were not short of entertainment! Our talent was abundant as singer and achiever Lijah Roof performed, with accomplished pianist Nancy Deussen accompanying her. Nancy also played background music throughout the event and later performed a duet with Judy Bingman, who was on saxophone.

Cymber Lily Quinn, also one of the music achievers, soothed our souls with her melodic harp music and when she played her composition of Cricket’s song, there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd.

Lijah Roof, Diana Chan, Bonnie Jo Smith, Erica Goss, Julia Watson, Lille McGhee Queen, Cymber Lily Quinn, and Dorothy Brown at the Celebrity Luncheon.

The Celebrity Luncheon was to honor eight professional women in the arts. It is also the main source of fundraising for the yearly scholarships given out by the Santa Clara County Branch.

The Valley is known for being an art center and our eight honorees were exceptional representatives of their fields.

Dorothy Atkins did the honors of introducing the three artists, Dorothy Brown, Bonnie Jo Smith, and Julia Watson. Luanna Leisure rolled out the carpet for the three literary ladies, Diana Chan, Erica Goss, and Lille McGhee Queen. Susan Zerweck presented music laurels to Lijah Roof and Cymber Lily Quinn.

And now on to the scholarships!

Pikes Peak Zentangles with Imaginative Results

By Sarah Byrn Rickman, Branch Secretary and Newsletter Editor











Combatting the snow and cold of January, Pikes Peak Branch gathered in the warmth of our creative camaraderie and produced some astonishing works of arts.

Our arty duo, Cheri Issel and Rosie Eylens — known to the rest of you as the national arts chair and vice chair, respectively — brought buckets (in a past life they were cottage cheese containers) filled with paints, brushes, a Sharpie, and rectangles of watercolor paper on which we were to produce our very own masterpieces.

What fun! Seventeen of us sat around a large craft table and each fashioned her own Zentangle picture with watercolor and ink.

Diablo/Alameda Hosts President

At the February potluck. Front row (sitting), left to right: Branch President Winnie Thompson, Charlotte Severin, Virginia Degner.
Back row: (standing) Jo Ann Frisch, National President Virginia Franklin Campbell, Natica Angilly, Ann Maloney-Mason, Kazumi Cranney, Connie Rusk, Betty Enoch, Carol Markos.

Diablo/Alameda Branch, California, hosted National President Virginia Franklin Campbell and her husband, Verne, at the February potluck lunch meeting. President Campbell spoke of need to increase membership and make the world aware of Pen Women.

She said there is no limit to what we can create with our new membership amendments and a new, positive view. President Campbell also asked members to support the GoFundMe campaign at

Proceeds of the branch auction ($87) were donated to NLAPW. The auction was started by early member Lucy Bogue, who figured this was an easy and fun way to raise money.

The branch will host its inaugural art show, “A Woman’s View of the World,” Sept. 29 to Nov. 17,  at the John O’Lague Art Galleria in Hayward City Hall. Branches invited to participate along with Diablo/Alameda are Golden Gate-Marin, Modesto, Santa Clara, Stockton, and Sacramento. Please contact the Diablo/Alameda Branch president for questions.

Yucca Branch Welcomes New Member

Also on Friday, December 16, 2016 Jeannie Gibson of Los Alamos, New Mexico was awarded her Art Certificate and welcomed into Albuquerque’s Yucca Branch of the National League of American Pen Women, Inc.

Left to right: Esther Vigil, Yucca Membership Chair; Fran Krukar, Yucca President; Jeannie Gibson new member; Jane Maclean, NLAPW 5th Vice President and Jeannie’s Sponsor

Jeannie has a “tremendous story” about recovering from a brain injury through her art. Jeannie’s sister Charly Potts is a Pen Woman, a member of the Pikes Peak Branch. Last year Charly brought Jeannie to Colorado to share her heart-stirring story with the Pikes Peak Pen Women.

Sarasota Branch Honors High School Seniors in the Arts

By Barbara Jendrysik, Publicity Chair

The Sarasota Branch, Florida, presented awards to high school seniors in the arts from Sarasota and Manatee schools in February. The purpose of the awards is to encourage students to pursue their education and interest in the arts.

Letters chairs Dr. Sylvia Price (second from left) and Amy Elder (far right) with letters award winners Olivia Hoefling, Peyton Hoey, Jazrielle Couran, Coralie Jean-Marie, and Amy Elder. Photos by Polly Curran

Sarasota members on opening night
(left to right): Brenda Spalding, Marge Bennett, Maddy Ginsberg, Lolly Owens, Margaret Mills, Judy Allen, Alice Moerk,Art Exhibit Chair Carol Doenecke. Photos by Justus Doenecke

The artwork was displayed, compositions were read, and music was performed by the students for the luncheon guests, which included many of the students’ teachers and family members.

Music award winners Sommer Altier, Dominick Medico, and Kavitharini Saravanan with Dr. Alice Moerk, music chair.

