Walking Art Tour

Vinnie Ream Sculpture, Farragut Square

“Vinnie Ream: A Celebration of Art, Letters & Music” Walking Tour

Take a self-guided walking tour of the nation’s capital and enjoy some of its national treasures – the works of early Pen Woman Vinnie Ream.

Researched and designed by the NLAPW, this self-guided walking tour highlights the works of Vinnie Ream, a celebrated artist, composer and writer.

Vinnie Ream, sculptor of the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the U.S. Capitol rotunda, was the first woman and the youngest artist to ever receive a commission from the United States Government for a statue. Ream also designed the first free-standing statue of a Native American (Sequoyah) to be placed in Statuary Hall at the Capitol; and, she sculpted the first major monument (built in DC) to a U.S. Navy Officer, Admiral David Farragut.

A noted writer and singer and a founding member of NLAPW, Ream helped wounded soldiers write letters and gave concerts in Civil War hospitals.

Walking Tour: Vinnie Ream Works of Sculpture Located in DC Area
Admission Free (public transportation tour)

U.S. Capitol located First Street & East Capitol Street, NE., (Monday through Saturday 8:30 to 4:30) – Abraham Lincoln marble, Kirkwood bronze and Sequoyah bronze. Metro Capitol South ‘blue line’ to Smithsonian Station for your next destination.

National Museum of American Art at Smithsonian Institution 8th and F Streets NW (11:30 – 7:00 daily) – Sappho marble. Metro Smithsonian Station ‘blue line’ to Farragut West Station for your next destination.

Farragut Square 1634 I Street Northwest, Farragut bronze. Walk to 17th St. North for your next destination.

The Pen Arts Building and Art Museum 1300 NW (call first 202-785-1977) Morning Glory marble & The Violet marble. Vinnie Ream Room –
The League maintains a memorial room in the Pen Arts Building in honor of Vinnie Ream. Two marble busts Violet Roma and Little Morning Glory, stand atop a cabinet which contains her biography, Vinnie Ream, the Story of the Girl Who Sculpted Lincoln, by Gordon Langley Hall and a copy of a prize-winning play by Anne Megna Dunst, as well as other Ream memorabilia.Walk 17th St. South to Farragut West Station and take the metro to Arlington National Cemetery.

Arlington National Cemetery opens at 8 a.m. From April 1 to Sept. 30 it closes at 7 p.m.; the other six months, it closes at 5 p.m. Sappho bronze located SECTION SOUTH, SITE LOT 1876 and grave site of Vinnie Ream, Section 3, Brigadier General Richard L. Hoxie.

Other Recommended Sites:

Georgetown University at Washington, 2121 I Street, N.W, Churchman marble
Ford’s Theatre 511 10th Street NW. and Petersen House, 516 – 10th Street NW, Abraham Lincoln #2850, plaster, Abraham Lincoln #2851, plaster
Rock Creek Cemetery Rock Creek Church Road, Edwin B. Hay bronze
House of the Temple at Washington, 1733 Sixteenth Street, N.W., weekdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Albert Pike plaster