Art of the Week: Pulse Source

“Pulse Source,” Acrylic on Canvas (16 x 20)

by Natica Angilly

Diablo/Alameda Branch NLAPW

Artist’s Quote:

What Tools and Materials do I like to use? Brushes, sponges, the side of hand and sometimes the stretch of my arm, help me to spread my color and textures. Rulers and tape help me define areas, lines and give a precise edge.  I like to feel connected to the work.  Acrylic, and especially the liquid acrylic spray, has a tendency to “roam.”  Pallet knife, air brush, and old perfume atomizers help me work the transparent acrylic and achieve various affects.  The assemblages are found and created objects, fabrics, paper mâché, hand sewing, and several types of glues which I gather.  Things seem to “show up” when an idea starts dancing in my head. Affecting a sense of movement is the challenge.  I like to create a look of depth or seeing beyond with multiple transparencies.  For my collages – just about anything goes!  The liquid acrylic moves and can be coaxed across the canvas, which I guide and slide into form.  Getting caught by a compelling poetic idea, motivation or directive seems to be the key.  My Heartistry series, and Pulse Source paintings, speak of dynamism, musicality and the infinite spiral staircase.  The whorls demonstrated in the inner working of some sea shells helped to give me a clue toward painted movement.  The inner spiral is often called the spiral staircase. These shapes are used to enjoy the artistic dance and also teach directed line and motion.

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Art of the Week: Rainbow Teapot


“Rainbow Teapot” by Melissa Woodburn
Golden Gate/Marin Branch NLAPW
Ceramic with underglazes and glazes

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Art of the Week–New Member Profile, Anita Burgess

I’m continuing the series of new member profiles and looking for submissions!
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We’re honored to have Anita Burgess in the Bayou City Branch here in Houston. Welcome to being a Pen Woman!!–Treanor Baring

Golden Earring Anita Burgess Bayou City Branch, TX

Golden Earring
Anita Burgess
Bayou City Branch, TX

Group Dance Anita Burgess Bayou City Branch, TX

Group Dance
Anita Burgess
Bayou City Branch, TX

Untitled Anita Burgess Bayou City Branch, TX

Anita Burgess
Bayou City Branch, TX

Anita F. Burgess is a visual artist working in watercolor, collage, oils, pen and ink, and colored pencils in Houston, TX. She has created art all her life beginning in earnest as a ten year old when her older brother lent her his “learn to draw” set. In fourth grade, she completed her first oil painting for a school-wide exhibit. Her 7th grade art teacher Doris Spoonamore took her under her wing. She invited her along with other talented students to come to her island home to paint over the summers for three years. Ms. Spoonamore remained a life long friend and mentor. Ms. Burgess went on to earn her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Akron. She has a painting in the permanent collections of the Hoyt Museum of Art, New Castle, PA and in private collections in Ohio and Texas. She works in a variety of media, experimenting and expanding her repertoire. She continues to exhibit in exclusive galleries and art shows.

Art of the Week, New Member Profile, Carol Loethen

Continuing our series on getting to know NLAPW’s newest members, today’s Art of the Week features Carol Loethen of the Pensacola Branch. Welcome, Carol, it’s an honor to have you as a member!

Attention Branch Presidents: If you have a new member you would like to see on this monthly feature, send in (or get them to send in) their art, a bio and branch info.

Speaking of new members, Houston has a new branch — so do get the word out to your Southeast Texas friends that now they do have a NLAPW branch in the fourth largest city in the U.S. The Bayou City Branch has got some great plans for the autumn and beyond. Email

and now, to Carol and her story:

Carol Loethen
Girl In Blue by Carol Loethen Pensacola Branch

Girl In Blue
by Carol Loethen
Pensacola Branch

Owner/Loethen Design

Coming from a small town, Bunkie, Louisiana, where as a child every day after school she would have fun making ceramics. Over her elementary school years she achieved many ribbons for her ceramic designs. Carol was always told in school how good she was in art, but felt art was a hobby and not a career. Therefore when she attended college, Fine Art was a minor. She worked for many years in retail, bookkeeping, and accounting, at the same time painting, woodworking, polymer clay, and many other art forms kept her busy.
Later in life she went back to college to earn a degree in Graphic Design. Having this degree has enhanced her skills as an artist. As a Graphic Design artist Carol has her own business, Loethen Design, where she freelances as an illustrator, photographer, and jewelry designer. As a fine art photographer she specializes in fashion, travel, and food photography.
Carol now lives in Pensacola Beach, Florida with her husband who is also a photographer and artist. Carol’s work has been published in several magazines and has been exhibited in several juried art shows, fairs, and festivals. Carol belongs to “The Wide Angle Photo Club”, where she designs their Facebook page and monthly newsletters. She also belongs to “The National League of American Pen Women”, The Pensacola Branch and the National Branch.
Look for her on Facebook!

Art of the Week (At Repose with Mitsy) and Poem of the Week (Cuba)

Art of the Week

Click on the image to see it larger.