The branch raised funds for the awards through donations, a silent auction in December, and monthly meeting raffles. The Betty Altman Art Awards were funded by the David Altman Foundation in memory of Betty Altman, whom we gratefully remember as furthering the hopes of young artists. Sylvia Price donated the Dr. Sylvia Anderson Price Writing Award in memory of her late husband, Joe.

Tiffany Rojas (Lakewood Ranch High School) with her winning entry, “Under the Moonlit Cave,” acrylic paint on repurposed material.

The winning students received a certificate, award ribbon, a monetary award, and information about student membership in NLAPW and the Sarasota Branch mentorship program. The mentorship is a branch outreach program, open to award winners who are continuing their education in art, letters, music, or dance. It matches a Pen Woman with a student for a year, with the goal of helping the student have a meaningful, successful career in the arts.

Branch members who chaired the event were Barbara Jendrysik (awards and art chair), Audre Marans (art chair), Amy Elder and Sylvia Price (letters chairs), and Dr. Alice Moerk (music chair).

The Sarasota Branch is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Planned events include an outreach project and panel discussion titled “The Artist’s Journey” at the Selby Library in Sarasota, participation in the Sun Circle Arts Festival and the Venice Reading Festival, and an exhibit of members’ artwork and books at the Ringling College of Art and Design.

Modesto California Branch hosts visit by NLAPW President Virginia Franklin Campbell

On Wednesday, February 15, thirteen members of our branch had the rare opportunity to meet with national president Virginia Campbell during her visit to California.

Jill Adler, Modesto Vice President, Virginia Franklin Campbell, NLAPW President and Nancy Haskett, President, Modesto, CA Branch

After a luncheon at a local restaurant, Virginia shared a PowerPoint presentation with the group and updated us on NLAPW finances, the Pen Arts Building, ideas for future national projects, and more.

This was the first time our branch has ever been honored with a visit from the national president, and we are grateful for the opportunity we were given to meet Virginia.

– Submitted by Nancy Haskett, Modesto Branch President


Santa Clara County Reflects on 2016

By Patricia Dennis
The Santa Clara County Branch had a very successful year in 2016. Our talent runneth over!

Santa Clara County Branch celebrity luncheon achievers, left to right: Norma Slavic, Marjorie Johnson (letters); Ushma Vahia, Christine VanHoy (music); June Lyman, Giselle Gatrelle, Joanne Tillman (art); Mary Ann Savage (letters).

Writers have been taking pen in hand, with many notable works being released, such as Ursula Meier’s “The House on the Hillside” and Barbara Chamberlain’s “Sword of Smuggler’s Point.” Mary Lou Taylor received an honorable mention from the San Francisco Book Festival 2016 for her poetry book, “Bringing Home the Moon,” as did Audry Lynch with “Garth Jeffers Recalls His Father, Robinson Jeffers.”

In children’s books genre, Luanna Leisure’s “Best Buds” hit the press, as did Norma Slavit’s captivating “Peaches, Frog, and the Man in the Moon.”
Composer Nancy Bloomer Deussen was honored many times throughout the year. Her latest orchestra composition, “Trinity Alps,” won first place in NLAPW’s first conferring of the Vinnie Ream Awards. Judy Bingman’s photography graced the walls of the Pen Arts building, and her photo of Mt. McKinley won first place in the Vinnie Ream competition.

Marilyn Miller, Patricia Dennis, Patty Dick, Jeannie Carbonne, Carolina Mueller, and ShaRon Haugan are but a few who had art juried in shows during 2016 and Dorothy Atkins’ lovely paintings were on exhibit in a lawyer’s office.

In fashion news, Jerri Scaife graced the cover of Fuse Fashion Magazine and Louise Webb was honored by the city of Saratoga for “random acts of kindness.” The list goes on!

The celebrity luncheon at the Elks Lodge in San Jose featured a Hawaiian theme, and members and guests were mesmerized by the San Jose Hula Club. Comedian Edie Matthews as well as ventriloquist Carol Green had the crowd in stitches. Susan Zerweck and Kathryn Taylor emceed with grace and ease.

Celebrity lunch achievement awards went out to Christine Van Hoy for music; Norma Slavic, Mary Ann Savage, and Marjorie Johnson for letters; and Joanne Tillman, Ushma Vahia, June Lyman, and Gisella Gatrelle for art. Proceeds of this gala event went to help fund the scholarships awards presented by the Santa Clara County Branch.

The depth of talent of the young ladies applying for the 2016 scholarship was simply amazing. After much deliberation, the final choices for the $2,000 scholarship awards went to: Melody Hsu, music/composition; Kim Do, letters; and Rachel Geng, art. The  $1,000 Felicia Pollack Memorial Award for Art went to Codie Chang.

Judy Bingman and Dorothy Atkins turned over their roles of president and vice president, respectively. New 2016-2017 officers are: Kathryn Tyler, president; Carolina Mueller, vice president; Luanna Leisure, secretary; and ShaRon Haugen, treasurer. Susan Zerweck is membership chair.<br />
The Santa Clara County Branch is once again gathering forces and looks forward to a wonderful 2017.


