Poem of the Week: Mimosas

Thelma A. Giomi
Yucca Branch, NM
Yesterday, I walked under a canopy of mimosa trees,
Maybe a dozen,
Who could count the fragrance was so intoxicating,
The shade so soothing.
Then someone pointed out
That mimosas are inherently messy.
Like being in love,
Or acting on what you say you believe—
Beauty and truth will always be messy,
For those who look down.


  1. http://Barb%20Whitmarsh says


  2. http://Sara%20Etgen-Baker says

    the last line was powerful and said it all, discreetly and softly hidden within your poem Thanks!

  3. http://Sandra%20Michel says

    The last line brought a chuckle.
    Thank you, I enjoyed your poem.

  4. http://Charlene%20Holloway says

    This beautiful writing brings me back to the great and pleasant memory of my being given a mimosa tree by a Great Aunt. It cast a beautiful fragrance in my back yard. I enjoyed looking out my window at this tree especially when hummingbirds would fly forward and backward enjoying this beautiful tree.