Poem of the Week: Surprise

Elizabeth Yale
Bayou City II
I could smell it as soon as I walked in the door
pancakes, oil on the cast iron skillet
his face so endearing, bedhead still there
“I made us pancakes with peanut butter and honey”
a sign of his ever deepening love
a surprise so simple, offered with tea
changes the heart, prefers to let in
the insatiable gratitude of lovers in part
and the grace of the Spirit evoking a grin
overflowing the vessel, to end is to begin


  1. Charlene Holloway says

    Elizabeth, this is a very creative poem. The wording expresses a perfect breakfast!

  2. sara Etgen-Baker says

    how lovely! thanks for sharing

  3. Barb Whitmarsh - nlapw Bayou City 11 says


  4. Elizabeth, what a heartwarming poem! I love the way you worked in the double meaning of vessel after showing us the skillet and inferring a teapot. Lovely.