Greenwich Bestows Owl Award

Arlene Mark is the 2016 recipient of the Greenwich Branch’s Owl Award. It is given to a member for outstanding achievement in her field and service to the community.
In presenting the award at this year’s holiday luncheon, Vice President Marcia Hamilton noted that Mark, a longtime member of the organization, has contributed her “time, talent, and treasures to our community and beyond.”

Mark is the author of novels and short stories, many featuring children. She has served as a board member and chairman of the Letters Committee, and has been a dedicated volunteer in a variety of community organizations. Accepting her Owl Award, an emotional Mark said, “I would be outrageously happy for a feather.”



Sacramento Branch pastel artist, Urania, honored at event in China

California artist Urania Christy Tarbet, a Sacramento Branch letters and art member, was invited by the host organizers of the 2nd China Biennial Pastel Exhibition in Suzhou, China, to be their honored guest last fall.  The exhibition catalogue foreword, printed in both Chinese and English, honored only two artists: China’s Master Hang MingShi, for whom the museum is named, and Tarbet.
Tarbet’s invitation was the result of her work as the founder and president emeritus of the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS). The complete exhibition included pastel paintings of a hundred artists from 14 countries, including 40 from the United States.
See Urania’s story in The Pen Woman magazine, Winter 2017.
The Pen Woman magazine is free to members. Extra copies available for purchase here.

Sarasota Showcases Members’ Works

By Barbara Jendrysik, Publicity Chair

Art Center Manatee in Bradenton, Florida, showcased the work of the Sarasota Branch in October. Art Exhibit Chair Carol Doenecke organized the event. Seventeen art members submitted 47 works of art to the exhibit.

Sarasota members on opening night
(left to right): Brenda Spalding, Marge Bennett, Maddy Ginsberg, Lolly Owens, Margaret Mills, Judy Allen, Alice Moerk,Art Exhibit Chair Carol Doenecke. Photos by Justus Doenecke

At the opening reception on October 6, letters and music members also had

Polly Curran and her Ikebana floral arrangement

their books and CDs for sale. This provided a golden opportunity for the branch to showcase all of its members’ work and inform the community as to who we are. The branch distributed information regarding NLAPW and contact information for membership. We also had NLAPW buttons for sale as a fundraiser for our awards program. It was a wonderful way to begin our 2016-2017 season!

This year will be the 60th anniversary of the Sarasota Branch. We plan to celebrate all year.


Palm Springs Members Celebrate Women’s History

Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti, left, and Women Making History event emcee Valarie Alexander.

Members of the Palm Springs Branch attended the second annual Women Making History: A Work in Progress event on Saturday, October 22, at the Downtown Hyatt in Palm Springs, California.

Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti spoke to the gathering about the history of Pen Women and gave a presentation on her gold-medal-winning book, “Prostitutes, Virgins and Mothers: Questioning Teachings About Biblical Women.”

Kathryn Jordan and Sunny Simon volunteered to staff the Pen Women table and Kathryn brought copies of her latest book, “Hot Water.” The Pen Women presentation included a brief history of the organization including some of the more famous members.

Also included in the presentation was information on joining Pen Women and the ongoing need of an organization to support women in the arts.


Holly Branch Member Honored by Local Art League

Holly Branch member KM Hammond was honored by the Dover Art League with a solo exhibit of her original artwork in November. Hammond, 83, was one of the original five artists who started what is now called the Dover Art League. Her work can be seen throughout Dover, Delaware, in numerous businesses and offices, including the Legislative Hall in the Capitol. The Dover Art League displayed 25 original KM Hammond paintings.

Her motto has always been and continues to be, “Always Original. Never a Print.” She has been painting professionally since 1959. Worldwide collections of her original artwork have been a bonus to her artist career.

In 2009, Hammond expanded her National League of American Pen Women membership to include a letters category by publishing her first book, “The Life and Times of KM Hammond,” which is now in its second printing. A second book, “Basic Principles of Art, Art Logic Revealed,” was published in 2014 and illustrates techniques and styles in 18 chapters, including eight different mediums.

A live-recorded set of eight DVDs includes unedited footage showing Hammond painting. “The Painting Hands of KM Hammond” teaches everyone from beginners to advanced professionals.

Over 55 years of learning and doing helped make Hammond a truly respected, one-of-a-kind artist and author.

Two of her murals that depict rural Delaware Amish scenes are on permanent display in Dover. One, painted in 1976, is at the Blue Hen Corporate Center. The other, painted in 2014, is at the Dover Public Library.

For more information, go to and


Boca Raton Members Host Multiple Events

By Carol White

Left to right, Deborah Hutchison, Elaine Bossik, Jo Jo Harder, and Roberta Melman at the Membership Luncheon.

The Boca Raton Branch had a busy fall and holiday season.

The Membership Luncheon and Member Art Auction in October was a huge success. Etta Schaeffer, our fundraising chair, collected over $1,300. Members and guests enjoyed a fabulous buffet lunch presented by the Delray Beach Golf Club.

Four authors — Marlene Klotz, Alexandra Goodwin, Carol White, and Janet Kleinman — appeared at the Parkland Library in November for the first book talk of the season.