At Repose with Mitsy E. Marie Francis Vero Beach Branch, FL Acrylic

At Repose with Mitsy
E. Marie Francis
Vero Beach Branch, FL

Poem of the Week


Amalia, but we called her Molly
The first and only Cuban I have known
She was orphaned when
Her parents died in a train wreck
She and her brother were raised by the nuns and brothers
The children were not permitted to see each other for a year
Thinking that would allow their unspeakable loss to heal
Like an unpicked scab
Her family name, unknown to me, had stature but no money, she said
Molly married a US navy man and left the island by twenty
Castro’s revolution was on its way
In the United States the soap operas taught her English
An economics course taught her capitalism
Amalia transformed herself into Molly
We met when teachers at a Catholic School
She taught Spanish; I taught English
I was a twenty-seven year old ex-nun fresh from the convent
Molly was a thirty-seven year old with a master’s degree in psychology
She became my counselor ex-officio
Molly transformed me.
She was outgoing and fun
She gave me permission to shake off the habits of my old life
And embrace my new life with gusto
Just as she had done for herself.
We partied with faculty and attended weddings together
We went for dinner and drinks often
One night she let down her guard
Her brother was waiting for his son’s release
He’d been imprisoned for handing out anti-Castro pamphlets on a street corner
They’d cross the Straits when the boat of opportunity sailed
As soon as her words dropped from her lips
Panic set in
Now, she had to trust me with her secret
I never spoke a word; not even to ask the outcome
Molly divorced and I married; our friendship suffered
I moved hundreds of miles away, we lost touch
But thirty years later, I wanted to mend the rift
The internet quickly gave up Amalia’s address
A letter came back
My opportunity had sailed a year too late
In 2003 Molly had died.

Descansa en paz, Amalia. Descansa en paz.

by Susan Bassler Pickford
Member at large

Art of the Week–new member Ava Cosey

Ava Cosey is a new art member and the first vice president of the recently formed Bayou City Branch (Houston, TX). Active in the visual arts scene in Houston and througout Texas, she was nominated this year for Texas State Artist by the Texas Commission on the Arts. She attended Art Advocacy Day – Texas for the Arts in Austin, Texas and the Texas Commission on the Arts Conference, visited the Capitol during the 84th Legislation and met with State Senators.

Her works are a part of permanent collections and galleries, and can be seen at her website Scroll down for a few works featured here as the Art of the Week.

In her own words:

In 1997, I experienced an epiphany that catapulted my creative, remarkable talent.

Art rejuvenates the soul. I experience infinite inspiration and I am fascinated by the mystery of visualization and its startling effect. I am dedicated to my gift and my passion is to share my God given talents.

I work in all mediums. I use oil, acrylic, pastels, ink and mixed media. I also work with the process of monoprints, silkscreens, etchings, sculpting and fiber arts. I use vivid colors, majestic characters and universal themes in my work. I love painting meaningful images, places and things.

My goal is to capture the interest of the viewer by creating a visual story that will intrigue and invoke emotions which relates to their experiences.

Abstract Warriors Oil Painting Ava Cosey Bayou City Branch, TX

Abstract Warriors
Oil Painting
Ava Cosey
Bayou City Branch, TX

My Mind Ain't on These Beads Oil Painting Ava Cosey Bayou City Branch, TX

My Mind Ain’t on These Beads
Oil Painting
Ava Cosey
Bayou City Branch, TX

Determined Oil Painting Ava Cosey Bayou City Branch, TX

Oil Painting
Ava Cosey
Bayou City Branch, TX

Her painting, “Ancestor’s Torch” was unveiled at the Houston Community College – San Jacinto Auditorium for the nationally acclaimed Kinsey Collection, and traveled to Mississippi State University this spring as part of the Kinsey Treasures Collection. It can be seen here in the background behind speaker Morgan Freeman.

Ava Cosey's work, Ancestor's Torch with the Kinsey Treasures Collection

Ava Cosey’s work, Ancestor’s Torch with the Kinsey Treasures Collection

Memorial Day Poem

Rest Peacefully

Once they floated in mothers’ wombs
Now interred
In well aligned tombs
Though much life
Meant still to live
Their lives
For our country
They did give
They lie beneath
Our sacred soil
Because man can’t live
Minus knife and foil
Now cannons and rifles
Rattle the calm
And horrific bombs

Rest peacefully
Under flowers
And flags
And long after
Due to the weather sags
They who died
For their blessed land
Are held tightly
By the good Lord’s hands
Happy Memorial Day
For all those who died for the USA
Barb Whitmarsh

Editor’s note: This poem was due to go up on Monday, May 25, but as many of you may know, I live in Houston and Monday and Tuesday were not ordinary days here. Prayers for all those affected by the storms and floods. We are fine and our hearts go out to those still recovering from losses.–Treanor Baring

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Art of the Week–Street Art Critic

HONORABLE MENTION Street Art Critic Soon Yi Warren Fort Worth Branch

Street Art Critic
Soon Yi Warren
Fort Worth Branch

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Art of the Week–Pink Pearl

Happy spring, everyone!

3rd Place, Pink Pearl, Valerie Lecklikner, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

3rd Place, Pink Pearl, Valerie Lecklikner, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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