Fundraising Chair Etta Schaeffer at the Membership Luncheon.

Vera Ripp Hirschhorn, poetry chair, organized the first poetry workshop. Participants were asked to create poetry as they listened to two of Branch President Sheila Firestone’s original compositions.

Sheila coordinated a holiday party, hosted at the Milagro Center for Teens as part of their outreach program. “Ted Talks” was the highlight of the afternoon with gift cards for those teens who participated. Food, gifts, games, etc., were available for 40 teens.





The Annual Pikes Peak Pen Women Flash Fiction Contest Invitational


The Pikes Peak Colorado Branch
of the National League of American Pen Women
announces its
Annual Pikes Peak Pen Women Flash Fiction Contest

January 15-April 30, 2017


We challenge writers to start 2017 by writing a complete short story using no more than one hundred words. Entries MUST be narrative in form and pertain to this year’s theme:

Life Interrupted

This contest is open to everyone. You do not need to be a Colorado resident nor an NLAPW member to submit. Men and teens are welcome.

All genres are encouraged, but no poetry. Multiple submissions are acceptable.


First Place–$125
Second Place–$75
Third Place–$50

Go here for complete contest information: Pikes Peak Pen Women 2017 Flash Fiction Contest


Special recognition among the Yucca Branch Pen Women

On Friday December 16, 2016 Yucca Branch presented a Letters Certificate to member Polly Dagas.

In the fall 2016 issue of The Pen Woman magazine Polly was recognized as the first Pen Woman to be honored in a 120th Anniversary series of articles titled Legends and Legacies.

National President Virginia Campbell sponsored Polly for the category of active letters to stand beside her long ago awarded certificate in art. To Polly’s delight and surprise, that request was fulfilled at the Yucca Branch December meeting.

City of Warrior library project inspires Birmingham, AL Branch

By Jan Harris, President
Birmingham Pen Women

In November, our newest art member, Sandy Mann, brought the needs of a struggling library to our attention. Sandy lives in a rural town in North Jefferson County with low-income residents and a tiny public library serving several small communities.

The City of Warrior sold a group of Warrior citizens an unused National Guard Army depot for $1.00 to turn into a multi-use library and art center. Currently the facility is huge but without central heating and air.

Several of us visited the center after our November meeting and were struck by the enthusiasm and determination of those working there. They have accomplished a lot but have a long way to go to achieve their goals. They run a bookstore to raise money and recently held a Christmas sale of donated Christmas items to sell as a money raiser.

We had enough funds in our treasury to donate $1000.00 to help support the Warrior Regional Library and Art Center. At our meeting on December 1, we gave a check for that amount to the executives of the board overseeing the renovation projects. We also plan to donate books and time to this struggling young library to help create the multi-functional center of their dreams.

Birmingham is rich with libraries and facilities for students. The outlying communities deserve no less opportunities for enrichment for children and adults alike. In the future, we may also tutor in reading and art but this is our first project thus far.

From the left: left: Winnie Cooper, Birmingham Art Chair; Mary Lempke; Virginia Franklin Campbell, NLAPW National President; Jan Harris, Branch President; two Birmingham Pen Women


Yucca, NM Branch secures new copy of NLAPW Charter

Branch corresponding secretary, Lyla Garcia, expressed thanks for the team effort required to resolve charter issues for the Yucca Branch. National administrative assistant, May-Mei, our accountant Wanda Wachter and President Virginia Campbell assisted in resolving issues to confirm the Yucca Branch Charter.

Thank-you letter: yucca-branch-letter_help-with-charter


Modesto, CA Branch Supports Youth Arts, Collaborations

by Lynn M. Hansen, Branch Past President

Modesto Branch recently supported youth art and literary contests as well as collaborations with local musicians.

Each year, the Stanislaus County Office of Education sponsors the Educationally Interpretive Exhibit, a visual arts contest open to K-12 students from local schools. Each class that enters the competition must demonstrate how they arrive at and develop a concept, which skills they use in the creative process, the role of imagination and how they make connections with other areas of knowledge.


Teacher Mary Beth Roe (right), receives prize for 5th grade at Von Renner Elementary School.


Teacher Amy Zschaber (right) receives prize for Whitmore Charter School, grades 9-12.


This year, the branch awarded a monetary prize to the fifth-grade class of Mary Beth Roe from Von Renner Elementary School, Newman-Crows Landing School District; and 9- 12-grade class of Amy Zschaber from Whitmore Charter School, Ceres Unified School District.



The Aileen Jaffa Youth Poetry Contest, named in honor of former Pen Woman Aileen Jaffa, was co-sponsored by the Modesto Branch and the Modesto/Stanislaus Poetry Center. More than 80 entries were received from K-12 students in Stanislaus County.


Modesto Aileen Jaffa contest winners

Grand Prize winner, Caroline I. McGuire between Nancy Haskett and Lynn M Hansen

Grand Prize winner, Caroline I. McGuire between Nancy Haskett and Lynn M Hansen







The K-6 winner was Caroline I. McGuire from Mary Ann Sanders Elementary School for her poem “Mother Nature” and the 7- to 12-grade winner was Amber Coston, a homeschooled student, for her poem “perspective.” A celebration reading for the winners took place at the Carnegie Center of the Arts in Turlock, California.

Three Modesto Branch Pen Women also participated in ekphrastic collaborations of poetry and music. (Ekphrastic is as a rhetorical device in which one medium of art relates to another medium, expressing its essence and form by interpreting, inhabiting, confronting, or otherwise speaking to the varied artworks.)

Michael Bernal, student composer and Louise Kantro, poet

Michael Bernal, student composer and Louise Kantro, poet

First, poet Louise Kantro teamed up with California State University Stanislaus music theory student Michael Bernal, whose composition explicated Louise’s poem “Siren Song.” Louise read her poem; then, Michael, a tenor, sang the piece at the 31st Annual Student Composition and New Music Festival at the Snider Music Recital Hall in Turlock.

In the second collaboration, Johansen High School students Jose Ramirez and Zac Grenig, respectively, selected “Spadefoot” by Lynn M. Hansen and “Sometimes I Mourn the Loss of Fog” by Nancy Haskett. The students composed music modesto_johansen-hs-student-jose-ramirez-lynn-m-hansento express the essence of each poem. Jose’s music was a lively marimba piece, while Zac’s was created for a saxophone quartet. As the poems were projected on a large screen, the world premiere performance of the music was played at the Spring Concert for Orchestra and Band at the Eleanor McKnight-Haines Theatre in Modesto.


Boca Raton Hosts Annual Luncheon

The Boca Raton Branch is hosting its annual Membership Luncheon on Oct. 20 at the beautiful boca-raton_playing-hookeyDelray Beach Golf Club. Along with a sumptuous buffet, the event will feature a silent auction including members’ art pieces, a giant treasure basket, theater tickets, and much more donated by Dr. Myra Levick, Pat Wilson, Joanie Sack, Bea Doone-Merena, Prue Carrico, Lidia Tohar, Carol White, Barb Capeletti, Barbara Bixon and Sheila Firestone.

Other Highlights

Prue Carrico has started a branch drive to collect unused eyeglasses and cases to be donated to the Lions Club International.

Boca Raton Branch ‘Worst Vacation’ Contest Results

  •  First place: Lea Hope Becker, Boca Raton Branch
    “A Vacation Not to Be Forgotten”
  • Second place: Barbara Bixon, Boca Raton Branch
    “From Bad to Worse”
  • Third place: Rose Perante, Sarasota Branch, “Airport Oranges”
  • Honorable mention: Jamie Morewood Anderson, Yucca Branch, “Holy Pinons”

Prizes were: $35, $25, $15 for first, second, third, and $10 for honorable mention. Blind judging by judges not affiliated with NLAPW.

Pensacola Presents Collaborative Exhibit

pensacola-florida-branch-participants-in-nobis-art-show-2016The Pensacola Branch, Florida, presented an art and poetry exhibit called “Nobis,” the Latin word for “us.” The exhibit represents the collaborative vision and creations of 26 branch members.

The visual artists were challenged to select a poem written by one of the branch poets and to paint a picture suggested by the poem. A beautiful show was hosted under the direction of chairperson Carol Loethen.

pensacola_anne-baehr-viewers-choice-award-at-nobis-show-mosaic-named-the-pensacola-branchpensacola-florida-branch-published-book-nobis“Nobis” is also the name of the branch’s recently self-published, 150-page book of photographs of selected paintings and other artwork, poetry and prose pieces, artists’ essays, and biographies. Photographer Anne Baehr played a dominant role in helping facilitate professional photographic reproductions of the art.

The cover art, “Dancers” by President Mara Viksnins, demonstrates that women artists, poets, writers, photographers, and crafters with divergent backgrounds, unique skills, and personal ideals can come together in perfect harmony.

Special gratitude is extended to Pen Woman Karen McAferty Morris and her colleague, Mac McGovern, who worked many hours to organize, compile, and create the book, which is available on Funds raised by the sale of the book will help sponsor art programs, scholarships, and merit awards for artists on the Gulf Coast.

Connecticut Pioneer Branch bestows Owl Award

submitted by Carol Nipomnich Dixon

Thalia Cokkinos displays her Owl Award

Thalia Cokkinos displays her Owl Award

At the annual meeting of the Connecticut Pioneer Branch of the National League of American Pen Women, held on June 15, Thalia Cokkinos was presented with the Owl Award. This honor is in recognition of and appreciation for her multiple contributions to the Branch through her well organized, knowledgeable role as treasurer and her numerous talented performances as a harpist, pianist, and singer at meetings over the years.

Thalia’s invaluable contributions to the community include her employment by the Town of Greenwich and the Perrot Library. She has been a member of the Round Hill Community Church Choir and belongs to the Pioneer Valley Harpers’ Guild. A graduate of the Music for Healing and Transition Program, she is a certified music practitioner.

Over the years, Thalia has appeared in theatrical performances, acting in community theater and presenting a one-woman show. She has performed solo voice and harp concerts at many area venues. A prolific composer of songs and instrumental pieces, she produced a CD of original recordings.

(Art works shown are some entered in the art show.)

"Swedish Birches," acrylic painting by art member Grace Le Vander

“Swedish Birches,” acrylic painting by art member Grace Le Vander

"Primavera," collage by Art Chair Elizabeth Vazquez

“Primavera,” collage by Art Chair Elizabeth Vazquez

Some of the highlights of other chapter programs during 2016 included a drawing and writing workshop offered by President Carol Nipomnich Dixon and Vice President Elvira Sisca; a presentation by Co-Music Chair Patti Preiss Harris that featured creative musical improvisation; a musical lecture on Richard Strauss’ opera Electra given by member Barbara Reis; and the May Arts Show “Bring Expressions”  held at the Gertrude White Gallery in Greenwich.

"Blue Collection," oil painting by art member Lucie Anderes

“Blue Collection,” oil painting by art member Lucie Anderes

At the Art Show reception, Letters members read their poetry and prose, while composers performed on the piano. Junior Awards were presented to several  young women who show extraordinary promise in writing, music, and the visual arts.

"On the Hudson," mixed media work by incoming Art Co-Chair Vivian Bergenthal

“On the Hudson,” mixed media work by incoming Art Co-Chair Vivian Bergenthal

"Into the Woods," oil painting by President Carol Nipomnich Dixon

“Into the Woods,” oil painting by President Carol Nipomnich Dixon



Manhattan-New York City Artists Featured in Exhibit

Twenty-two Manhattan-NYC branch artists enjoyed a three-month exhibition at the prestigious Samuel J. Wood Library. They invited the parents of recently deceased, developmentally disabled Howie Stone to exhibit some of his artwork. The parents accepted, and a memorial with his beautiful paintings was prominently displayed in the branch’s group show.

Pen Woman Julia A. Rogge is a former board member of The Association for the Help of Retarded Children, which provides programs that Howie attended. A large contingent of AHRC members came to the opening reception and subsequently included an article and photos in their newsletter.

The winning student photo entitled "Getting Ready for the Prom" taken by student photographer Dejah Cummings.

“Getting Ready for the Prom” photo by Dejah Cummings

Young Artist Recognized

Branch Membership Chair Nancy Miller, art teacher at Erasmus High School, strongly encouraged her students to participate in the Diversity Lens Project, an annual photography undertaking that culminates in an exhibition of student work at the New York City Department of Education’s Tweed Courthouse in Manhattan.

The photos of Miller’s student, Dejah Cummings, were among those chosen, and Pen Women awarded her with $100 and an Achievement in Photography certificate.





Central Ohio Branch Kicks Off the Year With a “Diva”

Submitted by Bev Goldie

Peggy Kriha Dye, Artistic Director, Opera Columbus, Ohio

Peggy Kriha Dye, Artistic Director, Opera Columbus, Ohio

The Central Ohio Branch kicked off their year with a presentation from Artistic Director of Opera Columbus, Peggy Kriha Dye.  Ms. Dye, an opera diva herself, has revitalized the local opera scene by introducing collaborative efforts between Columbus’ Ballet Met and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.  This talk was open to the public as an evening event and was promoted among the various art organizations in town.  It allowed our members to publicize NLAPW, invite prospective members and be inspired by a woman leader in the arts.  Ms. Dye’s collaboration with various forms of art made her a natural fit as a speaker for us.

We followed up the evening with information about NLAPW and invitations to a coffee two weeks later to share more about it.  Our local and National brochures, agenda of programs for the next six months and guest registry will be on hand. (Guests were encouraged to sign the guest book for follow-up by our Membership Chair.)

We funded an honorarium for our speaker from two donations from members who felt it worthy of their patronage.  Our regular budget is healthy, but we wanted to make sure we provided adequate compensation for such an important speaker.

Having an evening “celebrity” speaker for our first meeting was a very successful formula for attracting new members and promoting NLAPW last year when we first tried it with NLAPW Past President Candace Long as our speaker.  We hope it continues to engage and enrich our own members as well.

Chesapeake Bay, VA Branch Exhibits Seeds of Inspiration

submitted by Mary Jo Beswick and Martha Anne King


“Painting, Poetry, and Prose, a Creative Encounter” exhibition by the Chesapeake Bay Pen Women.

Chesapeake Bay Pen Women art show

Martha Anne King and Joyce Stedelbauer

The Chesapeake Bay Branch of Virginia completed a 10-month-long “seed and response” inspiration project that culminated in a surprising and fun exhibition called “Painting, Poetry, and Prose, a Creative Encounter.” The project started in July 2015, when the call went out to our 35 members and eight prospective members asking for “seeds” of inspiration.

Writers were to submit one-page stories or poems; artists were asked to submit digital images of their paintings, fiber art, or sculpture.

Suspense grew over the next six months while members worked in solitude and secrecy, not knowing if their seed had inspired a response or not. Finally, on June 4 at the opening reception, everything was revealed in an amazing exhibition of the surprise responses hanging next to their seeds of inspiration!

The 2016 exhibit not only heightened community awareness of the NLAPW, but also attracted new members to join the branch and potential members to seek mentorship to qualify for membership, and inspired 77 new works to be created. And if that were not enough, we assembled a 50-page commemorative booklet containing all the works in the 2016 exhibition as a souvenir for the Chesapeake Bay Branch members. It’s surprising what can happen when Pen Women share some seeds of inspiration!

Vero Beach, FL Branch hosts juried art competition

Vero Beach art group

Some of the artists whose work was accepted. First-prize winners Gail Jaffe and Lee G. Smith are on the far left, front row.

The Vero Beach, Florida Branch presented its inaugural Juried Art Competition for women artists 18 or older  residing in Indian River County, Florida. The exhibit was hosted in May and June at The Foyer Gallery of Art in the Emerson Center/Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach. Heather Kelley, a well-known artist and teacher from Melbourne, Florida, was the judge for the competition.


The works of 24 women were accepted and 14 of the artists won prizes of ribbons and certificates. vero-beach_gouche-1st-prize

The top three prizes went to Rita Ziegler (oils), Lee G. Smith (acrylic), and Gail Jaffe (mixed media). In addition to ribbons and certificate, each of them received a $50 gift card from local businesses. A grand opening night to meet the artists was vero beach hummiston park 1st prizehosted on July 6, with refreshments provided by the artists and the Vero Beach Branch.

Vero Beach Branch President Rosemary Brofus and League member E. Marie Francis (the director of The Foyer Gallery of Art) organized the event.

Previous branch news:

NLAPW President Virginia Campbell encouraged by
the Columbus, Georgia Pen Women

Columbus Georgia Branch of the National League of American Pen Women

Columbus Branch Pen Women, September 6, 2016 luncheon.

Comments about Virginia’s presentation:

“You gave some valuable information about Pen Women and ways to help our organization.  Sometimes, I think we just get in a rut and need some enthusiasm to get motivated again.  You did that!”  – Diane Cox Osbourne

“Yesterday was outstanding!  Thanks to you and Verne…what a team!”  – Geri Davis

Columbus Georgia Branch of the NLAPW

Columbus Pen Women luncheon, members and guests.

More Columbus Branch photos on the NLAPW National Level News page.


Portland, Oregon Branch Awards Music Scholarship

Members and guests at the Portland August luncheon. Back row: Anne, Doreen, Annette, Roberta, Laura. Front row: Barbara, Linda, and Jane.

Members and guests at the Portland August luncheon.
Back row: Anne, Doreen, Annette, Roberta, Laura. Front row: Barbara, Linda, and Jane.

Portland_MirandaOregon City High School student Miranda Parrish, who plays the trombone, was the recipient of our $200 music scholarship this year. After Joanne contacted the school and made the arrangements, the school printed the certificate, which Miranda received along with the check at the June ceremony. Ms. Parrish played trombone in the marching band, honors band, and jazz band. She is a vivacious, friendly young woman who plans to attend Southern Oregon University and major in Veterinarian Science and minor in Performing Arts. She was pleased and honored to receive the scholarship. Congratulations, Miranda!

Muncie, Indiana Branch gets second wind

After nearly losing the branch in May 2015, with only eight members and no other officers, President Barb Kehoe and Treasurer Cathy Shouse called a meeting on June 24 to decide whether to disband.

Barb Keno's Strawberry Spinach Salad

Barb Keno’s Strawberry Spinach Salad

Barb and Cathy pressed forward with a rousing agenda for the meeting. Barb catered the luncheon herself and they brought in special guest speaker, career newspaper journalist and novelist Donna Cronk, whose work in the smaller town of New Castle has won state awards for newspaper features and columns.

Inspiration must have infused the room, touching the attendees – two other members and some guests. A first-time visitor stepped up to join. It was “a glimmer of hope” that inspired Barb and Cathy, and they recommitted as officers for another year.

We commend this dedicated team for their dauntless spirit, and for bringing their story to us so that we might encourage them in their efforts.

Sarasota Branch Awards Scholarships

The Scholarship Awards Program, an outreach project of long standing with the Sarasota Branch, Florida, to award money to high school senior students in Sarasota and Manatee counties, took place recently at the Laurel Oaks Country Club in Sarasota.

Sarasota Branch_Art Award winners

Art Awards Chair Audre Marans (left) and the art award winners.

Monies were awarded to students for first-, second-, and third-place prizes. One donor was the Altman Foundation, in honor of a beloved art member who passed away a few years ago.



Sarasota Branch Music Award winners

Music Chair Ellen Di Piazza and music award winners.

Sarasota Branch_Price Writing Award winner

Sylvia Price with Angela Clavey George, who received the Dr. Sylvia A. Price Writing Award.

High school students from more than 20 public high schools in the area competed for awards in letters, art, and music. Branch members were judges and each judged candidates’ work in their respective fields.



The art of all winners was displayed, compositions were read, and music was performed at the luncheon for the enjoyment of the guests.

At the luncheon, the branch announced another outreach project, the Pen Women Mentoring Project, and encouraged students who won awards to choose a volunteer mentor to work with during their college years at no cost to them. Mentors will be available to encourage emerging artists to continue their creative efforts as creative individuals as well as in becoming professionals in their chosen art fields.

Many of those winning awards were women who might be interested in becoming members of the NLAPW in student categories as well as adults as they continue forward on  their creative journeys.

Boca Raton Branch Installs New Officers, Chairs

Our closing luncheon featured installation of new officers and chairs, plus a beautiful fashion show presented by local clothing store, Patchington.

Boca Raton Branch officers

Board officers, left to right: Barbara Bixon, Treasurer; Prue Carrico, Recording Secretary; Sheila Firestone, President; Etta Schaeffer, Vice President, Fundraising; and Marlene Klotz, Vice President, Programs.









Other new board members:

Alexandra Goodwin, Corresponding Secretary, Letters Co-Chair
Carol White, Publicity, Letters Co-Chair
Barbara Capeletti, Art Chair
Vera Ripp-Hirschhorn, Poetry Chair
Dayle Herstik, Membership Chair
Louise Mirkin, Yearbook Committee
Betty Elster, Historian
Elaine Bossik, Webmaster
Dr. Barbara Lunde, Chaplain

A special Poetry Scholarship was created by our Branch from the sale of Marlene Klotz’s poetry book, “Love. Life. Laughter.” This anthology includes poems from members who attended Marlene’s poetry workshops.  Contact the Boca Raton Branch for more information.


Wellesley Branch Members Stage Dramatic Play

Wellesley Branch members_play

Standing from left to right: Sage Stossel, CW Duncan, Priscilla Cogan, Nancy Poydar, Steve Engler, and Sharon Engler (seated).

Members of Wellesley Branch, Massachusetts, did a dramatic reading of Priscilla Cogan’s second play, “Nothing But the Truth,” in April. They were assisted by two spouses.

The production was complete with props, including a stuffed gorilla that was a stand-in for a corpse. Much fun was had by both talented readers and audience!




June 2016

Des Moines, Iowa Branch

Laura Walth with Congressman David Young 3rd District Iowa

Laura Walth with Congressman David Young 3rd District Iowa

Laura Walth, NLAPW National Outreach Chair, met with Congressman David Young from the Third District of Iowa when she was in Washington DC for her first Board of Directors meeting. She introduced the concept of promoting the arts in schools by sharing with him the guide, “Creating Students who Soar Higher Through the Poetry in the Schools Project,” created by the Pikes Peak Branch in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Congressman was also open to visiting the Des Moines Branch of NLAPW when he is in Des Moines for the weekend. Laura believes it is important to close the gap between political parties when it comes to supporting the arts in education. We as Pen Women can help promote the arts by reaching out to our congressman to let them know we are here to help regardless of their political affiliation.

Also from the Des Moines, Iowa Branch:

Elaine Erickson accepting 2016 National Music award from Laura Walth

Elaine Erickson accepting 2016 National Music award from Laura Walth

Elaine Erickson won first place in the 2016 48th Biennial Music Competition. Elaine received the NLAPW National award at the Des Moines Iowa Branch meeting May 14th at the Des Moines Social Club.

The title of Elaine Erickson’s music composition for flute and piano is December Celebration. It was performed at the Iowa Composers Forum Music Festival at the University of Northern Iowa, March 2015, and at the Westkirk Presbyterian Church in January 2016. The theme running through her piece is a Christmas song called, “Of the Father’s Love Begotten”. There are dissonant atonal passages in this piece that resolve into that tune like darkness moving to light.

2016 Biennial Music Competition winners

1st place  :  Elaine Erickson, Des Moines Branch for “December Celebration”

2nd place:  Eugenie Rocherolle, Member At Large

3rd place:  Dr. Alice Moerk, Sarasota, Florida Branch

Minnesota Branch

Member Marjorie Alexander shares her news (Minnesota Branch Newsletter, May 2016):

"The Web" - Marjorie Alexander

“The Web” – Marjorie Alexander

My piece, “The Web” was chosen for the current National Pen Women exhibit in Washington, DC. I believe it is on exhibit at the Democratic Club in Washington. Also, I just heard that my entry into the NLAPW art exhibit has been accepted. I am awaiting instructions of sending the piece into Washington. The second piece is in a juried exhibit held in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. It is a book illustrating the poem Birches, a poem by Robert Frost. The title of the exhibit is “Words.”

2016 Election results announced at NLAPW Biennial May 2016:

Virginia Franklin Campbell

First Vice-President
Lorna Jean Hagstrom

Second Vice-President
Sheila M. Byrnes

Third Vice-President
Maureen Stack Sappéy

Fourth Vice-Presdent
Ronni Miller

Fifth Vice-President
Jane Maclean

Recording Secretary
Mary Pat Canes

Evelyn B. Wofford